Cara Membeli Barang Di Amazon

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Cara Membeli Barang Di Amazon – has long been known as one of the great marketplaces in cyberspace. In the beginning, he only sold books, but now he has sold various products all over the world. I have purchased this book on several times. The process is quite simple and quick. It’s just that the delivery takes quite a long time.

There are many books traded on, either by itself or by other “pelapak-pelapak”. Some books are new and some are used. The book is very cheap. There are even books in Indonesian and Indonesian publications.

Cara Membeli Barang Di Amazon

Cara Membeli Barang Di Amazon

When I’m looking for a book, I usually search using first. Add the keyword ‘sell’. At the top of the search results, will display sponsored search results. For books, results will be displayed from,, or other marketplaces. Well, we can compare the prices of some of these online stores. For example, the book “Orchid of Java”. The price offered for the new book on is IDR 2,280,000. It is sold on for only USD 38 or Rp. 532,000. The price is very far. Add shipping of about $19, so it’s still cheaper than buying from an Indonesian online store.

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While searching for this book, also returned similar search results. There is a book on Orchid which is also very cheap, only $1.79 or Rp. 25,060. It’s cheap, isn’t it? Adding postage is still cheaper than the cost of books in Indonesia.

Indeed, we must use a verified (legitimate) credit card to shop on By the way, I have a VISA credit card and when I registered on, it was accepted. So I bought these books with that credit card.

The purchase process is very simple, almost similar to the purchase process in online stores in general. In general, the process is like this. First, of course, we must already have an account. Fill in all personal information, including payment method. This part is usually a little difficult, because you have to use a credit card. does not accept Too bad.

After that, we browse and look for the books we want to buy. Try checking the ‘seller’ section. Also check the ‘credibility’ of the seller from the comments and ratings of visitors. If the seller is reliable enough, we can buy from that seller.

Belajar Dari Kebijakan Pengembalian Barang Di Ikea usually also shows results for the same book from other sellers. We can first look at books sold by other sellers before deciding who to buy from. After we find the book and the seller we want to buy from, we add the book to the cart.

If it’s done, the next step is to complete our purchase. Go to ‘shopping cart’ and make payment. The easiest step is to use a credit card. I tried using a debit card, it always fails when verifying.

Please double check your shipping address before paying. Make sure the shipping address is spelled correctly to avoid shipping errors. My experience when buying books is not taxable on customs and excise duties. It’s safe.

Cara Membeli Barang Di Amazon

After all the payments have been made, we just have to wait for the book to arrive. In order to be cheap, I choose regular delivery. The delivery process takes quite a long time. When shipping is handled by itself, books usually arrive much faster. For example, the website says the estimated delivery time is 2-4 weeks. Within two weeks, the book arrived at home. However, if the delivery is made by another seller, it sometimes takes a month to arrive.

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After the book arrives, we check the delivery. My experience is always satisfied with the books I buy from Although it is a used book, the quality is like new. It’s actually still a new book.

This entry was posted in Orchid, On-line Business, Literature, MyBooks and tagged, Bukalapak, Books, on-line, Tokopedia. Bookmark is a booming e-commerce pioneer. Since its founding in 1994, was officially launched only in 1995. Thanks to deep analysis and precise business calculations, is successful and growing rapidly. Since then, many people want to know how to sell on Amazon. They are people who are able to read future business opportunities.

Amazon founder Jeff Besos is undoubtedly a visionary. He was attentive to see the changes that would happen in the future with the advent of the Internet at that time. People’s consumption patterns have definitely changed.

Many people also want to know how to sell on Amazon because it is proven to increase sales. At the beginning of its appearance on the market, many categories of goods were placed. However, compared to its development, there are 5 categories of goods that are most dominantly sold on the Amazon site. Product categories are computer software, books, videos, computer hardware and compact discs.

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Many people look at Amazon as the right place to sell because of the business opportunities Amazon offers. In 2017, Amazon launched “Sponsored Product”. Sellers are allowed to promote their products with a “cost-per-click” advertising system. Obviously, this is a spectacular development as business owners can monetize their product search.

Meanwhile, according to research conducted by Bloomreach, compared to other channels in terms of product search, Amazon shows its superiority. When people search for a product, 55% of them will go straight to Amazon. Most of those product searchers even used the Amazon Mobile App. Obviously, this is something that is profitable for an online business.

This research also found that more and more online businesses want to know how to sell on Amazon. Along with other benefits like Amazon already has Prime Membership which continues to grow to 64 million in America. This membership is obviously paid, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem because people trust Amazon’s quality as a product search engine.

Cara Membeli Barang Di Amazon

Another advantage of joining Amazon is the presence of FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon. This FBA helps the seller in terms of organizing, managing, storing and shipping the seller’s goods. In this way, the seller’s inventory can be monitored and managed without the need to disturb the seller. In addition, the traffic for customers on Amazon is very high. In the US alone, its traffic reaches 95 million unique visitors.

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Believe it or not, selling on Amazon doesn’t even require any skills. A salesperson doesn’t need to have the ability to package goods, let alone coding skills. These are the benefits that can be gained when you decide to join Amazon’s trusted world-class site. Sellers just leave the goods on Amazon and they will do the rest of the work.

It may be impossible for sellers in Indonesia to join Amazon. Many people think that only Americans can do business on Amazon. Although in reality it is not like that. How to sell on Amazon is almost the same as selling on other e-commerce sites.

If you haven’t registered on the Amazon site at all, the first step you need to take is to create an account. You do this by first registering as a “New Customer”. This new customer account will later become the basis for Amazon’s site to store your personal information, both as a buyer (buyer) and as a seller (seller).

Note: The tutorial photos below are taken from a desktop (PC/Laptop) screen. So if you open this Amazon site via an HP device, there will be a slight difference in appearance. But in general, the method is almost the same for HP devices and computers.

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Once the home page of the Amazon site opens, point your mouse cursor to the upper right corner. Right on the “Account & List” menu. After the mouse pointer arrow hits that part of the menu, a drop-down menu will appear. See the photo below.

Now try to pay attention to the part I circled in red in the photo above. It says “Start here”, click on that section. A new page will open, as shown in the image below.

In this registration form menu, you will be asked to enter your email address, password and create an account name. FYI, this seller account includes 12 months of free tier access. After filling out the account creation form, then click on the “Create your Amazon Account” section. A new page will appear in the form of an OTP (One Time Password) column. See the photo below.

Cara Membeli Barang Di Amazon

The OTP itself is a unique 6-digit number. Amazon will send an OTP number to your email address. When you receive an email response from Amazon, you will receive these 6 unique numbers. See the example in the photo below.

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Now the 6 unique OTP numbers sent by Amazon must be entered in the previous OTP column above.

As the name implies OTP (One Time Password), which means it is only valid for one time use. Usually this OTP code is only valid for a few minutes (10 or 15 minutes). If not used more than this time, the OTP code will expire. And you have to repeat the process if you want to get the OTP code again.

So, when you get an email response from Amazon, enter the OTP code immediately. Then click the “Create your Amazon account” button.

You now officially have an account as a customer on the Amazon site. At this stage, you can already buy products on the e-commerce website. But you can’t sell the product yet. If you want to ‘level up’ to become a seller, then you must complete an advanced process/step. Namely, create a seller account. Let’s check out the next tutorial below.

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To be able to sell on Amazon, you must first register as a seller. Please visit this link to the page: Amazon Seller

In this section you can fill out the form according to your status. Of course, for the “Bussines Location” section, you will select Indonesia. Now for the “Bussines Type” section, it depends on the type of your business. If you are classified as a business or professional seller, select “Owned Business” (in the Business Type section). But if you’re just an individual seller, select “None, I’m an individual.”

Then for the name column, if your name consists of 3 words,

Cara Membeli Barang Di Amazon

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