How To Change Dns On Android Tablet

By | 23 September 2022

How To Change Dns On Android Tablet – Changing the pre-configured Domain Name System (DNS) on your Android phone or tablet is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, you can change your device’s DNS in seconds. As long as you know how to navigate through your device’s interface and the DNS server you want to set up.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is known as the Internet’s phone book. IP addresses are registered and known as host names. Like a mobile phone, the contact number is saved and registered to the owner.

How To Change Dns On Android Tablet

How To Change Dns On Android Tablet

In a real world scenario, we humans can access information on the internet using domain names like etc. In computer applications, web browsers communicate with domains through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. IP addresses are used to allow browsers to load Internet resources through domain names.

How To Change Dns On Xiaomi Smartphone And Have A Faster And More Secure Connection

There are about hundreds of possible DNS that you can use and they can be divided into 2 categories: Public DNS and Private DNS. Public DNS is a publicly available domain name system server, usually provided by your ISP. It maintains a record of domain names that are publicly available and accessible on the Internet. Private DNS, on the other hand, has servers that point to your domain name, not your host.

If you’re new to DNS and don’t know the details of the server you want to use, here’s our recommendation for the best DNS servers for Android.

Devices running Android 8 and above may need to use the server hostname. If you are using older versions of Android, use the IP address.

To access your device’s DNS settings, you need to launch the Settings app and go to the Wireless & Networks option. (In some phones this is internet and network)

How To Change Your Dns Server Settings

From there, find Private DNS and tap it to access your device’s DNS settings. (On some phones, you have to tap Advance Private DNS to find the option)

Tap Private DNS and select an option that will allow you to enter the details of the DNS server you want to use. On the device we used in this example, the option is Configure Private DNS.

Once you’re ready to enter the details, enter the name of the DNS server you’ll be using.

How To Change Dns On Android Tablet

After entering the server name, tap Save. Some devices won’t have a save button and just go back.

How To Make Android Use The Dns Server Of Your Choice

This method may not work on older versions of Android, as some options may be positioned or performed differently.

If you went through the steps and couldn’t find the Private DNS option, it means you need to do another method. If so, follow the simple steps below.

On some Android OS smartphones, the Save button is not available, and to save the changes you made using the phone’s DNS, you just need to go back to the previous settings and the changes will be saved automatically.

To clear the DNS cache on your Android phone, simply go to your browser settings. Then tap on Privacy. Tap Clear Browsing Data, select Cache, then tap Clear Data.

Changing Your Dns On Android. Changing Your Dns Resolver On Mobile…

To find out which DNS server your Android is currently using, go to the Google Play Store and download and install the PingTools Network Utility app. Launch the app and tap Network. In the displayed list, you will find the current DNS used by your Android phone.

Ping Network Utilities is more than just a program that displays the current DNS settings of a device. It can also continuously monitor remote resources, networked devices, ping ICMP, TPC and HTTP, traceroute UDP or ICMP, scan TCP ports and more!

Learn more about the Domain Name System (DNS) with this entry-level guide to translating Internet hostnames to IP addresses, aka DNS spoofing.

How To Change Dns On Android Tablet

With this book, you can learn more about DNS, how to use it, and learn how to secure your system. It provides real-life examples based on the author’s daily experience from a variety of companies of all sizes.

How To Use Dns Server Of Your Choice In Android Phone

Android can be quite complicated at times as things change a lot with different versions of Android. In previous versions, users are not actually allowed to change the device’s DNS, which has subsequently changed with updated versions.

As with Windows computers, DNS was often based on the use of a server’s IP address. Versions starting with version 9 (Pie) now require you to use a hostname instead of an IP address.

If you’re having trouble changing your Android phone’s DNS, we recommend using the appropriate app for the DNS server you want to use. For example, you can download and install the DNS changer app built with Cloudfare Fast and Secure Internet.

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How To Change Dns On Android Tablet

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Not everyone knows the benefits of rooting an Android phone, but it’s important to understand that when you buy an Android phone you have… DNS (Domain Name System) plays an important role in network infrastructure. is, responsible for translating domain names (for example) into IP addresses. The device then uses the information to route the data to the appropriate web servers. Some ISP-provided DNS servers are known to collect users’ browsing history and sell it to other companies/advertisers, not to mention concerns about internet censorship. It is common to see people switching to popular public DNS servers.

Private DNS mode is a feature starting in 2018. Android 9.0 Pie, which allows the operating system to send all DNS requests to a custom DNS server while encrypting those requests via TLS (DNS over TLS / DoT). Hijacking, espionage or phishing attacks.

In previous versions of Android, you could only control which DNS servers devices use on Wi-Fi networks, but not on cellular networks. You may need to manually override the DNS settings on each individual Wi-Fi network or change the settings directly on the router.

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To enable private DNS mode, you’ll need a device running Android 9.0 Pie or higher. In this example, we use Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with Android 11 and One UI 3.1. Your smartphone’s user interface may be slightly different, but the process is essentially the same.

Remember to enter the DNS server hostname instead of the IP address, such as or For added security, make sure your DNS server supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT). It is also recommended to use a reliable virtual private network (VPN) service to protect other network data.

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How To Change Dns On Android Tablet

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