Make Your Own Concrete Resurfacer

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Make Your Own Concrete Resurfacer – As homeowners, when we look at all the things we have to do to maintain our property, one thing usually sticks out – old, dirty, damaged, cracked or stained concrete.

For example, if it’s a driveway, it usually spoils the image of the curb and generally drags down the appeal of your property and lowers its value.

Make Your Own Concrete Resurfacer

Make Your Own Concrete Resurfacer

You may have unsightly cracks, discoloration, or damaged and unsightly concrete that will affect the curb appeal of your home or business or make it a tough sell if you’re considering moving.

Spreadstone™ Concrete Resurfacing Kit

Walking into the driveway is one of the first things people see and feel when viewing your property. We’ve found that people who take care of their driveways generally maintain a higher standard of their property.

If this is something you recognize and you want to do something about the dirty concrete area, it’s time to talk to an expert. So, if you are considering a concrete resurfacing solution and before you choose one of the top three quotes, let me ask you one question: Do you know what concrete resurfacing or concrete restoration is and how it can benefit you?

You may be thinking about hiring a concrete removal company to tear up and replace your concrete driveway or other concrete surfaces, but before you do, first consider whether a concrete resurfacing solution is the right solution for your concrete driveway, path, surround, pool area. , or recreation area. space

Tearing out and replacing your concrete may be an option, but before you get there let me say that concrete resurfacing saves time, money and the environment. Once you’ve cleaned and restored your existing concrete, you’ll have a concrete canvas ready to design and create a stunning decorative concrete finish.

Concrete Renew, Technical Sheet

Still thinking it’s a good idea to remove and replace your concrete? In your particular situation, it might be, but considering the cost and inconvenience, it can cost 3-5 times more to remove the old concrete and replace it with new concrete than a decorative concreting resurfacing solution.

You never know about the headaches of concrete removal, such as the concrete being thicker than you thought, whether plumbing and utility lines will be affected, and whether you may need the services of a plumber and electrician.

On the other hand, concrete resurfacing completely removes all common and hidden costs and surprises from the process. The best concrete restoration systems offered by Barefoot Concrete are designed to bond to the old concrete substrate at the molecular level, creating a seamless surface in your choice of natural earth tone color without the hassle of pouring concrete and headaches. go with it.

Make Your Own Concrete Resurfacer

Let’s go back to our example of using your driveway, it’s the first thing people see and subconsciously the value of a home is often established by the quality of the driveway.

Resurfacing Your Driveway

Here in South East Queensland, driveways are usually one of the following types – aggregate, stamped or stenciled concrete, plain concrete or pavers.

Your concrete may be in good or bad condition. The good news is that there’s a lot we can do about what looks bad but actually looks bad. Concrete can last a long time! Decades, centuries or in some cases thousands of years.

Factors such as aging and other conditions such as improperly compacted concrete, improper mixing, poor placement methods, or improper concrete mixing can cause scaling, spalling, dust, staining, discoloration, or cracking. If this is the case, it’s not the end of the world, but instead of tearing up the concrete and starting over, these problems can be fixed and the old, crusty-looking concrete can become a decorative feature of your property. . .

For example, we get a lot of inquiries about damaged and cracked concrete and how to make it look like it really complements and adds value to your home or business property without having to pull it up.

How To Resurface A Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete cracks are often the trigger that prompts people to do something about their concrete. Once the concrete cracks it can look awful! With our concrete resurfacing system, surface preparation is very important, therefore, we deal with cracks and cut new expansion joints in the concrete to reduce the recurrence or reoccurrence of cracks.

Additionally, our cementitious polymers that we use in our decorative concrete revitalization solutions help concrete flex, bond firmly to the existing substrate, are tough and durable, and are highly weatherproof.

The end result of a concrete resurfacing solution is a complete transformation of the concrete, which is now a showcase feature of your property.

Make Your Own Concrete Resurfacer

We all know that first impressions count in life, so just as we dress to impress, we should dress our assets to look their best! First impressions count when you first get a visitor!

Diy “mix And Match” Patio Project

You might be thinking, it’s just a piece of old concrete, live with it, but when we’re told not to judge a book by its cover or ignore a story’s flaws, we’re drawn to the aesthetically pleasing surface. And propelled by dirty, worn and damaged surfaces.

So, as home owners, we all have some degree of home pride and are aware of the importance of how your home looks, not only for real estate purposes, but also for keeping the home in good condition. Seen this way, it’s easy to see from the garden whether someone owns their home or is a renter. Don’t let your home look like a rental!

As you can imagine, concrete repairs can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as it usually seems, and in most cases, you can restore concrete because you usually don’t have to tear out and replace lightly damaged or worn concrete.

This is where a concrete resurfacing solution comes into play. So if you’ve gotten this far on the blog and you’re still not sure what concrete resurfacing is or why you should consider it, here goes: concrete resurfacing gives your concrete surfaces a new finish without the hassle of a complete replacement.

Concrete Resurfacer Countertop

The process is simple and saves you a lot of money that you would have wasted replacing your concrete. By the way, new concrete also needs to be cleaned and maintained. Plus, with concrete resurfacing, you get more decorative options to choose from so you can customize and get the look you want.

If you were to repair a damaged concrete slab conventionally, you would have to break up the old concrete and remove the debris. It is a big messy job which is expensive and time consuming. New concrete is then poured over the new surface.

This is a labor-intensive process and can be expensive, especially if large amounts of concrete are involved. The difference between the traditional rip and replace concrete process and the concrete resurfacing process is that concrete resurfacing uses the existing concrete structure as a base. Concrete resurfacing material goes directly over the existing concrete area.

Make Your Own Concrete Resurfacer

Preparation is key, and this is where shortcuts are taken, which often come back to haunt you in the future. Accordingly, the area to be regenerated should be clean without loose concrete or other debris around it.

Polished Concrete Los Angeles

The best method for surface preparation is mechanical grinding, however, pressure cleaning and acid washing can adequately prepare the surface in most cases. If there are any cracks and blemishes on the surface, they should be addressed with a crack repair system and proper saw cuts or expansion joints, so that the surface is ready for concrete resurfacing.

The resurfacing material is then applied to the area with a hopper gun and evenly sprayed to create an even anti-slip decorative finish. After the polymer-modified concrete resurfacing system cures it’s a beautiful new floor.

Simply put, concrete revitalization is made by combining a cement-based revitalizing compound with our special flexible polymer, a concentrated and high-solids acrylic modifier, which is a strong and flexible bonding agent.

The revitalizing mixture is then sprayed onto the existing finished concrete surface and firmly bites into the existing concrete and bonds to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing new surface.

Resurface Concrete Driveway

The new surface cures and hardens like concrete, you can walk on it after 24 hours and drive on it after 7 days.

Besides saving you money and completely transforming your old and worn concrete, concrete resurfacing has many other benefits. Basically, concrete resurfacing is easier than breaking up old concrete and pouring it again.

Typically, residential work takes three days to complete, saving you time and money. It is resilient

Make Your Own Concrete Resurfacer

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