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Itemfix Social Video Factory – Notorious video-sharing site LiveLeak is dead and shut down on Wednesday after 15 years of nightmare fuel and trauma. Sorry if for some reason you wanted to see a brutal murder.

Founded in 2006 by the team behind gore site Ogrish, LiveLeak was known for hosting vivid videos of real-life violence, including the execution of Saddam Hussein and the beheading of journalist James Foley. The shock side took a laissez-faire stance towards such content and reveled in clips that were banned by sites like YouTube. It also hosted a film arguing that the Qur’an encourages violence against non-Muslims.

Itemfix Social Video Factory

Itemfix Social Video Factory

However, as of May 5th, the blood is no more. LiveLeak’s website redirects to Itemfix, a new service that allows users to post and edit videos, audios, and images.

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In a statement on the Itemfix website, LiveLeak creator Hayden Hewitt thanked its anonymous contributors and expressed his excitement at moving to Itemfix.

“The world has changed a lot in the past few years, along with the internet and us as humans,” Hewitt said.

Although it’s rumored to be run by members of the same team that used to run LiveLea, Itemfix’s rules are a bit stricter when it comes to content guidelines. Rather than rating graphic media on a “case-by-case basis,” Itemfix specifically prohibits “excessive force or violence.”

“The thing is, [LiveLeak] has never been something that’s been exciting, challenging, and something that we’ve all totally committed to,” Hewitt said. “Nothing lasts forever and… we felt that LiveLeak had achieved everything it could and it was time to try something new and exciting.”

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“[While I know many of you will be upset by our decision, I hope you also understand and appreciate our reasons that by your side we’ve been through some interesting and some crazy times together. Sometimes it’s just the right time to embark on a new path”.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree to receive electronic communications that may contain advertising or sponsored content. While sites like YouTube and Vimeo have strict policies against uploading violent and graphic content such as murder, executions and accidents, LiveLeak hasn’t had such policies in years. From video of Saddam Hussein’s hanging to James Foley’s beheading, LiveLeak has often sparked controversy with videos uploaded to its platform by users.

But on Wednesday, after 15 years of operation, the popular video-sharing site shut down and visitors were redirected to a new “Social Video Factory” site called ItemFix.

Itemfix Social Video Factory

Nothing lasts forever, and like we did all those years ago, we felt LiveLeak had it

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β€œThe world has changed a lot in recent years, as has the internet and us humans. I write now with a mixture of sadness because LL is not just a website or a business, it’s a way of life for me and a lot of people, but also a real excitement for what’s next,” he wrote.

Despite its laissez-faire approach to allowing users to upload videos they like, LiveLeak has tightened its restrictions over the years: in 2014 it announced that it would stop uploading footage of severed heads uploaded by ISIS , would no longer allow; In 2019, after the Christchurch shootings, he said he would not “satisfy” the gunman by sharing video of the attack on a New Zealand mosque that left 51 dead.

LiveLeak has sometimes been forced to remove content: in 2008, Dutch filmmaker Geerty Wilders’ anti-Koran film Fitna caused controversy around the world. After it was uploaded to LiveLeak, where it was viewed multiple times, the site’s owners said they received threats against their employees and were forced to remove the film from their servers.

Although ItemFix also hosts viral videos, its rules appear to be stricter than LiveLeak’s. According to the rules, you may not upload “excessive violence or gory content, sexual violence/abuse of any kind that promotes your “Only Fans” or any similar adult service, constitutes or encourages suicide/self-harm. It also allows hate content to be uploaded , children it bans sexual exploration material and media promoting terrorism and extremism.

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Hewitt said ItemFix is ​​”something completely different, completely fresh, and something we’re really keen to tackle, and I know a lot of you will be upset, maybe angry, with our decision. I hope you understand our reasons and appreciate it. Together with you we went through some interesting and crazy times together. Sometimes it’s the right time to embark on a new path.”

Much of LiveLeak’s audience came for the “gore”; According to, the site has the most overlap with another site promoting gore-related content.

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Itemfix Social Video Factory

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