How To Have A Youtube Video Play In The Background

By | 23 September 2022

How To Have A Youtube Video Play In The Background – YouTube is the most popular source of entertainment videos, and although we have tons of streaming options for videos, many of us prefer to play music, videos from there. However, this comes with a major drawback There is no way to play the video in the background and only listen to the audio

This means that you cannot continue playing YouTube videos while the phone is locked or while using other apps.

How To Have A Youtube Video Play In The Background

How To Have A Youtube Video Play In The Background

In this guide, we will share how to play YouTube videos in the background with screen off or locked phone. Officially, YouTube offers this support with its YouTube Red subscription. However, since it is a paid program and only available in limited countries, it is not affordable or accessible to most audiences.

Play Youtube Video On Click Custom Button

You will certainly find a ton of apps that allow you to do this However, it is difficult to trust them with your Google Account username and password So we recommend a safe but less cumbersome solution that will work for everyone

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your phone and start playing the video you want to play in the background. Don’t play it in full screen After that tap on the Share button This will open the option to share it in apps Look for an option that says copy link and tap on it

Step 2: Switch to Chrome browser and paste the URL you copied in the above step. This will open the video in the browser Desktop mode must be selected for Chrome to play it in the background Tap the browser’s options button (the three vertical dots), and look for a checkbox that says Desktop Sites. This will reload the YouTube video as if it were open on a PC or Mac

Step 3: Once the video is reloaded, you should see an audio icon on the notification bar. If you lock your phone or go to another app, it will pause the video for a while Unlock the phone and open the audio control from the notification panel

Youtube Enables Auto Playing Videos In Subscription Tab / Digital Information World

This will ensure that your Android phone will continue to play in the background even if your Android phone is locked or placed while using another week, you can search YouTube videos in desktop mode and continue to play on’ e background. This can be a bit awkward as desktop mode will have smaller text, so use the Copy URL step for any video you want to play audio from in the background.

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How To Have A Youtube Video Play In The Background

OnePlus Nord CE 2 review: just keeping up with the competition OnePlus Buds Pro long-term use review: worth the price? Review: Google Pixel 5 – The flagship to take you through 2024 S20 / S20+ review – A mixed bag, not a ‘definitive’ upgrade Google Pixel 4 XL review – Six weeks, still early days for this flagship we all want to play YouTube on the background when we browse through some other apps or when our phone is locked. But unfortunately, the YouTube mobile app doesn’t allow that unless you’re a YouTube Premium member. There are tons of songs and podcasts that you won’t find in any other streaming application, and it can be very frustrating if YouTube won’t let you listen to the audio in peace without continuously watching the video.

How To Disable Youtube Clips

To play YouTube music in the background, you can get a monthly subscription to YouTube Music that costs around $12. Surprisingly, there is no official way to play YouTube videos in the background when the screen is locked or turned off. However, with YouTube Premium, you can watch videos in PIP mode while using another application

Or you can read this list to find some good YouTube alternatives to play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS. All the apps mentioned in our list can be used on non-rooted and non-jailbroken devices

Allowing you to play your favorite YouTube videos in the background while you go about doing other things.

Floating Tube is a free Android application that, as the name suggests, will play your YouTube videos in a floating picture-in-picture mode toolbar. This app plays your video on a small screen that can be viewed on top of other apps The first time you launch it, you need to enable display on other app rights It is a popular app with over a million downloads on the Play Store at the time of writing this article

How To Watch Youtube While Using Another Tab In Chrome

With the Floating Tube app, you can play your favorite YouTube videos and minimize them to a small floating toolbar. You can change the size of the video by going to the settings menu and changing the preview size

After playing your favorite YouTube video in the Floating Tube app, you can minimize it and then open any other application to chat with your friends and browse Instagram. The interface is also awesome with the official YouTube app, so you won’t have any problems adjusting to the floating tube interface.

Search for songs and music videos you want to play and download the app The video will start playing in a small toolbar that can be resized to your liking The only annoyance I found was that the display was a little laggy and the large number of full-screen ads However, you can make in-app purchases to remove ads and support the developers

How To Have A Youtube Video Play In The Background

New Pipe is a great application and personal favorite for playing YouTube videos in the background The downside is that the app is not available on the Play Store or the App Store and you have to download it from F-droid which so far only available for Android.

How To Make A Qr Code Automatically Open A Youtube Video On Mobile

New Pipe is a highly recommended tool that lets you browse YouTube videos and you won’t even notice a difference because of the similarity of the app layout. The Trending tab is pulled directly from YouTube, so you’ll always be updated on the latest trending videos without switching apps.

There is also a subscription feed where you get videos from subscribed channels You can also bookmark playlists and it will appear in the app This feature is especially useful for people who want to bookmark playlists with the latest songs and want to listen to them on the way.

To play YouTube videos in the background, find the video in New Pipe and press the Home button. Now the video will automatically start playing in the background and you can control the playback from the notification panel There is also a popup mode that has a photo in a floating tube-like image feature.

The downside of NewPipe is that you cannot sync your Google account with this app and as a result you cannot comment or like/favorite videos. The new Pipe rarely crashes and runs well on most Android devices And the best part is that New Pipe is completely ad-free, but you can donate to the developers to support their work

Weird Lines On Fb/youtube Videos

Brave Browser for mobile is a simple web browser for surfing the Internet that can also play YouTube videos in the background when the screen is off. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, which is a positive sign for iOS users

To enable Brave Browser to play YouTube in the background, you need to open Brave Browser Settings – Site Settings – Media and enable background video playback. Once you enable background video playback, you’re good to play YouTube videos in the background without any additional changes to your device.

To play videos, open the YouTube website by typing in the address bar of the browser and find the video you want to listen and play in the background. You may now notice that even if you minimize the Brace browser, the video will continue to play and you will hear the audio in the background. You can control play and pause in the control panel if you are on Android and if you are on an iOS device.

How To Have A Youtube Video Play In The Background

The best thing about brave browser is the built-in ad-blocker which is very efficient in blocking ads It also blocks

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