How To See Deleted Texts On Android

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How To See Deleted Texts On Android – Much of everyday communication is done on smartphones due to their portability and ease of use. Information and communication history remains on our devices for reference purposes. But what happens if you lose your smartphone due to theft or accidentally damage it?

You may already know that instant messaging apps like WhatsApp allow you to save your chat history to your device and cloud storage accounts. Did you know that text messages (or SMS) can also be stored in the cloud? This allows you to recover messages if you misplace your smartphone or after a factory reset.

How To See Deleted Texts On Android

How To See Deleted Texts On Android

For Android users, Google Drive is one of the most widely used cloud storage solutions. In this tutorial, we show you ways to recover Android messages from Google Drive on your smartphone.

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On your Android smartphone, you can backup almost all different types of data. By default, when you back up your device, SMS text messages are added to the backup data stored in your associated Google Drive account. This means that there is currently no way to save just text messages.

However, check out how to automatically save text messages to Google Drive on your Android smartphone.

Step 1: Tap the gear icon on the home screen or app tray to launch the Android settings menu.

Step 4: Now, make sure that the “Backup to Google Drive” option is enabled. If not, tap to turn it on.

How To Recover Deleted Messages On The Iphone

Step 5: Additionally, make sure that the Google Drive account is selected. This is where your backup data is stored.

Step 6: Tap on the name of your device to check if the SMS has been added to the backup or not. You should see “Text messages” in the list of supported data.

If you don’t have the Google Drive app installed on your device, you can download it from the Play Store.

How To See Deleted Texts On Android

You should now see the file containing your backup information. Install shows backup details only. But how to restore that backup and most importantly, how to restore your SMS messages?

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Any Phone

Now the Android operating system is built in such a way that you cannot automatically restore backups made in Google Drive. A number of Android users complained and sought to fix the problem, but to no avail. It’s unfortunate, but at least that’s how the Android OS is designed for now.

The only solution is to factory reset your device. Only then can you recover your SMS messages (along with other backup data). When you perform a factory reset, all backup data will be restored to the device.

But this sacrifice is too much as you risk losing all pre-installed apps and other device settings during the factory reset process. You should only do this if you are out of options, and don’t worry about losing apps and files from your device’s internal storage.

A good alternative to automatically restore messages on your Android device without going the factory reset route is to use a third-party app.

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There are a number of apps on the Google Playstore that can help you save and retrieve SMS messages from your Google Drive account.

I have spent time using some of these text message recovery programs with good reviews and reasonable user ratings. I found it useful and it does what it is designed to do. This program is called SMS Backup & Restore and is designed by SyncTech Pty Ltd.

Once installed, launch the app, grant the necessary permissions it asks for, and follow the steps below to backup and restore messages on your Android device.

How To See Deleted Texts On Android

Step 2: Turn off the phone calls option to back up only your text messages. Click next to continue.

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On the next page, you need to select the type of access you want the app to have on your Google Drive. It is recommended to give the program limited access to the files and folders you need.

Step 5: Select the second option – “Only access files and folders opened or created with SMS Backup & Restore”.

Step 6: Select the Google Drive account and click OK to continue. If you don’t have a Google Drive account connected to your smartphone, tap Add Account to add an account.

Step 9: Turn on the Wi-Fi over option if you want to backup SMS messages only over Wi-Fi. If you want to use mobile data, turn it off. The “While Charging” feature also lets you choose whether to send a backup text message to Google Drive to charge the battery or while the device is charging.

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You can set an automatic or recurring schedule to support your messages by clicking the “Set Schedule” button on the home page. This app allows you to schedule SMS backup daily, weekly and hourly.

Step 3: Switch to Messages to select the latest SMS data or tap “Choose another backup” to restore data from another backup. Click the Return button at the bottom of the page to continue.

Step 4: The app will show a request to temporarily become your default SMS app. Click OK to continue

How To See Deleted Texts On Android

Step 7: The app will ask you to change your default message via a pop-up to the official Android Messages app. Tap OK

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Without A Computer (2023)

Step 10: A message informs you that SMS Backup and Restore is no longer a standard SMS program. Tap Yes to continue

Step 11: Do this and the deleted text messages will appear as new messages in your phone’s notification panel. Recovered messages can also be viewed from the Messages app.

Note that you usually have to wait 15 minutes to an hour for the recovered messages to reappear in the Messages app. All this depends on the volume of messages in the archive.

Note: You can only restore messages using the SMS Backup & Restore app if you have previously backed up your Google Drive with the app. Also, this app does not support saving Android RCS messages

How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages In Your Android Smartphone

So I recommend you set a schedule (daily, weekly or hourly) for automatic and frequent SMS backup in the app.

Losing important text messages can be really painful. You know what hurts the most? Unable to retrieve those messages. Super security methods guarantee your Android messages. Also, it gives you the opportunity to recover text messages if they are lost or misplaced.

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How To See Deleted Texts On Android

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In a moment of panic, you realize you’ve done the unthinkable. You have deleted all text messages from your phone. Or at least, the ones you cared about. Some posts should be removed immediately. But these were not. so what do you do? how did you fix it Is your Android even capable of recovering you? Read to find out

“Don’t worry if you accidentally deleted SMS!” said Kenny Terin, editor-in-chief of Netbook News. “You can recover lost SMS (short message service) with a 99% chance of success, but there is one important thing: time!” If you’ve deleted text messages from your Android, Trinh says you need to act fast to get them back. Messages can only be recovered if the portion of memory in which they are stored is overwritten. So the longer you wait, the more likely you’ll find new text messages, app updates, or who knows what else stored on it. Location erases them forever.” Discover the 11 things the most organized people do with their smartphones.

Ada Scott, who works for EaseUS Software, a provider, says it’s important to stop sending text messages as soon as you realize you’ve deleted some of them from your Android phone — at least if you have any hope of Recover all those messages you have. Data recovery software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. “When messages are deleted, they’re not actually deleted all at once, but where they’re stored is marked for free new data retrieval,” explained Scott. “Messages are recoverable as long as they are not written.” Note that receiving new messages may delete the messages you want to save, so turn on your phone.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android?

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