How To Make Your Instagram Interesting

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How To Make Your Instagram Interesting – Instagram is much more than beautiful pictures. You too can drive leads and traffic with it. See how to do this and more in this article.

One billion users. Highest engagement rate of any social media platform. And game-changing new features almost every month.

How To Make Your Instagram Interesting

How To Make Your Instagram Interesting

Instagram is the hot social media platform right now and it has been for a while. Many marketers have committed to focusing on this this year, both B2B and B2C. In fact, 66% of marketers plan to expand their Instagram efforts this year – more than any other social media platform.

How To Make Instagram Story Highlights [+engage Your Audience]

The best thing, though: It’s not “too late” to take advantage of Instagram. Especially if you are B2B. Only 57% of B2B marketers are on Instagram yet.

Whether you have an established presence on the platform or are just getting started, you might want some ideas on how you can improve your Instagram marketing.

We protected you. These ten tactics will create more engagement and more business for your Instagram account.

This new feature allows Instagrammers to post up to an hour of video, but many accounts are still limited to “only” ten minutes per video.

How To Make Instagram Stories Marketing Masterpieces In 9 Easy Steps

To set up your channel, download the IGTV app and link your Instagram account from within. Then tap your profile picture to create a channel. Currently you can’t really record videos in the IGTV app – you have to upload pre-recorded videos via the app.

If you just want to start watching IGTV, click on the IGTV logo on your phone. You will see an IGTV video playing immediately (center image below) along with a menu of what to watch. When you click on any of these videos, they will go full screen like the image on the far right:

There are a dozen ways to use IGTV. As vlogs for job openings, presentations, mission statements, product announcements, conferences… it will be interesting to see what marketers do with this new feature in the coming months.

How To Make Your Instagram Interesting

Haven’t created a story yet? It’s time. And if you created a story, did you add it to Story Highlights? Highlights are a way for your Stories to last forever, not just 24 hours after you post them.

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Highlights are the round buttons that appear near the bottom of your profile. They were launched in December last year and have become Instagram glitterati’s favorite tool. And businesses too.

To create a Highlights, you must have created a Story. You can only create a Highlights by tapping the “New” plus sign after you’re featured. Next, select the cover for Highlights and the stories within these Highlights.

Here’s the interesting thing about Highlights: They can be used to generate leads (if you have a verified account).

So if you’re holding back Stories just because you don’t want to deal with making something that will last 24 hours, that excuse goes away. With Highlights, it’s worth your time to create a few very high-quality Stories.

How To Make Your Instagram Stories More Engaging

We’ve all seen the cool typography posts on Instagram. But there are also hand-drawn inscriptions like this one:

Doodles are actually a big business trend right now. Especially among creative people. Visual communicators are everywhere, transforming meetings and presentations into graphic form.

Of course, not everyone in your company will want to buy it. But just as you have one or two team members who contribute to the blog, maybe there are a few company doodlers (or even just one doodler) who can start making graphical representations of company ideas, industry ideas, or just principles that your target audience likes. You may be interested.

How To Make Your Instagram Interesting

You don’t even need to be a doodler. There are hundreds of illustrators ready to be hired on platforms like Fiverr.

Easy Ways To Make Your Instagram More Interesting

Better yet, include a few pictures of each person. At their desk, in the hallway, at the meeting. Maybe you surrender too.

Take it a step further by shooting a short video or two. These don’t have to be long – even 15 seconds is enough. But it’s an ideal way to humanize your company and give potential customers a clear idea of ​​the type of people they’ll be working with.

Remember: People do business with people, not brands. So give your employees (the company’s stars and people in the trenches) a presence on your company’s Instagram feed. After all, they’re part of your company – shouldn’t they be part of your Instagram account too?

Would you like to give a boost to this principle? Then let your employees take over your Instagram account for a day. Or maybe more than a day. Since most Instagram accounts only post once a day, it may make sense to give an employee a full week, or perhaps a work week, Monday through Friday.

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This can be a great way for social media managers to make it easier to take a vacation. It can also be a great way for them to take a break from creating content from time to time. Sometimes breaks help us keep ourselves fresh.

Taking over can be a way to boost employee morale or even a way to reward an employee for exceptional work. Even after the takeover week, the employee will be more likely to share company content and be active on social media for the company.

Hashtags are electric tools on Instagram. The posts with the highest engagement tend to include at least 11 of these. Although you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, this can be time consuming.

How To Make Your Instagram Interesting

Here’s how to get the most out of your hashtags: Think in layers. Choose high exposure (like 100,000+ posts), 3-4 tags with 10,000-100,000 posts, and 3-4 tags with only a few thousand posts.

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Avoid using hashtags that are too general. Any tag with more than 500,000 posts may not help you. Remember: As businesses, we probably want targeted audiences, not the entire world.

Pay special attention to your Instagram analytics here. Are there certain hashtags that seem to get more engagement for your posts? Don’t plug these hashtags for anything you post going forward, if any. Also try creating posts specifically for this topic. You may have found a small piece of content that your brand can easily build an audience with.

Word to the wise: Researching the 11 best hashtags to use for every Instagram post you post can be a huge waste of time. So the trick:

Instagram is an image platform, right? Yes, but text can still have a powerful effect. Witness all these quotes flowing. Witness the power of smart captions too.

Ways To Get Popular On Instagram

So how can you write better captions? If you’re a copywriter, think of it as if you’re writing a print ad. For the rest of us… see what you’re about to post. If you could show it to a friend, what would you say to him? Don’t think about this for too long – your first gut reaction is often the best headline.

In short – write as if you were talking to a friend. The best captions on Instagram have a very personal feel…just like the account speaks directly to you.

Some titles are too long. Many Instagram experts essentially write short blog posts in their captions. And it works:

How To Make Your Instagram Interesting

Do you have multiple Instagram accounts to manage for your company? You don’t have to keep logging in and out.

Instagram Story Ideas For More Views And Engagement

To add an account, go to your profile and click the gear icon. Scroll to the bottom of the long list of options until you see the “Add Account” option. Click that, enter your username and password and you’re done. You can now switch between accounts.

The Instagram interface will show you which account you are on by displaying your account logo in the lower right corner. Press the logo image at the bottom right to switch between accounts, then click your account name at the top of the screen.

When you click on the account name, the interface has a drop-down menu that allows you to choose which account you want to be in.

Be careful which account you’re on – especially if you’re switching between work and personal accounts.

Perfect Instagram Theme Ideas You Can Create

Of course it’s social media. You need to post cool, interesting stuff. And you should. But a call to action is sprinkled here, and it could very well be for the job.

Jay Acunzo is getting email subscribers via a link in his profile. And Jay Baer signed up for a webinar from a job he was promoted:

Both are examples of a larger principle: Drive people to your website wherever possible. Get people’s contact information and get other information about them (like who’s interested).

How To Make Your Instagram Interesting

We all learned this the hard way on Facebook. Engagement on Facebook for a while has been incredible. Few people focused on building email lists or engaging with Facebook audiences outside of Facebook. Then came the algorithm change…and basically hundreds of thousands of companies lost access to their target audience.

How To Use Instagram Stories: The Complete Strategy Guide

I’m not saying Instagram will play this game in the future, but the principle is still there. as are

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