Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

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Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang – Being a YouTuber is now a very popular way to earn money online as you can earn hundreds of millions of rupees by uploading videos on YouTube with just a smartphone camera and internet quota.

Considering that the current Youtube rules issued a monetization policy for YouTubers, which means that any channel can earn money if they reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, it’s not just about views.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

Below I will explain how to quickly get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours by implementing Youtube Seo.

Cara Cepat Mendapat 1000 Subscriber Dan 4000 Jam Di Youtube

Offering a unique, easy-to-remember YouTube channel name is a short channel name and doesn’t match other people’s channel names.

Tips on how to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours fast is to focus on creating video content on a single topic as this makes it easier for your audience or viewer to focus more on watching and enjoying the video content on your channel. / visitors are willing to subscribe to the youtube channel and always look forward to the next video.

This is different from a channel that discusses multiple topics at once. For example, a channel that first discusses how to record and later in uploads discusses how to cook, the channel will have trouble growing subscribers, viewers, or airtime. This is because the audience does not understand what topic the channel is actually discussing.

Unlike channels owned by famous artists or people, whatever is discussed on their channel should have the potential to go viral and be liked by many people.

Triliun Dari Youtube Shorts

But if we are nobody in social networks, then we must have certain tricks and actions to quickly get 1000 subscribers per channel and 4000 watch hours.

All new YouTube channels should have a hard time getting a lot of viewers and even big YouTube channels have a hard time getting a lot of subscribers and viewers.

Therefore, one of the tips to get a YouTube channel to attract a lot of subscribers and viewers is to create videos that a lot of people are looking for.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

Make sure that you are very dedicated when choosing a career as a YouTuber as you need to upload videos regularly so that viewers can keep watching the latest videos on your YouTube channel.

Tips Membuat Video Untuk Meraih 1000 Subscriber Youtube

So, even if the number of viewers and subscribers of your YouTube channel is still small, do not be lazy and upload the latest videos regularly and consistently.

Also, make sure that any video you upload does not violate copyright or the rules set by YouTube, because if you violate YouTube’s rules, your YouTube channel may get a bad name or worse, get banned by YouTube. .

So, keep creating original video content, even though it’s very difficult to do, because if we don’t realize it, original video content will attract more viewers and increase the watch time.

This is because the title of the video is the first thing that viewers see, so the title of the video is an opportunity to grab the attention of the viewers.

Cara Membuat 1000 Subscriber Real 100% Aman

You can create an interesting YouTube video title by trying to use 5-10 words that will attract viewers but still lead to the content being discussed.

Remember to avoid using misleading titles or clickbait as this will turn off viewers, will definitely affect your rankings and will make viewers reluctant to discover video content on your YouTube channel.

For example, if the title of the video content is “How to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours fast”, you can complete the tag as follows.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

Note: For markup method put # at the beginning of the sentence and the sentence writing method is also a space. eg: #1000 subscribers

Cara Cepat Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang 2021

Creating a proper Youtube video description is also very important to increase the number of subscribers and viewers as it tells the audience what they are getting into by watching the videos on your Youtube channel.

The way to create a proper and good video description is to use keywords that reflect the content of the video or complement the title you have created.

Arrange your words as much as possible so that they become easy to understand sentences so that YouTube’s algorithm can more easily figure out what the purpose of your video is. If you are still confused, you can check here: 5 ways to fill out a good and correct Youtube video

A video thumbnail is an image intended to convey the content discussed in the title of the video you post.

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Remember, avoid using inappropriate video thumbnails, thumbnails that don’t match the content of the video content in question will cause a lot of dislikes and even worse, visitors may report your video thumbnail to YouTube.

As a result, YouTube’s famous clickbait video thumbnail will have the video removed for violating its community guidelines.

Compared to other types of keywords, long-tail keywords have faster views and longer broadcast hours, a good impression that viewers are willing to subscribe to channels and share on social media.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

You can find out how to optimize long-tail keywords to use in your video title by using YouTube’s search feature, so you can get more suggestions for the best keywords right now.

Jual 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube

Creating a playlist to group together similar videos is an effective way to increase views and watch hours.

When creating a video playlist, you need to make it more specific so that your audience is interested in watching the type of content on your channel.

For example: If you create a channel with gadget review video content, you can create playlists with categories such as: Samsung mobile phone unboxing, Apple laptop unboxing, etc.

Don’t forget to use the map feature, as this method can be an effective alternative to watching your other videos.

Cara Mengejar 4000 Jam Tayang #tutorial

So, while a viewer is watching one of your videos, you can suggest other similar videos and add a playlist to this card feature.

Position your view as a viewer to adjust the location of the video map so that the map feature can receive more clicks.

The function of customization feature in YouTube studio is to display featured videos on your YouTube channel to attract more audience or viewers.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

So, if you want to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, the safe and fast way is to install it in the customization features section of your YouTube channel studio.

Ngobrol Seputar Youtube

To easily get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, you should also implement the following custom features to boost Youtube Seo on your channel:

This section is very important, so unsolicited users will see more video trailers on your channel. This allows viewers to watch a snippet of the video and click on it.

Because in this features section you can showcase the best video content, popular videos, curated playlists and featured channel features.

When you make a video and upload it to YouTube, you obviously want a lot of people to watch the video.

Cara Cepat Mendapatkan 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube Untuk Monetize

However, if you are still a beginner, you definitely need more strategy to attract a lot of viewers. unlike famous YouTuber channels like artists, without sharing, many people are searching or waiting for the latest video.

To get more views and subscribers, you can share the latest videos on Facebook, Fanspage, Twitter, WhatsApp groups, etc. For those of you who are building a Youtube channel, you will feel the struggle of 4000 hours of broadcasting. Youtube as one of the conditions for channel monetization. As you know, many people are making money from YouTube now. There are also many who make YouTube their main job because the results are so promising.

The term monetization is a term that allows you to earn money by publishing ads on Google with Google Adsense for every content or video on your YouTube channel.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

However, Google requires a few things before monetizing YouTube channels. One of the conditions is the implementation of broadcasting hours. For broadcasting hours, it seems difficult at times as it has to reach 4000 hours.

Aplikasi Kejar Jam Tayang, Dollar Youtube

YouTubers can access this airtime in many ways. From creating interesting content every day and sharing it with various media and friendly networks. But sometimes the result is more fried than fire. This means that it still falls short of expectations.

It is this struggle that frustrates many people and eventually the channel “shuts down” because they feel that they have to be consistent in their content creation and always try to show interesting content. Did the same happen to you?

If you are in this situation, there is no need to worry. Because there is to help you reach 4000 hours. You only need to focus on the content issues and leave the rest to Pasarview.

Of course you are wondering what is Pasarview? is an event marketplace to meet advertisers

Cara Cepat Dapat 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube Terbaru

Ah, at least not realistically, but using a BOT. Ah, there are many more services available to increase display time. Later it will be dangerous with our channel and still many things will burn in your mind and will make you hesitate to use pasarview services to add 4000 hours of views to your Youtube channel.

And not robots. Because they are all registered members of Because they also earn money with membership and work as a spectator.

This market is not only for those who add 4000 hours of views to Youtube, but it can also increase traffic to your website, portal or online store. It’s useful and definitely useful to add influence, right? Check out the following things you can do with Passarview.

Cara Menambah 4000 Jam Tayang

The number of views on your youtube channel or website will increase dramatically and quickly. Naturally, this growth is more controlled and natural than other services

Cara Mendapatkan 1000 Subscriber

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