How To Make Your Presentation More Interesting

By | 15 September 2022

How To Make Your Presentation More Interesting – Keeping an audience’s attention for a long time can be one of the biggest challenges when speaking in front of a crowd. Undoubtedly, many people have already seen many people scrolling through their phones, daydreaming or just chatting with their neighbors. Let’s face it, we’ve all sat down on random dates and felt a wave of boredom and lethargy wash over us. Some of us may have even walked away after the fourth equally boring slide hit the screen…yawn!

As a presenter, staring at a mind-numbing sea of ​​boring faces will only make you more nervous, speak faster, and try to finish the presentation as quickly as possible. Certainly not the best way to convey an effective and meaningful message.

How To Make Your Presentation More Interesting

How To Make Your Presentation More Interesting

Interacting with your audience can not only help them better understand what you’re saying, but also make them more likely to retain the information and pay more attention.

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Engaging a crowd, no matter how big or small, is the best way to get them focused, interested, and paying attention to what you have to say. So to help you out, we’ve put together a definitive list of ways to make your presentation interactive. Obviously it can help a lot in making an interactive presentation, I think that’s what it’s designed for. For a more comprehensive, deeper dive into public speaking, check out our free public speaking course!

The perfect starting point is to ask a direct question that warms up the audience. It’s an easy way to turn your students from listeners to active participants right from the start. In fact, it helps you relax before getting down to the nitty-gritty of the presentation and delivering your key points.

The beauty of icebreakers now is that there is one for every occasion. There are fun icebreakers, silly icebreakers, and thought-provoking icebreakers. So decide which type best suits your presentation and feel free to check out our icebreaker templates designed to inspire you.

Plan your presentation so that it is clear, easy to follow and not overly complicated. Keep all the relevant details and also allow the audience to ask specific questions during the Q&A session.

Activities To Make Your Powerpoint More Engaging

Remember, you don’t need to say everything, only what is necessary. Otherwise, it can distract the audience and they may tune out and ignore what you are saying.

Yes, ask them questions, but don’t pick on specific audience members. Using an online tool, for example, allows them to interact and feel the process of presentation and value creation.

This is also valuable for the presenter, as they can gain useful insights and data about the audience, their experience with the presentation and any details that come out of it, such as ways to improve.

How To Make Your Presentation More Interesting

If you want your audience to think and debate, a poll question can liven up the back and forth. Discuss the answers to see what the consensus is or where opinions differ.

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Word clouds are a great way to get short, concise answers to any question. Word clouds are a useful way to briefly introduce a presentation or ask relevant questions that require thought and consideration.

A quiz competition is a wonderful way to have fun with your audience. The quiz can be used for educational purposes, as a test, but also just for playing trivia. Testing your audience’s knowledge in this way means they will be more relaxed and confirm what they have just heard and learned. For quiz inspiration, check out our quiz contest templates.

Showing personality and a sense of humor can lift the mood and build rapport with the crowd. Your audience is more likely to remember you if you make them laugh and remember your ideas and key points.

The power of good eye contact can never be underestimated. It gives you a strong stage presence and can help you get your point across effectively. Remember that you should try to connect with all segments of your audience. You don’t want to just stare at a person who makes you feel uncomfortable and look nervous. Making and maintaining eye contact is much more personal and intimate than speaking directly to that person.

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Your gestures and posture are especially important to the air you give off and the impact you make. Obviously, be visible and don’t hide behind a booth, but that’s what many nervous presenters do. You need to connect with them and if you stand your ground, you will appear more confident and in control, which automatically engages the audience. Gestures addressing the audience and movement-like techniques on stage attract the audience’s attention.

Using inspirational language and adjusting your tone to your advantage can affect how you influence your audience. The language used must also match the tone and style of the presentation. So whether it’s formal or informal, whatever the demographics of your audience, it’s important not to use too technical or not too technical terms.

Simply put, they help make your speech less boring. The use of music or sound effects naturally excites the audience. Music is a great way to connect with your audience because it evokes emotion and can help recall ideas for a presentation.

How To Make Your Presentation More Interesting

Images, videos, and even GIFs can add a visual element that helps draw attention to a slide and focus on something else.

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Mid-presentation videos are a great tactic to refocus your audience. If you see that your audience is restless or anxious, video can instantly revive them and re-engage them. Videos can be a great way to start a discussion and reinforce a message, and more often than not people are more moved when they see the video. Sometimes a video can say a lot more than words.

Allowing your audience to ask questions as they arise allows them to speak their mind and feel valued. Traditionally, people don’t want to raise their hand in front of a lot of people and voice their opinion or ask a question. enables and encourages people to contribute by allowing them to share anonymously, which in turn increases learning.

It may seem strange, but using traditional methods instead of digital platforms is simple and effective to liven up a dull crowd. Using too many digital research tools can be overwhelming, so simply raising your hands is an alternative to get everyone involved.

Twitter can be a great tool for presenting outside opinions in a presentation and connecting with your audience. Introducing a hashtag can encourage people to share their thoughts and ideas during the presentation and continue the discussion after the presentation is over.

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Putting control in the hands of the audience by giving them the presentation and allowing them to go back to the previous slide will be helpful for better understanding. Presentation slides are the perfect tool to get your message across effectively.

Using it, the audience can view the slides on their smartphones, so if they missed something or want to go back, they can easily do so. It also allows them to participate while you’re talking and ‘like’ the slide or send things like a ‘heart’, which is great for finding out which slides your audience likes the most.

Telling stories and letting your personality shine brings you closer to your audience. Telling stories and sharing personal experiences are the best ways to grab and hold your audience’s attention while entertaining them. People want to hear what happens next, and that makes your presentation more memorable.

How To Make Your Presentation More Interesting

A fun way to wake up the crowd and make everyone smile! A smile makes you feel great and releases endorphins that put everyone in a better mood! Win-win!

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Inviting people and guest speakers on stage is a great way to change the subject, gain a new perspective and change the presentation style, helping to re-engage the audience. Note: plan it out, you don’t want to throw this on someone at the last minute or mid-presentation!

This may seem a little old-fashioned, but it will grab the audience’s attention and make it fun. You can make your presentation more interesting by using props to your advantage to demonstrate or reinforce your point. This is a different approach to the usual “lecture” style of presentation, where points are read to the audience on a screen. It also allows them to visualize what you are talking about.

To successfully interact with your audience, presentation slides should be used in conjunction with the other tips mentioned in this article. This

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