Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good

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Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good – No one really likes to talk about it, but many women struggle with long, dark chin hair. And sometimes that hair just won’t go away and you’ll keep seeing that annoying strand in the same place. This can make it awkward to wear makeup, take selfies, or hold someone close to your face (re: squeezing).

There are three reasons why hair keeps coming back: your genes, your hormones, and the way you remove it.

Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good

Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good

“Our early hair growth patterns are inherited,” New York-based electrologist Ronnie Kolotkin (whom I’ve seen remove hair from since I was a teenager) told me. “You may have a lot of hair on your chin, even more than your brother. This is because you may have inherited this problem from your father. Hair growth is also hormonal. Often, when you stop taking the pill, you will notice new growth. Three facial hairs , which naturally grows in women during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.”

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She warns you not to drag the little guy, no matter what. “If you pull out those hairs, they will never go away on their own. You start a whole chain reaction of stimulating the dormant follicles to produce significantly darker hairs. Waxing is the worst. Threading and tweezing are also very bad. The more you pull, the more hair you see.”

While there are many ways to remove facial hair, including shaving, tweezing, threading, and lasers (which permanently reduce but not remove hair), electrolysis is the best and only way to get rid of it for good. I personally had amazing results. I had my beard hair removed by electrolysis in my twenties. I didn’t have to get it again until I was in my 30’s and my hormones changed which resulted in new hair growth. It happens. This does not mean that the electrolysis failed; it just meant that new hair had appeared.

“Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that the FDA is allowed to say is ‘permanent,'” Kolotkin said. “It’s a process. It’s not a magic wand. It’s not an instant fix. And if it goes through, it’s going to be permanent for the rest of your life.”

She explained how it works: “Electrolysis is a process that, if done correctly, will permanently eliminate the unwanted hair by sealing off the root. A small needle, finer than a hair, enters the follicle. A small amount of current travels to the tip of the needle. and seals the root This may take up to three treatments, but once that root is sealed it will never grow a new hair again!

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Yes, it hurts. But it is permissible if you have ever had waxing or laser hair removal. Your dermatologist may also prescribe a cream such as lidocaine to numb the area. Ice is also effective in soothing the skin. Learn more about electrolysis here.

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Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good

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Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good

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Although facial hair is natural for both men and women, some people prefer to remove some or all of it. There are several options for removing facial hair at home, including over-the-counter creams and tools such as razors, tweezers, and epilators.

The skin on the face is more sensitive than the skin on other parts of the body. When removing facial hair, be sure to take care of your skin by cleansing and moisturizing it afterwards.

Read on for six easy ways to get rid of facial hair at home and some other, more permanent methods to consider.

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The advantage of shaving is that it is easy to perform, painless and affordable. Although effective in hair removal, the results are temporary.

Shaving does not remove the hair at the root, but at the same level as the skin, so it will grow back faster. People can expect the hair to grow back within a day or two.

People can shave parts of their face with a razor using dry shaving or wet shaving.

Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good

An electric shaver is used for dry shaving, so people will not need to use water or shaving foam. For dry shaving:

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For wet shaving, people can use a disposable or long-lasting razor with soap and water or shaving cream:

If you have moles or spots on your face, be careful to avoid them or shave very lightly.

After shaving, wash your face and apply moisturizer to rehydrate your skin. Clean the razor and store it in a dry place. When using a disposable razor, replace it after 5-7 shaves.

When shaving a small area of ​​your face, try using a small razor designed specifically for your face. Online stores offer a variety of facial shavers with lots of customer reviews to help you choose the right one.

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People can use tweezers to pull hair from the roots. Tweezers remove one hair at a time, so they can last longer and are best for small areas of hair removal, such as around the eyebrows.

Waxing removes hair from the root by applying melted wax to the skin. When people let the wax cool and then peel it off the skin, it takes the hair with it.

People can use waxing as a means of removing facial hair, although they must be careful to avoid sensitive areas such as the nose and ears, as well as areas of sensitive or irritated skin.

Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good

Waxing is an effective method of hair removal and its effects can last for several weeks. It can be more painful than other methods because it removes the hair from the root.

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People should stop waxing if they notice swelling or redness and see a doctor or dermatologist if it persists for more than a few days.

An epilator is an electrical device that removes hair from the roots using rotating tweezers that pull the hair upwards. A small epilator might be best for use on the face or smaller sections of hair.

People can try this method by following the instructions of the epilator they are using. Instructions may include the following steps:

People may find epilation painful because it pulls hair from the roots. This means that it also provides long-lasting results.

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People can use depilatory cream to remove facial hair. Depilatory creams remove hair by dissolving the hair structure. After that, people can simply wipe the hair off the skin.

Some people may experience irritation or an allergic reaction to these types of creams, so test a small area of ​​skin before applying to the face. Avoid using this cream around the eyes or eyebrows.

People should carefully follow the directions for the hair removal product they are using and stop if they notice irritation.

Getting Rid Of Facial Hair For Good

If a person finds that other hair removal methods are not effective for them, they may consider using a topical prescription cream such as Vaniqa.

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People should test any cream on a small area of ​​skin before applying it to their face, as these products can be irritating. If a person notices a reaction to the product, they should stop using the cream and consult a doctor if the irritation persists.

Like other home remedies, topical creams have temporary results and may last 1 to 2 weeks. Some of these creams may contain harsh chemicals, and people should talk to their doctor about any side effects.

Laser hair removal is a long-term but not permanent method of hair removal. If a person wants to permanently remove facial hair, they can try electrolysis.

Electrolysis destroys growth

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