Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar For Beginners

By | 23 September 2022

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So you’ve bought your first bass guitar and are ready to play. What You’re Learning It can be confusing to know where to start, but there are actually a few things that will get you on the right track right away.

Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar For Beginners

Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar For Beginners

This post links to some of my free lessons designed to help you become a better bass player. The lessons will give you a solid foundation to build on.

How To Play The Bass Guitar

There is a lot of information here but in the end, you will use it to make great music. Bookmark or save this page, spend time building your skills and move on. You will notice improvement with good and consistent practice!

I find it very helpful to have a complete framework of what it takes to be a great bass player. You will find that everything you need can be combined in these seven categories:

This may seem like a lot but don’t worry, you can find very small gains in each section that will quickly add up to big results.

Without good technique, you will fight and struggle with the bass, get frustrated and want to give up. Working in this field and everything else will seem easy.

Reasons To Play Bass

This lesson teaches you how to hold the bass and use each hand. This will be based on your communication, agility, accuracy, speed, strength and power.

I have more exercises in the free ebook and loads of audio exercises and musical challenges in my Creative Bass Technique Workbook.

Scales form the building block of bass lines. Since most music theory is based on scales, it makes a lot of sense to memorize a few pieces of music. In addition, you can use scales to improve solos, bass lines, and build speed and precision in your technique. All good things!

Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar For Beginners

Remember the following scales of one octave. In these diagrams, the strings run horizontally, the frets vertically, and the blobs where you place your fingers (the numbers on them are the left fingers to press down). The lower left red note is the lowest note of the note (the ‘root’ note) and the upper right note is the highest note (‘octave’). Play from the lowest note to the highest note but feel free to change the order of the notes – that’s called making music!

How To Play Along With Chords On Bass

All these shapes are removable, which means you can start the red blob somewhere else and end up with the same scale – just start on a different note (so you can play any of these shapes starting on any 12th note in the music – very nice. nice).

Check out the infographic below this section for an explanation of what arpeggios are and how to use them.

Look at any good bass player and you will see that they use more than the first few keys. Anyway, there’s a lot of great bass going on in the first few frets, but my point is that real skill comes from being able to play what you want when you want. Knowing your neck inside and out is important for that.

The following diagrams are taken from the free lesson: How to Find Any Score on Bass Guitar. Also check out this tutorial:

Bass Lessons In Maple Leaf Wa

There is a lot of important and useful information in these courses, so be sure to go through them.

The diagrams above and other useful diagrams can be found in the free ebook I wrote that you can download here or by signing up for the form at the end of this post.

Studying music allows you to learn more by reading the notes as quickly as you would the words you are currently reading. You don’t have to be as close to yourself in learning music as you are in learning English; You can get a lot of things just to hold well.

Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar For Beginners

It’s also great if you need to work at the last minute and can’t practice or prepare – just read this and you’re good to go! That takes a deep understanding but with regular practice you can learn to read quickly. It starts to come together as you always do.

Guide To Buying Your First Bass Guitar

I find that reading music often teaches you more about notation and music theory than TAB. TAB doesn’t usually show any rhythms so it’s not surprising. Studying music is a great way to learn and understand rhythm, harmony, and melody—the three fundamentals of music.

Let’s hear the amazing features of the device. This is the best way to learn bass. Get lessons directly from your favorite bass players by learning what they’ve been playing. Do you want to play as Bootsy? Work on a sex machine. Want to sound like Jaco? Discover Youth Town (practice preloading!). To do this you can watch videos on YouTube and TAB but I also recommend researching Awesome Bass Player and Classic Bass Album. Immersing yourself in great music and great performers is the best way to train your ears and learn all kinds of great lines, techniques and styles.

As you listen to different styles of music, you will be inspired and develop your own unique bass voice. To get the most out of your listening, you should…

In order to be able to put on your favorite music and get the bass range you need to have good ears. You need to be able to listen to a piece of music, pick out a bass line, and find notes, rhythm and technique. This takes time, but with practice it becomes very easy. TIP: go through all the free courses on this blog and you’ll find plenty to choose from. I will be releasing bass-specific ear training sessions in the near future, so subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated.

Key Of C Major Open Position On Bass Guitar

Not so much the TAB but one thing I’ve noticed over the years of teaching is the lack of a real ear in many bass players who only rely on the TAB (or a video showing what actually happens). These two methods do not rely on your ears, they lead to listening skills. I understand the appeal of TAB and video: In short, it’s hard to use your ears, especially with the internet around to give you all the answers at once.

Listening to and practicing bass lines on your own (at least as part of your practice routine) is the best investment you can make as a musician. Click to Tweet

This is a great way to start working with your ears. Learn the major scale (see above) and learn to sing or hum the notes of the scale without the bass anywhere near you. Then learn to choose the spaces on the scale.

Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar For Beginners

An interval is the distance between two musical notes and is called a major and minor natural scale. Since all bass lines are made up of notes, followed by several notes, you can quickly determine which sounds (intervals) are going on as the bass line progresses. Each fret has a unique sound that maps to the shape of the neck of the bass guitar. If you can read a shape and match it with a sound (break) you sell!

Emedia Music Bass Guitar For Dummies: Beginner Bass Fd07101dlw

It’s a great name for this repertoire and it just means everything you know how to play the bass. That’s what you use the bass for, and that’s what you’ll be working on continuously. Learn rock, jazz, pop, funk, blues, classical and everything in between! You will learn something from all different styles and it will make you a better bass player.

Most of the information in this lesson is worthless without context. The really interesting things start to happen when you know what to do with scales, theory, knowledge of frets, etc. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with tons of free lessons and tips that will show you exactly how to turn all of these into a great bass player.

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