Create A Second Google Account

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Create A Second Google Account – A Google Account gives you access to tons of apps, including email, maps, cloud storage, music, movies, productivity tools, and more, and you don’t have to settle for just one account. Whether you have a second account for work or want a second one for personal use, here’s how to set it up and incorporate it into your life.

You’ll need to provide Google with information and a phone number to set up a second account, which you can do from here. Google will give you several suggestions for an account name (which doubles as your Gmail address) based on the name you provide, but you can choose a different one if you prefer.

Create A Second Google Account

Create A Second Google Account

You have to provide your date of birth, your gender and a password, of course. You also have the option of providing us with a backup email address, which we recommend (it could even be the Gmail address associated with your original Google Account), in case you ever have trouble signing in to your second account

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The first screen you’ll see below is Gmail, a very clean and white Gmail inbox, and from there you can take care of other tasks like adding a picture to your Google Account profile and setting up two-factor authentication, which you absolutely must do. do.

On Android, it’s almost expected that you’ll want to use a second account. The process may vary slightly depending on the phone and version of Android you’re using, but on stock Android, open Settings, then tap Accounts, then tap Add Account, then tap Google. You will be prompted to sign in with the credentials associated with your new username and password.

How this affects individual applications depends on the application. For example, in Gmail, tap your avatar (top right), then select your newly added account from the list; Meanwhile, on YouTube, tap your avatar (top right) again, then tap your current account name and select your second account.

Google Drive is probably the app where you want to switch between accounts regularly, especially if your second account is for work. As with Gmail and YouTube, tap your avatar icon in the top right corner, then select your second account.

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You should have no problem finding the account switcher in any of your Google apps. In Google Photos, it’s at the top of the app menu (three lines, top left); On Google Maps, it’s in the top right behind your avatar; In Play Movies & TV, you need to open the app menu (three lines, top left) and then select your second account.

Gmail works a little differently because it lets you connect your accounts, which other Google apps don’t, meaning you can see all your email on the same screen. Open the app menu (three lines, top left), then select All Inbox. In fact, you have several options for merging emails from multiple Google accounts in Gmail, which we’ll cover in the web section below.

For iPhone users, the easiest way to set up a second Google Account is to install the Google app for iOS. Tap your avatar (top right), add another account, and follow the instructions to sign in. You will also be asked which account you want to set as default.

Create A Second Google Account

As with Android, Google apps each have their own account switch, behind the avatar in the top right corner in Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps, and in the app menu in Google Photos and Play Movies & TV. Gmail for iOS has the same All Inbox options as the Android version of the app.

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If you’re working on a laptop or desktop computer, it’s a good idea to start in Gmail when setting up a second Google Account; this second account will also be available in all other Google web apps. From Gmail on the web, click your avatar (top right), then add another account, then sign in to your second account.

So far there is no “mixed” view of email. To see mail from all your Google accounts on one screen, like on Android and iOS, instead, you’ll only need to open individual tabs. However, as mentioned above, you have several options for getting all your Google emails in the same inbox.

One is to simply forward email from your other account, which is useful if you don’t actually use it. On the second account’s Gmail screen, click the gear icon (top right), then Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Click Add Forwarding Address to send email directly from the second account to the first.

It’s easy to set up, but it doesn’t allow you to use your original Gmail inbox to reply to emails with your secondary address. To do this, you need to enable POP access in your second Google Account (enable POP for all mail in the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab mentioned above). You can choose whether or not copies of your email remain in your secondary Gmail inbox when you access it from your primary one.

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Go back to the Gmail inbox for your first Google Account, click the gear icon (top right), then Settings, then Accounts & Import; you’ll need to add your second account to both Send Mail and Check Mail from Other Accounts. sections If you’re not sure about any of the settings, you can find them here.

After you add your second Google Account to Gmail on the web, it will appear in the menu if you click on your avatar in any of the other Google web apps: Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Calendar, YouTube, YouTube Music, etc. activated You can’t see information from two accounts on one screen, but at least you can run apps signed in to different Google accounts in multiple tabs at once.

Google Chrome also gives you the option to set up multiple profiles – it’s like having multiple user accounts in Windows or macOS, so all your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and other browsing data are stored separately to your two Google accounts.

Create A Second Google Account

Click the Avatar button in the Chrome toolbar, select Manage People, then select Add Person. You’ll need to choose a name for the second profile, then a picture, then sign in with your second account credentials; you can switch accounts by clicking the avatar button in the Chrome toolbar again.

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In terms of end-user experience, adding a second profile isn’t much different than opening the second account in new tabs, but it launches Chrome in a separate instance on the taskbar or dock and allows you to- it Separate bookmarks, passwords, history, etc. for your second account if you need it. Whether you just got your first Android device or need a new way to connect with people, you might be looking for a way to create a Google Account. It may seem like a confusing process, but it’s quite simple. Here’s how to set up a Google account without any hassle. Below you will find step-by-step instructions.

To set up a Google account on mobile, you need to go to your settings and then accounts. Select Google and follow the on-screen instructions. To set up a Google Account in your browser, go to the Google Accounts signup page and enter your details.

Before signing in, remember that US citizens must be at least 13 years old to set up a Google Account and 18 years old to add a credit card. Why do you want to add a credit card? You can use it to buy apps and games from the Play Store, subscribe to YouTube Music, and pay for other services offered by Google. Google also requires a phone number to restore your account if it’s lost or stolen.

Since most Google services are free, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Photos, adding a credit card is optional and opting out is not a problem.

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Creating a new Google Account only takes a few minutes, and there’s no limit to the number of Google Accounts you can have. Grab your Android device, open the Settings app, and select Accounts (on iOS, go to Mail, then Accounts). The next step is to click Add Account at the bottom and select Google.

A page will appear to sign in to your account or create a new one. Select the Create Account option, then follow the on-screen instructions to enter your personal information (including phone number), choose a username and password, and complete the process by agreeing to the Terms of Service .

Mobile phone method not working? It may be easier and faster to fill out forms and create an account using a computer and web browser. In fact, you can do all of this online.

Create A Second Google Account

Just go to the registration page and start filling in your details. This includes your name, username and password. Click Next and fill out the following form. Select Next and verify your identity by verifying your phone number. Google will ask if you want

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