How To Make Envelope For Greeting Card

By | 23 September 2022

How To Make Envelope For Greeting Card – A beautiful calligraphy envelope creates anticipation and makes a recipient feel special! So, when you need an envelope for a card you’re going to give in person, it’s important to add a special touch. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a personalized envelope with your name, and I’m going to show you some examples of personalized envelopes that I’ve made before.

First, collect the shoes that describe the situation of the event. Consider the color of the envelope (simple for serious events, playful for festive events), envelope color, and calligraphy style. Depending on the color of the envelope, you will need a regular pencil or a white pencil for presentation. Be sure to get a ruler too!

How To Make Envelope For Greeting Card

How To Make Envelope For Greeting Card

Now, use your ruler and pencil to mark the vertical center of the envelope. Draw a horizontal line 0.5″ (1.27 cm) above the vertical center of the envelope, then draw a horizontal line 0.5″ (1.27 cm) below the vertical center. Finish by drawing a vertical guideline in the middle (horizontal center) of the envelope.

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Next, draw another horizontal guideline 3/8″ (0.95 cm) above the bottom horizontal guideline. Next, draw 55° lines to help you keep a consistent tip.

You can use Perfect Calligraphy’s envelope generator to draw thin lines; Line up your master with the slide lines on the generator. Also, check out this tutorial, which has an instructional video on how to draw lines.

Once you’ve created your guidelines, it’s time to prepare your calligraphy. To do this, use a sample of your favorite calligraphy style and your pen. When you’re done, measure the distance from the horizontal center of the envelope to the beginning of the calligraphy. Next, measure the distance from the horizontal center of the envelope to the end of the calligraphy. If the distances are almost the same, keep your calligraphy draft. If not, check the entire length of the calligraphy draft, delete the draft and start over. (Marking where the calligraphy should start and where it should end will help you get it right the second time!)

Once the draft is centered to your liking, add your flowers as needed. The Intermediate Modern Calligraphy online course includes many advanced techniques and styles. (You can find free tips and worksheets here!) If you prefer a clean look, you can skip the flourishes.

Ways To Make An Envelope

Now, grab your pen and your favorite ink color and write on your draft. If you have flourishes or embellishments underneath the calligraphy (like I do here), save them until the end so you don’t smudge them when you write them!

To write on this envelope, I used a white bloody ink. Red and white are classic Christmas colors!

Once your ink is dry, use an eraser to get rid of the guidelines. If you used white vinegar like I did, you will need to be very careful with this step! (White ink can dry, but takes several hours to dry completely.) However, most other inks dry within minutes and do not dry with removal instructions.

How To Make Envelope For Greeting Card

If you have done your calligraphy on a dark colored envelope, it is better to use a black eraser to get rid of the lines.

A Pearlescent Greeting Card Decorated With Gold Deco Foil Stripes

Regardless of the color of the envelope or the color of the ink you use, gold ornaments are always beautiful! To connect them, use your white pen to draw a parallel stroke to the right of the bottom stroke in your calligraphy. It’s a good idea to add parallel line projections to some of the top strokes or horizontal strokes.

Next, load the golden colored water into your drop pen (follow this tutorial). Use golden watercolor for the parallel lines you have drawn. Wait for the ink to dry and, if necessary, erase the pencil draft lines. Then, you’re done!

Use this tutorial as a blueprint the next time you’re picking out a name-only envelope for a card! I encourage you to change the style, color and size of the name to see what works for you.

To create these envelopes, I used iron on ink and Janet style calligraphy. (The bride and groom wanted to hand deliver some of their invitations.)

Blank White Postcard With Envelope And Felt Rocket Toy On Black Background Clear Greeting Card On Black With Galaxy Themed Diy Mobile Toy Handmade Rocketship On Card With Brown Envelope Stock Photo

I made this envelope to go with the “Little Black Dress” of calligraphy birthday cards. Its blue colors match the card it holds. The calligraphy style is a highly developed gene.

This simple calligraphy envelope held a card for our first Airbnb guests in 2017. I used white ink and Janet Style Calligraphy to create it.

Designed for a holiday card, this envelope features bold flourishes of formal calligraphy. I did this using a Brows Rose nib (for thicker strokes) and Sumi ink.

How To Make Envelope For Greeting Card

Well, are you ready to grab name-only envelopes this holiday season? I can’t wait to see what you do! (If you’re on social media, tag me on Instagram — @ — so I can check it out.) Thanks so much for reading, and happy writing!

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Do you know the right way to put a greeting card in an envelope? This may seem like a silly question, but for us detail-oriented people, this is important information! After all, you may have spent a lot of time choosing the right card for someone for a special occasion. You may have spent even more time writing the perfect message inside the card. After all these efforts, do you not see the result of the process of inserting the card properly into the envelope so that when the envelope is opened the beautiful side with the picture is facing the recipient?

Most of us put a card in the envelope whichever way our hand is, but according to greeting card etiquette, there is a right and a wrong way to put the card in the envelope. The right and wrong ways to insert a card into an envelope are detailed below. Funny Punny Just Because Banana Greeting Card With Envelope

To properly insert a folded greeting card into an envelope, hold the card with its front side facing up and simply slide it in so that the fold of the card is under the envelope. This will prevent anything inside the card (such as business cards, cash, or gift cards) from falling into the envelope when you insert it. Most importantly, this will ensure that the front of the card is flush with the back of the envelope. So when the recipient opens it, they will be immediately greeted by the beautiful photo and cheerful text on the outside of the card. The recipient should be able to see the good stuff and start smiling when they open the envelope.

Now that you know the right way to insert a card into an envelope, you may be wondering what the wrong way is. The correct way to insert a card into an envelope is to match the back of the card to the back of the envelope. By doing this the back of the card is facing up when they first open the envelope. When this happens, the first thing the recipient sees is the barcode and copyright information on the back of the card. It’s not a very festive experience!

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How To Make Envelope For Greeting Card

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Make Quick Stenciled Greeting Cards!

Custom envelopes can add a personal touch to any card or letter. You can easily make an envelope at home using a few basic supplies.

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All you need to make your own envelope is a square of paper and some tape. First, fold your paper in half lengthwise and unfold. Next, turn the paper 90 degrees and fold the top right corner to the middle crease. Do the same with the upper left corner. Now, fold the right edge of the paper in 1 inch (2.5 cm), then repeat with it.

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