How To Change Dns Settings Android

By | 23 September 2022

How To Change Dns Settings Android – When you connect to the Internet and type in a website, it loads and you go about your business. You probably wouldn’t think too much about what goes on behind the scenes, which is a lot. For example, your Internet service provider (ISP) knows which website you are visiting, so in some countries, you may receive a message saying that access to this website is blocked.

Changing your DNS will allow you to get around these types of problems. Making these changes on your computer is very easy, but did you know that you can also change your DNS on your Android mobile phone? It only takes a few seconds and here’s what you need to do.

How To Change Dns Settings Android

How To Change Dns Settings Android

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It converts the URL you type as , and converts it to an IP address that matches the servers it’s hosted on. Think of it like a phone book, where you know the name of the person you’re trying to call, but you don’t have their phone number until you look it up.

How To Change The Dns Server On Android And Iphone

There are many reasons to change your DNS. One of them is speed, where the DNS server provided by your ISP cannot keep up or update, meaning that sometimes you can get bounces until the website loads. Using a different DNS server could potentially shave seconds off your load times, and throughout the day, it adds up.

Changing your DNS also helps protect your privacy because your ISP records your browsing. As we said before, this is how your ISP knows which websites to block you from visiting because your requests essentially go through their servers. Changing your DNS can help bypass these restrictions, and in some cases, even bypass restrictions so you can view content that would normally be exclusive to certain parts of the world.

In the above guide, we used and because these are Google DNS servers. It is public and free to use and because Google Public Resolvers uses DNSSEC, it helps ensure that the answers provided are authentic and from authoritative sources. You are more than welcome to use other DNS servers, just change the address from the ones we provided in the steps to one of the DNS servers you use.

There are both free and paid DNS servers. For example, Google and Cloudflare both provide free DNS servers that you can use if you’re looking for an alternative to one from your ISP. However, there are also paid DNS servers, but are they better?

Enable Private Dns With On Android 9 Pie

It will depend on your needs and preferences. If you’re fine with what Google or Cloudflare does for you with their free DNS, then maybe you don’t need to pay for a DNS server.

However, paid DNS servers may come with additional features and customization options to help optimize traffic/bandwidth. Paid servers may even have more server locations to choose from, so you may find a server closer to you. When you go online, whether you go through your internet service provider on your computer or through your carrier on your phone, it first has to go to a DNS server, which then connects you to the website you’re trying to visit. This means that your internet provider and insurance company basically know what you do online. For the most part, unless you’re doing something very illegal or the authorities want to see what you’ve been doing online, it’s not too big of a deal, but if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of ​​your Internet surfing. habits have been checked, changing your DNS server is one way to deal with it. When you change your DNS server, what happens is that your data goes to a different server that isn’t owned by your ISP or carrier, which means they won’t have as much information about you as before. It’s not the same as going through a VPN, but it can be useful if you’re trying to bypass some restrictions in your country, and here’s how you can change your DNS server on your Android phone. Change your Android phone’s DNS server. your android phone, launch Settings Look for a menu option called Network and Internet (or something similar, depending on your phone) Scroll down and look for “Private DNS” and click on it Tap on “Private DNS provider hostname” Go there. full TLS hostname (in this example we’re using Cloudflare’s DNS which is Tap Save and you’re done Unlike changing your dns on your computer where you just need to enter the IP address of your dns server. . , such as for Cloudflare or for Google, changing on your Android phone will require you to find out the TLS hostname of the DNS server you’re changing to, but other than that, it’s relatively easy process .

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How To Change Dns Settings Android

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How To Change Your Dns Settings To Troubleshoot Issues

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