Best Japanese Textbook Self Study

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Best Japanese Textbook Self Study – Japanese is one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn in the world. Therefore, if you want to become fluent or master it, you need to find the right materials to help you achieve your goals. You may have received many suggestions for books to help you learn Japanese from various people and also from various social media, but you are still thinking about which books you should use and keep looking for them. It won’t work and will definitely waste your time and delay your Japanese learning. So, the valuable advice is that you stop searching and dive into learning right now, because you will get very detailed recommendations on the best books to learn Japanese from this blog. Read carefully and you will see how useful it is!

Although Japanese scrapbooks are relatively new to the best books for learning Japanese, they have gained popularity due to their easy-to-understand style. Because these books are new, all examples and vocabulary are up-to-date and up-to-date.

Best Japanese Textbook Self Study

Best Japanese Textbook Self Study

There are four books in the series. The first book is a bit slower paced than the others because it only slowly introduces hiragana (one of the Japanese writing systems) with a few characters per chapter. Also, the sample texts in the book have a combination of hiragana and romaji (English letters) so that students can easily understand. Therefore, this book is suitable for absolute beginners. Katakana and kanji are not introduced in later books.

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Some of you may find that Japanese From Zero moves too slowly if you know some Japanese characters. However, if you prefer to learn Japanese slowly, Japanese From Scratch is a great option for you. Other than that, this book is also good

. Similar to the Japanese From Zero series, the Genki series is also easy to use and follows beautiful and clear illustrations.

The books were designed for classroom use and aimed at college students, so most of the terminology and dialogue is related to the college demographic. Also, Genki includes some exercises, such as group discussions, which you may find difficult to practice if you are learning on your own. But don’t worry! These exercises are just extra parts to help you improve your Japanese language skills. Grammar, vocabulary and other sections in Genki are still easy to follow on your own.

There are two books in the series, each with a CD for listening and a workbook for extra practice. Absolute beginners will find the first book useful for them. When they finish it, the second book will take them to a lower intermediate level.

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All of these series are written in Japanese, so it can be quite a challenge for newcomers. However, it can help you learn Japanese faster because you are immersed in Japanese from the beginning.

You can buy the companion book in English and refer to it whenever you need a translation, but it’s better to read and try to understand in Japanese first.

In addition to improving your reading skills, Minna No Nihongo will provide you with in-depth grammar explanations and teach you vocabulary, listening and speaking skills.

Best Japanese Textbook Self Study

Before you start reading this book, you should familiarize yourself with hiragana and katakana so that you are not overwhelmed and the knowledge flows more easily into your mind.

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This book is one of the popular Japanese language learning books that you are looking for. The title “Japanese for Busy People” can tell about the content of the book. Unlike Genki, this tutorial is aimed at professionals. This way you will learn a lot of vocabulary related to business situations.

There are two versions of the book: romaji and kana. While the romaji version uses all English characters, the kana version uses hiragana and katakana for Japanese text. One interesting thing about Japanese for busy people is that it has no kanji.

Each chapter of the book gradually introduces the target grammar and vocabulary, and at the end of each chapter there is a quiz that you can use to assess yourself. After completing each test, you can check your answers using the keys on the back of the book. It also includes a CD for listening practice.

If you are busy with your work and don’t have much time to learn Japanese, Japanese for busy people is really the perfect choice for you.

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Well, Minna No Nihongo repeats because there are four books in the series that will bring you to a true intermediate level.

Chukyu 1 and Chukyu 2 are two intermediate level books. Chukyu 1 is lower intermediate and Chukyu 2 will take you up to JLPT N2 level.

Minna No Nihongo with two books Chukyu 1 and Chukyu 2 is also among the best Japanese books for intermediate students.

Best Japanese Textbook Self Study

All Minna No Nihongo books are written in Japanese, so you can buy an additional book with translations and notes in English or another language of your own to better understand them (Minna No Nihongo books are now translated into 13 other languages).

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With a large number of Japanese texts, Minna No Nihongo will help you improve your reading skills significantly. In addition, these books also contain very thorough grammar explanations and give you a solid understanding of the Japanese language.

Reading Real Japanese books is a great choice for intermediate Japanese learners because they contain authentic Japanese texts written for Japanese people. Reading these books will help you improve your reading speed and consolidate your knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and grammar.

The structure of Read Real Japanese is very easy to see. On one side of the page is the original Japanese text, and on the back you will find notes in English.

There are two books in the series: fiction and essays. If you buy both, you will cover a wide range of different texts.

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The New Kanzen Master books cover levels from N4 to N1. They are all very thorough with lots of materials, practice questions, good explanations and a mock test in the same format as the JLPT exams.

There are five books that cover five different aspects of the Japanese language: grammar, vocabulary, kanji, reading and listening. You can buy all five books as a set or just the ones you need to work on; however, you should buy grammar and vocabulary books, as they are essential. You can practice and improve your reading and listening skills in other ways.

The downside of New Kanzen Master is that they are a bit dry, without pictures and funny cartoons, which can sometimes get boring.

Best Japanese Textbook Self Study

Nihongo So-Matome is an excellent book series among the best Japanese textbooks for all levels, from N5 to N1.

Best Japanese Textbooks For Self Study (beginners)

From N3 to N1, there are five books for each category: Grammar, Vocabulary, Kanji, Reading and Listening. There is only one book for N5 and two books for N4.

One impressive feature of the Nihongo So-Matome is that they are divided into an eight-week study plan, which is extremely suitable for those who want an action plan and are willing to study every day. Each two-page spread is a one-day lesson that introduces new points and includes some exercises to practice. There is new material six days a week, and on the seventh day there is a review.

The books are fun and easy to read with short explanatory notes in English, Chinese and Korean (all three languages ​​in one book). In addition, there are pictures on each page to illustrate a key point.

Japanese for Everyone covers much of the knowledge like the Genki series, but this book does not include sound exercises. Grammar explanations are short, so you may need third-party additions.

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One great thing about this book is that it teaches grammar through real situations and expressions, something you don’t usually see in other textbooks. In addition, Japanese for Everyone brings more natural Japanese to dialogue.

Kanji are not often used in the book, which may be its weakness. However, this is not a problem for those who do not want to learn kanji right away. You can familiarize yourself with some common characters through Japanese for Everyone, and after reading this book you can find other materials to learn more kanji.

Which you can buy to learn Japanese. The book is mainly for junior and high school students. It’s not as comprehensive as other books, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Simple explanations will help you understand Japanese in no time.

Best Japanese Textbook Self Study

A special feature of this book is that at the end of each chapter there is an overview of the lesson. You won’t find that in other books. The review includes grammar exercises that test your knowledge of key concepts from the chapter and a check on what you “can do” with your new knowledge. If you fail a practice test or can’t check off an item on the checklist, you’ll know exactly what you need to study before moving on.

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With a lesson overview at the end of each chapter,

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