How To Delete All Post On Facebook

By | 20 September 2022

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Times have changed and unlike before, Facebook now has an option that allows you to hide and delete all your messages in bulk. Gone are the days of having to go through the super tedious process of manually deleting every post you no longer want to appear in your feed and timeline.

How To Delete All Post On Facebook

How To Delete All Post On Facebook

With this extremely useful feature, you can now clean and organize your Facebook posts without taking too much time! If you have a lot of messages that you no longer want to keep, now is the perfect time to do so!

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In addition to bulk deleting your posts, you also have the option to bulk hide them. By hiding your messages, you can remove them from your journal, but you will still be able to access them. So if you want to put them back, you can do it easily. On the other hand, the choice to remove your posts is final. Once you have deleted the messages, you will not be able to restore them.

You can update your profile to see if it works. If the messages were successfully hidden, they should no longer appear on your timeline.

If you want to remove all posts from your Facebook profile, there are several things to remember. First, you can’t delete posts that are essentially updates to changes you’ve made to your profile, like changing your profile or cover photo. You also cannot delete posts that you did not create yourself and that are simply tagged.

So once you’ve identified the posts that you can’t include in your bulk delete action, delete them or simply exclude them from your selection. Once you have messages left that can be bulk deleted, simply follow these steps:

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Now all that’s left to do is remove the remaining items from your timeline by hiding them or deleting the posts you’ve been tagged in. Once they are no longer visible on your timeline, you can easily manage them through your activity log.

That’s it! Remember that deleting posts is different from moving posts to the trash. If you move a post to the trash, you still have 30 days to view and retrieve it, but with deleted posts, they’re gone forever.

Although you can’t accomplish the whole process of deleting all messages in one click, it’s much easier now as you don’t have to delete each message one by one.

How To Delete All Post On Facebook

If you still find the above steps tedious, another option would be to hide all messages first, then once they are no longer visible on your timeline, you can simply move all hidden messages to the trash and wait 30 days. After the time is up, Facebook will automatically delete all of this.

How To Delete Or Archive Old Facebook Posts In Bulk

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It was something he planned to research online (for personal use, just in case). Useful! Thanks. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or just want to clean up your old social activity, you may have wanted to delete your old Facebook messages. And unlike other social media platforms, Facebook gives you a native way (on both the web and mobile app) to selectively edit or delete old posts in bulk.

But still, it could be a slow and tedious process to go through all that history and clean it up anyway. So here we are going to explore an alternative method to quickly delete old Facebook messages in bulk.

Facebook recently launched a new feature called Manage Activity that provides better management options than before. With this new feature, you can now archive or delete your old Facebook messages in bulk.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

Note: When you archive posts, you can restore them to your profile at any time. Alternatively, items in the trash can are automatically deleted after 30 days.

You can access your archived messages or messages in the trash by going to your profile >> Activity Log and tapping the Archive or Trash buttons at the top.

Facebook also allows you to selectively delete or remove posts from your timeline directly from the Facebook app or website. The steps below will guide you to delete your Facebook post history in bulk.

How To Delete All Post On Facebook

Note: Depending on your message selection, some included options such as “Delete messages” may not be available. This applies to certain types of posts, such as profile picture updates, posts you didn’t create, or posts with certain privacy settings. If you can’t bulk delete posts, be sure to uncheck the ones you haven’t posted and try again.

Ways To Delete Multiple Friends On Facebook

You may return to your Facebook chronology later and supprimer the remaining publications individually, by clicking on the three points adjacent to the publication on the chronologie and in selection “Masquer de la chronologie”, “Supprimer” or “Supprimer la balise”, selon the case. .

The above method for bulk message deletion can be used, but it’s not practical if you want to clean up possibly hundreds of old Facebook messages at once. Here you need to manually scroll through all your history messages, select them for deletion, and finally click

To reach. Also, the above process has a limitation where you can only delete up to 50 messages in bulk.

For these reasons, the official method of mass deleting Facebook posts is not ideal for all situations. Instead, you can try the third-party Chrome extension below, which works quite reliably to bulk delete your Facebook history.

Facebook Allows You To Delete Embarrassing Old Posts And Photos — Here’s How You Do It

Social Book Post Manager is a Chrome extension that automates the task of bulk deleting your Facebook posts from the Facebook activity log. It offers many options to find and remove posts that match specific criteria, which you can use in addition to Facebook’s built-in filters.

) by the app before committing changes, and you can choose the automation speed (from 0.25x in increments up to 16x).

Depending on the post type, Social Book Post Manager will allow you to ‘Delete’, ‘Dislike’, ‘Hide/Show’, Edit Privacy or ‘Save’ posts that match your criteria.

How To Delete All Post On Facebook

The extension will scan your Facebook activity log for posts that match the defined criteria and automatically mark them for deletion. If you selected the “Prescan to Page” option in step 8 above, you will have the option to review the items selected for deletion and then confirm your changes.

Delete All You Facebook Posts Using Dev Tools

Both official and third-party methods are capable of mass deleting Facebook posts effectively. If you know of any other apps worth mentioning in this list, let us know in the comments below.

Facebook allows you to delete Facebook posts in bulk, both through the Facebook website and the official iOS and Android apps. To bulk delete posts, you can go to your profile page, click the Manage Posts button, select the posts you want to delete, and then choose the Delete option.

Alternatively, Social Book Post Manager can help you delete Facebook posts in bulk. This article details the process of using the utility.

Facebook allows you to selectively delete multiple posts, up to 50 posts at a time, using the Manage Posts option on your profile. If you want to delete all Facebook posts at once, you need to use the Social Book Post Manager and run the job by choosing “Select All” in the Year and Month filters.

How To Quickly Delete Old Facebook Posts

You may need to slow down if you want the process to work reliably and wait for it to complete. Depending on the number of messages you have and the speed you have selected, the process can take up to a few hours. The information on the Chrome extension page suggests that you may even need to run it multiple times to clear all your messages.

To bulk delete Facebook posts on iPhone, launch the app, go to your profile and click Manage Posts. Here you will be able to select your posts for bulk removal. You can even use some filters to help you find the messages you want to delete. You can find more information about this process in this article.

There are several ways to delete your Facebook timeline. You can hide or remove individual posts from your timeline by clicking the three dots adjacent to a particular post and then choosing Remove or Hide from Timeline from the available options. You can refer to the official Facebook help page on this topic.

How To Delete All Post On Facebook

Alternatively, you can also access Manage Available Posts from your Facebook profile and selectively remove posts from your timeline in bulk. A third-party Chrome extension called Social Book Post Manager also helps you automate the process of removing various posts from your activity log and timeline, based on certain conditions.

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