How To Make Bartending Look Good On A Resume

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How To Make Bartending Look Good On A Resume – 24/04/2021 From premium glasses to a destination-friendly menu, it’s the little things that go into turning a good bar into a great bar.

All good bars share the same characteristics – strong brand recognition, a great drink program, and an attitude of good customer service. But what makes a good bar great? Making it into prestigious rankings like “The World’s 50 Best Bars” or winning an award like “Best Bars in North America,” it’s the little things that count. From specialty glasses to a destination-appropriate menu, here are a few ways to turn a good bar into a great bar.

How To Make Bartending Look Good On A Resume

How To Make Bartending Look Good On A Resume

In the age of social media, how the bar looks is sometimes as important as the drinks served. In particular, if the interior decoration of the bar is suitable for Instagram, then you can be sure that you will generate a lot of buzz on the Internet. And that, will generate more web traffic for your regular nightly customers. To give you an idea of ​​what a great interior looks like, consider London’s Connaught Bar, which was recently ranked in the Top 5 of the “World’s 50 Best Bars”. Located in the Mayfair Hotel, this top London bar is famous for its beautiful Art Deco interior. Of course, you don’t need the same brand of high-end makeup to grab the attention of others in stores and bars – but you do need a unique look that matches your overall identity.

The Most Important Bar Tools For Bartenders

Another way to show customers the care and attention you put into your beverage program is by continuing your beverage menu. If you’re printing a liquor menu on a single sheet of paper, then you’re missing out on unique branding opportunities that can help you showcase your overall identity. For example, the Dead Rabbit in New York City – which every year makes the list of the best places in the world – is a special place here. Dead Rabbit is known for its list of mixed drinks that look like works of art. Moreover, he is not content to rest, the dead rabbit always finds new topics and new ideas for his menu, to keep it in the minds of customers.

Bars rightfully spend a lot of time thinking about the types of craft spirits to stock, or the types of craft cocktails to make, but do they really spend enough time think about the glasses used to serve those drinks? The truth is that, at a time when the storage maintenance budget may be limited or non-existent, it is difficult to store some unusual glasses that are used to serve special beer or cocktails. But here’s the thing – there are certain drinks that require special glasses to bring out their full aroma and flavor profile. And it’s not just spirits like Brandy that need special glasses – even some beers are best served in special glasses. For example, Belgian ales should be served in a classic tulip glass, not a tall pint glass. NYC’s Dead Rabbit is famous for using all kinds of rare and unique glassware in his drink creations – including a variety of vintage and rare glassware that can be traced back decades. , if not centuries.

Another way to turn a good name into a good brand is by creating a drink or cocktail that helps define your brand in general. This is about more than finding another way to increase your network by creating an expensive signature drink for bar patrons to purchase. It’s also about showing – not telling – customers what the bar is all about. For example, if you are committed to a sustainability strategy and are looking for ways to promote your new eco-friendly approach, why not create a “sustainable cocktail” for your menu Does your beverage contain recycled or recycled ingredients?

The Dandelian Bar in London’s Mondrian Hotel – recently ranked number 1 on the “World’s 50 Best Bars” list – announced almost simultaneously that it was closing, reopening in the same location. a completely different topic and idea. After an incredible four years, the owner of the bar decided it was time to come up with a different idea and concept. That’s a very strong strategy, of course, but it reflects the dangerous nature of the world’s biggest barriers. They are not satisfied with just following the latest trends – they want to be at the forefront, to lead with a new method or idea.

What Is A High End Bartender Called?

In today’s competitive bar industry, mixologists and bartenders are more than just bartenders. Often, they are industry influencers and even minor celebrities have their own following. When they’re not working at the bar, they’re posting their latest creations on Instagram and sharing their industry knowledge with thousands of people instantly. Therefore, one way to stand out from the crowd is to be the bar with the best shops, the best ingredients, or the best service staff. Don’t be afraid to pay top dollar to attract the best, so your bar becomes a new destination for trendsetters and influencers.

It would be interesting to read the list of “The 50 Best Bars in the World” to get an idea of ​​the types of establishments that are really relevant to the barista industry and customers. The 2018 list, for example, includes 6 bars in New York City, 5 in Singapore and 10 in London (including number 1 overall). It’s clear that the biggest trends and ideas happen in these cities. If you want to transform your bar from cute to great, see if you can find inspiration in all the small and touching details that make this bar unique and innovative.

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How To Make Bartending Look Good On A Resume

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How To Make Bartending Look Good On A Resume

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