How To Save Videos From Instagram On Pc

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How To Save Videos From Instagram On Pc – Instagram makes it very difficult to download photos to your computer without using their mobile app. But it is possible.

This will bring up the image in preview mode, floating above the person’s feed, like this:

How To Save Videos From Instagram On Pc

How To Save Videos From Instagram On Pc

Note that the URL in Chrome’s address bar has changed. Instead of saying the person’s Instagram username, it says now

How To Download A Video From Facebook

Each photo on Instagram has its own dedicated URL, and if you go directly to that URL, it will only show that photo without all the photos in their profile.

Since the address of the image is in the address bar, you can refresh your browser by clicking the browser’s refresh button or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+r (command+ r on Mac).

Although Chrome DevTools is designed for software developers, don’t panic. You just need to click on a few special buttons to see the image.

Each image is stored in its own folder. Start expanding these folders and you’ll see how big they are. Right-click on the file and click “open in new tab.”

How To Download A Photo Or Video From Instagram

This way, you get a full-size Instagram image – the same image that Instagram shows you in the Instagram mobile app. This is not a screenshot or thumbnail – this is what it looks like in full size.

Instagram wants you to link to their website, not directly to the image. But these photos don’t belong to Instagram – they belong to you or the person who took the photo.

It’s ridiculous that Instagram doesn’t just let you “right click to save” like other sites (including) do.

How To Save Videos From Instagram On Pc

But that’s what social media hungry people do – it’s pointless to just take your photo. They bypass the browser functionality by using JavaScript.

Best Tools To Batch Download Instagram Photos

Anyway, now you can download these photos. It’s a big deal, but remember, you don’t have to connect directly to Instagram and use photo tools to get those photos.

There are tools out there to download your Instagram photos in bulk. But if you’re just trying to take a special picture, this is the fastest way to do it. You don’t need to install tools or Chrome extensions.

Remember – if you didn’t take these photos, credit the photographer. Shout out to @RubenHarris for my project in this tutorial.

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How To Post An Instagram Story From A Pc/laptop In 2022

Facebook’s biggest breach in 2021 was a DNS error that brought down the social network and other services owned by Meta, including WhatsApp and Instagram. When dark, digital memories also become dark. So it’s smart to back up your social media accounts from time to time, even if they’re in the cloud—for example, all your Insta photos.

But what about the information posted by others? Like Facebook or YouTube, there are copyright and monetization reasons not to download other people’s videos. But we’re sure you’ll use our tips on how to download photos and videos from Instagram forever. (For example, don’t repost other people’s information on your own accounts as your own. That’s bad practice.)

The steps to do this couldn’t be easier. On desktop, navigate to in a new window), click on your avatar icon in the upper right corner and select Settings > Privacy & Security. Click the link under Download Data that says Request Download.

How To Save Videos From Instagram On Pc

In a mobile app, the meaning is different. Go to your profile (dot in the bottom right), and click on the 3-line icon in the top right. Click on your activity > Download your information.

Download Instagram Photos And Videos In A Click With 4k Stogram

You’ll see a Get a copy of what you’ve shared on the Instagram page. On the desktop, you get two options – download it in an easy-to-navigate HTML format, or get it as a JSON data file that you can import into other services. Select one and click Next. You will need to re-enter your Instagram password and click Request Download.

Instagram promises to get you a link within 14 days, which can take longer if you have a lot of data in your account. In the past I took mine in under a minute; This last application took 5 minutes. You can find it here, with a warning that the email link will stop working after four days because it “may contain personal information”.

To download on your desktop, enter your password (and if you have two-factor authentication on, another authentication code) and you will be redirected to, where you can download the compressed file (in ZIP format). I’m not the biggest Instagrammer and my file is 105MB so expect a lot of data if you’ve been posting for years.

Once you’ve downloaded the data, if you have the HTML version, click on the index.html file to start navigating through it all. This includes information, contacts, account information and more. For important things, scroll down the page to Contents to find posts, photos and comments. (Yes, all the “ephemeral” content you posted disappeared to others after 24 hours there.) If you want video files and photos, check the Media folder.

Step By Step To Fix Instagram Video Quality

It is not easy to save photos and videos from Instagram. You can’t long-press on a published image in the app for the save option, and you can’t right-click to save on an image in the desktop browser. It goes twice for the video. The easiest way to save third-party Instagram content on your device is with a third-party tool.

For any of these tasks, you need a special link from Instagram for a photo or video. It is not always easy to achieve. On desktop, you can right-click to copy the link address, but it doesn’t work everywhere. In Stories, for example, even if it’s a desktop browser, pause the video and copy the URL into the address bar; on mobile, when a Talk video is playing, you can tap the 3-dot menu and select Link Link.

Desktop users should try 4K Stogram (opens in new window) . It comes from the same developer as 4K Video Downloader, our favorite for downloading videos from YouTube. To use it, you must log in to your Instagram account and computer, because “it must be authorized to receive data from Instagram.” Click the download button to select the account source you want to download and the type of content you want. The add button allows you to upload your own ads and skip the official steps above.

How To Save Videos From Instagram On Pc

Note that the free version of 4K Stogram only allows you to download photos and videos, and you can’t add text, icons, etc. The license also ensures that you don’t see ads and downloads are unlimited, meaning you can subscribe and capture anything from multiple Instagram accounts. (4K Video Downloader (Opens in a new window) can also handle most of the tasks, but it seems to choke on Instagram Videos, the Instagram version of the TikTok clip.)

How To Download Voice Messages Sent To You On Instagram On Your Pc?

The Free Instagram Messenger (Opens in a new window) is available on the FreeGrabApp site or from the Windows Store, so it comes directly from Microsoft (in the form of FlixGrabMS (Opens in a new window ) ). With this app you can download any photo or video you have the URL. Paste it into the app and set the download quality you want. The video above explains the steps. (You can also get the full FlixGrab app (Opens in a new window), which downloads from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming services.)

One of the best ways to get something from Instagram is the website sponsored by Toolzu(Opens in a new window). You can download a person’s profile picture, video, photo, or even videos in Instagram Stories or Videos. It will not create empty cycles. All you need is the correct URL to download a photo or video.

If you’re using the video editor on Toolzu, you just need to enter the person’s Instagram username and it will download the last 12 posts for easy download as JPG for videos or MP4 for videos. For content older than 12 posts, you need a URL. Toolzu works well on mobile.

There are many other sites that will help you download Insta photos or videos (and sometimes Reels and Stories) if you have the URL. Some that we tested that work well are iGram(Opens in a new window), Snapinsta(Opens in a new window), SSS Instagram(Opens in a new window) and Inflatt(Opens in a new window new) ; just be ready to be bombarded with ads and ad traps (they will try to trick you into reading words like “start downloading” in the ads). The good thing is that since these are all browsers, they should also work

How To Download Instagram Photos

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