How To Screenshot Video On Iphone

By | 23 September 2022

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How To Screenshot Video On Iphone

How To Screenshot Video On Iphone

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Although amateur users can now record high-definition video, such large files on your device make it difficult to transfer files, share via message or email – and it puts a strain on your phone’s storage capacity.

Check out the products mentioned in this article: iPhone 11 (starting at $699.99 at Best Buy) How to compress video on your iPhone by adjusting video recording settings

3. There you will see many options to choose as your default recording size, which allows you to record and save smaller videos. Newer iPhone models have more options.

Close Up Shot Of Brand New Apple Iphone 5s With Twitch Video Streaming Service Application On A Screen Stock Photo

Unfortunately, for those who want to record in high resolution but still want to free up storage space, the iPhone doesn’t have a built-in feature that lets you compress videos. So you have to rely on third party apps.

2. Open the application. Tap the “Settings” gear to select the file type you want to export eventually

4. Select your video by tapping on it, then press the check mark in the top right corner

How To Screenshot Video On Iphone

5. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to select the target file size of the compressed video Moving the slider to the left will decrease the file size.

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To choose the compressed file size of your video, move the slider left or right Kelly Laffey/Business Insider

6. Click the “Save” button in the upper right corner The app will start compressing the file and saving it to your camera roll.

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Have you ever wanted to take a browsing screenshot on your iPhone? With iOS 13, you can take a screenshot of an entire page in Safari. However, in iOS 12, there is still no built-in feature available to take long screenshots on your iPhone or iPad. Don’t worry. In this article, I will show you some solutions for taking a long screenshot of a web page, conversation, to-do list, etc.

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Sometimes you want to capture an entire web page on your iPhone. In iOS 13, Safari lets you take a screenshot of an entire page itself. You can press the key combination as you normally would to take a screenshot, for example, Volume Up + Power key for iPhone X. You can then tap on the screenshot to preview and select the Full Page tab to take a screenshot of the entire page. save .

If you’re using iOS 12, the iPhone doesn’t include the scrolling screenshot feature, so you’ll have to take multiple screenshots and combine them. It’s very tedious, not to mention you may have to edit each screenshot.

As you know, Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 allows you to automate many tasks. Therefore, you can use Shortcuts app to automate the process. With it, you can run a shortcut to take a screenshot of an entire web page

How To Screenshot Video On Iphone

First, of course, you need to get this shortcut app. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a lot of great features Then you will find this shortcut WebSaver+. If you’re familiar with the Shortcuts app, you can create a new shortcut to PDF a web page and then convert the PDF to an image.

How To Rotate A Video On An Iphone

In fact, you don’t even need to open the web page to take a full screenshot of it using this shortcut. You can copy the URL of the page you want to take a full shortcut from and run this shortcut.

Shortcut will automatically get the content of the web page and create an image for you to view. You can tap the share button to bring up the share sheet. If you don’t want to share it right away, tap Done and choose to save the photo to Camera Roll or iCloud. You can also manually select a different cloud drive connected to the Files app.

If you want to take a scrolling screenshot of other things instead of a web page, you can also use another shortcut to merge multiple screenshots. This should be the best free method on your iPhone.

Step 1. Get this shortcut. You must open this link in Safari or Firefox to get the shortcut. Otherwise you will be redirected to AppStore.

How Much Video Can You Record On An Iphone?

Step 4. Immediately, it will allow you to preview the combined screenshot. If you are not satisfied with these results, you can select the option to adjust the parameters

Step 5. You can change the width, change the order or automatically remove the top status bar using one of the selected images.

Step 6. After that you will have a full long screenshot. Now you can choose to save the image to the camera roll and delete the original images.

How To Screenshot Video On Iphone

There is a dedicated app called Scrolling Tailor for taking long screenshots on iPhone, completely free with ads. You need to use this app to record screenshot while browsing and this app will convert the recorded video into scrolling screenshot.

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Step 2. Long press the Recorder button in the Action Center and select Scrolling Tailor to start a screen record on your iPhone.

Step 3. Go back to the page where you want to take a scrolling screenshot before the recording starts. Then start browsing.

Step 4. Open the Scrolling Tailor app and you will see the scrolling screenshot. You can then tap the Save button to save the scrolling screenshot to the camera roll.

If you don’t like the shortcut option, there’s another app called Picsue that lets you take a long screenshot on the iPhone by combining it vertically. It will automatically merge them and remove duplicate parts.

Important And Quick Ways To Screen Record On Iphone

Sometimes it may delete the wrong part of the screenshot. Fortunately, this app lets you edit images manually. You can edit the width and height of each image you choose to combine.

You can get this app from AppStore for Rs 0.99. If you want to pay for an app that does this kind of thing, you can use the Taylor app, which is free with ads, and of course you can pay to remove the ads.

Of these two apps, I found Picsew to work better as Taylor failed several times to fetch all related screenshots when creating a scrolling screenshot on the iPhone. I have to force close the app and try again. Other than that, the Taylor app works great.

How To Screenshot Video On Iphone

Which of these methods do you think is most effective for taking long screenshots on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch? If you have a better method of taking a scrolling screenshot, you are more than welcome to share it in the comments below.

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We use cookies to improve content and ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more about our privacy policy. How to record screen on iPhone? You need to take a screenshot or shoot a video with your iPhone

To share with colleagues or use in documents, you can take a picture of the screen as it appears, or take a video of the action on the screen.

On an iPhone with a home button (depending on your model), press and release the home button and side button or sleep/wake button at the same time.

If you choose to save to Photos, it will appear in the Screenshots album in the Photos app, or in the All Photos album if enabled in iCloud Photos Settings > Photos.

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You can save a PDF with a full-page, scrolling snapshot of a web page, document, or email that’s longer than your iPhone screen.

Choose Save PDF to File from the Done menu to save the image as, then choose a location and tap Save.

Send this screenshot to a friend: Tap , then choose a sharing method (such as AirDrop, Messages, or Mail), fill in any other required fields, and send the PDF.

How To Screenshot Video On Iphone

Go to Settings > Control Center, then tap the Add button next to Screen Recording if you’re using iOS 14 or later. On your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, open Control Center, then tap Microphone. Wait for the three-second countdown after tapping Start Recording.

Share Ideas Instantly With Techsmith Capture

You can capture endless screens with the right screen recording software. You can continue to capture the action as long as it’s happening on your screen. However, this does not mean that

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