How To Make Own Website

By | 18 September 2022

How To Make Own Website – In 2020, anyone can build and design a WordPress website without any knowledge of design, coding or web development.

Whether for business or personal use, you can design a website with the right tools and this step-by-step guide.

How To Make Own Website

How To Make Own Website

In this guide, I will show you how to build a website in WordPress in 2020. We know that building a website can be overwhelming and scary.

Ways To Make Your Website More Attractive

But this guide is all for beginners and guides you on how to build a website in WordPress without spending your money on freelancers or expensive agencies.

Here are seven steps we will discuss on how to build a website and more in 2020.

The domain name and address of your website. It is the name that users use to find your website in their browser.

This is the purpose of the site. If you type this domain name into your browser anywhere in the world, you will be taken directly to my website.

How To Make Your Website International

A good domain name is unique and descriptive, so your audience can remember it quickly and easily.

It is recommended to use your own name (personal or company) when choosing a domain name. If your name is already taken or registered, you can use your middle name.

Many famous bloggers in the world use their name (their company name) as their domain name. This will help prevent others from using your name and protect your rights. It also helps you build your personal brand like

How To Make Own Website

After choosing your domain name, you need to choose a domain extension. We recommend logging in to .com. It is the gold standard. If you want to target a specific country (India) you can also go to .in.

Website Builder — Create A Website In Minutes — Squarespace

Note – When you register your domain name, you may find that the desired domain name is already taken. Then you can add simple words like “a”, “”, or “my” at the beginning of the name, or use a hyphen in the middle of the name.

In addition to your domain name, another important thing you need is hosting to create your WordPress site.

Web hosting is a service that stores and stores your website files (content) on a secure server. Without a web server, your website cannot be read and seen by others.

Do your research first to get your first host. Because choosing a bad host can destroy your desire to become a blogger. You will be disappointed by the slow loading speed.

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If you find a web hosting provider that has all the mentioned features, you have definitely found a good web hosting provider.

You can find hundreds of hosting providers in the market, but choosing the best one is up to you. Our personal recommendation is to choose Godaddy or Bluehost.

4. If you do not have the desired domain name, it is possible to choose several domain names for you. Or you can just type another name to try.

How To Make Own Website


How To Create Great Website Experiences Without Fancy Designs

After the installation is complete, go to your browser and enter your domain name to verify that everything is fine.

Choosing a good platform to build a website is as important as choosing a good web host.

In this article, we will only talk about how to install WordPress, so we will stop there.

A content management system, or CMS for short, is the platform on which you write and publish your blog posts. A good CMS is usually easy to use. It allows you to customize your own theme, organize your content, upload videos, images and give you full control.

Ways To Make Your Website More Visible

The most popular CMS is WordPress. More than 60% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress.

So the answer is yes, WordPress is a really good platform for blogging. Although there are few other CMS like Wix, Ghost, Blogger, etc., we recommend creating a self-hosted WordPress website.

But here you have to be very careful while choosing WordPress because it comes in two different platforms. and They have almost the same name, but still, there is a difference between the two.

How To Make Own Website

1. Allows you to fully customize your designs. It gives you unlimited plugin options, without branding

How To Make Your Website Work For You Around The Clock

So, assume that your domain name and web hosting are ready to go. Now you need to choose and install a CMS platform so you can build your WordPress website.

We recommend that you choose WordPress because it is very user-friendly and offers thousands of free templates and plugins that will make your website look professional and unique.

But if you don’t use Bluehost, don’t worry. Many web hosting providers have a “WordPress installation” located somewhere in their cPanel. If not, you can try using WordPressman manually.

4. Once the installation is complete, it will show the installation and login details. Make sure you keep it somewhere.

Create Your Google My Business Website

Finally, your website is live and ready to go. So it’s time to add some visuals and make your website feel more appealing and attractive with some nice custom designs.

All the themes you see are proven to be of high quality and have a large user base.

You can see the whole menu and install your favorites. But to speed things up, we recommend using Neve. You can also choose “Astra”, “Ocean Wp” etc.

How To Make Own Website

Log in to your WordPress dashboard. You can find it at Log in with the username and password you set during WordPress installation.

Create Your Own Website

2. Enter “Snow” or any other theme you want to install in the search box, then click the Install button.

Once the theme is activated, there are a few more things to do to get it looking good.

One of the great things about Neve (and a few other themes) is that it provides several default templates that you can choose from.

They include business, restaurant, music, food and many other popular websites. It has a design package for everyone.

Discover How To Make Your Website Accessible

When you start the installation, it will take care of all the elements you need in your website – the design itself, all the required plugins, and you will get the sample content that you can change later.

Creating a website in WordPress is very easy. You can create any page you want, but there are several important pages for any website to start with.

In general, most of these pages are structurally very similar – the only difference is the content of each page.

How To Make Own Website

You can use Element Page Builder to design a page from scratch. Its simple, drag-and-drop functionality helps create stunning websites.

How To Build A WordPress Website From Scratch 2020 Websourav

The best part of this plugin is that you don’t need to have any technical skills to use it.

Use this process to create all your pages and make your website unique. Instead of building another page, Element provides some free templates that you can use.

After creating all the required pages, our next step is how to build a WordPress website from scratch to create a navigation menu.

A navigation menu on your website helps visitors move from page to page on your website. It also leads to finding relevant content on your website. It also increases user engagement.

How To Make Your Website More Attractive?

By default, WordPress creates a menu based on the pages you create. You can edit and use it. It will save you a lot of time.

Once you’ve completed all your settings, it’s time to optimize your website. Test your website with GTmetrix and it will give you all the improvements you need to make on your website

Building a WordPress website in 2020 and beyond just got a whole lot easier. In fact, you don’t even need to have deep technical or design knowledge to create a WordPress website. Therefore, anyone with the right tools and guidance can design a website from scratch. So you don’t need to spend your money on freelancers or expensive agencies. Spend an hour or two with the guide and build your first website in no time.

How To Make Own Website

We hope this detailed guide will help you understand how to build your first WordPress website.

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