Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang Dengan Cepat

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Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang Dengan Cepat – This time I want to share about having a quality and clean YouTube channel account to earn from YouTube. Now here’s how to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on YouTube.

Quality is the most important factor for users to watch your videos. If the concept of the video is interesting, but it does not have many viewers, it may be because the quality of the uploaded video is too low, due to which the image appears cracked.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang Dengan Cepat

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang Dengan Cepat

For idea quality, try to keep the video you are displaying as original. How to get free customers helps to maintain your brand credibility as a trusted brand. Be sure to provide content that matches your brand personality.

Praktis Banget, 3 Cara Mudah Menambah Subscribe Youtube

Just like blogging, the trick is to get a lot of subscribers, when you want to create video content, you need to know the specific keywords you want to cover. Start by searching for popular related keywords in the Google Research Keyword Tool, then enter keywords that match the content of your video.

The tip is to put the keywords you want to optimize for in the first two sentences of the video, in addition to writing keywords in the title. YouTube’s search algorithm, which is a subsidiary of Google, indexes based on page meta. But don’t write it too often because it won’t help you optimize the YouTube videos you make.

Use an attractive thumbnail or cover video to make it easier for YouTube video searchers to read Use a call to action or weird language to get users to watch your video Be careful when creating thumbnails, the words used as covers must be relevant to the video you are creating. Don’t make viewers feel cheated or leave bad feedback on your videos and YouTube channel.

YouTube offers additional features for channels with long watch times, such as YouTube Cards. Where a video channel owner can place specific links that viewers can click on above the video.

Cara Aman Mendapatkan 1000 Sub Dan 4000 Jam Tayang (seo Youtube)

Well, usually if you pay attention to some of the big YouTube channels, they like to have a recommended video link for next viewing, a link inviting you to subscribe, or a link to go to an online store or website. With video analytics provided, YouTubers can see how many people stop watching every minute. Since YouTube wants users to watch longer because it can display ads, you can use these cards at these points to keep users watching your other videos.

After finishing watching a video, YouTube usually displays a list of recommended videos for the user to watch next. How to add subscribers safely, it can be yours, it can be from other channels. One way to make users feel at home with your video content is to create a video playlist Many people don’t know that there is a way to activate playlists using links This method can be integrated into the YouTube card or a link can be provided in the video description.

Try encouraging users to comment on the videos you create in the comments column Your content should have an emotional impact on users so that they will comment voluntarily and without being asked. If your video content is highly engaged, YouTube will think your video is liked and will slowly rise to reach the top searches

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang Dengan Cepat

One of the biggest mistakes YouTubers make is turning off the “Related Channels” feature, which shows you channels similar to yours

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Of course, the most commonly heard reason is that you don’t want competitors’ channels to end up in the same column. In fact, disabling this feature also removes you from Youtube recommendations on other channels This means that you lose the network effect that YouTube provides.

When you upload a video to YouTube, there is a tag field that you can fill in with keywords. This will help you optimize your videos in the YouTube video search algorithm Enter keywords that match the content of your video so that the audience accessing your video matches your target market.

Use an in-depth campaign by uploading YouTube video content or embedding a YouTube video link on your brand’s social media. This will make it easy to distribute your video content and automatically increase the number of viewers on your YouTube channel Nowadays, many people are turning to the effort to work, to become a Youtuber, which has become the goal of many. , from teenagers to adults to be a YouTuber. Making money online is the most popular because all you need is a camera or a smart phone, even if someone is already successful from their YouTube channel, they can earn millions to billions.

YouTube already has requirements for the YouTube channel you want to monetize, which is a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on the YouTube channel in a 12-month or one-year period. It has become more difficult due to the increasingly intense competition to become a YouTuber as many content creators join YouTube. As a YouTuber, if you don’t have quality videos and don’t know the tricks to get 4000 hours views fast, you will be far behind other YouTubers.

Cara Menghitung Jam Tayang Youtube Dan Faktor Yang Mempengaruhinya

Adding airtime to YouTube channel is really difficult because YouTube content creators need to create content that is really useful and useful to others so that YouTube channel airtime increases rapidly.

Increasing channel hours is not easy because the channel must have a quality audience, a quality audience who will watch your videos for a long time, so I will give information about 14 ways to get 4000 YouTube watch hours fast. What you should know for new YouTubers.

To increase your YouTube viewing time by 4000 hours, you need to create an attractive and appropriate title for your video content

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang Dengan Cepat

Creating catchy and relevant titles for your YouTube videos will help your videos rank higher in YouTube searches, increase the chances of your videos being viewed, and increase your watch time. This method is very popular for new YouTubers and older YouTubers. Creating an interesting title will attract YouTubers to watch your videos on YouTube and increase your YouTube airtime. However, you also need to be careful when creating catchy titles, such as creating titles in unpopular languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat will make your videos harder to find in YouTube search.

Berikut Tips Mendapatkan 4000 Jam Tayang

Therefore, you need to create an interesting title, but try not to deviate from the language that people often use when searching on YouTube and the topic of the video you are making.

This method seems to be quite successful in generating popular or trending videos for subsequent YouTube airtime. Create videos that are popular on the YouTube platform or social media and upload them to YouTube to increase your YouTube channel’s views and airtime for free, usually within one to three days.

However, you also need to pay attention to the quality of the videos you make, if the popular videos you make are limited to just showing images and rely only on Google Voice, it’s almost certain that the audience will be very bored beforehand. . Watch the video till the end.

When creating content for your videos, you should focus on just one topic at first, as this will make it easier for your viewers to subscribe to your channel to watch your latest video content again.

Beli Jam Tayang Jual 1000 Subscriber Dan 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube

It is different from a channel which covers different topics. For example, a channel that first discusses how to cook Indonesian food and then discusses how to cook foreign food usually struggles to increase views because viewers are confused about the channel’s focus.

When deciding on a career as a YouTuber, make sure that you are very committed because you need to keep uploading videos so that your viewers can keep watching new videos and keep your channel active.

So, when the number of viewers and subscribers is still low, don’t be lazy to upload videos regularly and consistently. Also, make sure that every video you upload does not violate the copyright and rules set by YouTube, because YouTube will ban your channel if you violate the rules unknowingly.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang Dengan Cepat

So create original content, although it is difficult to do, it can attract more viewers and increase airtime. For example, if you think there’s been a misunderstanding, you can review your channel so YouTube can reopen it.

Download Cara Dapat 1000 Subscriber Dan 4000 Jam Tayang Cara Menambah Subscriber Youtube 2022 Mp3 And Mp4 (09:32 Min) (13.09 Mb)

Collaborating with other YouTubers can be a major source of airtime for a YouTube channel. You can partner with other YouTubers to promote your YouTube videos to YouTubers. However, you should choose a YouTuber who is invited to collaborate with a YouTuber whose YouTube channel topic is similar to your channel topic.

Collaborating with other YouTubers is actually quite difficult, but not as difficult as you might think. You only need to invite YouTubers who subscribe not too far from your channel. So your invitation to collaborate with other YouTubers may be accepted. If you’ve managed to create collaborative videos with other YouTubers, make your collaborative videos as good as possible and use those videos to increase your YouTube airtime and subscribers.

A powerful way to increase your subsequent YouTube airtime is to promote your YouTube videos on social media You can share your videos in Facebook groups or other social media that are discussing the same topics as the content of your YouTube videos, so your videos are more likely to be viewed.

But please note that the ad in question is an ad that only advises social media users to watch your video and not engage in sub4sub activities, which are strictly prohibited by YouTube.

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