Twilio Send Sms To Unverified Numbers

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Twilio Send Sms To Unverified Numbers – Using the SMS (text message) option as a form of communication can be very beneficial for your organization. It provides the ability to stay in touch with your customers in a way that suits them. We’ve seen how to send a Pro Form Survey using email, but how can we send a survey invitation link via SMS? It’s not the only option, but there is a Microsoft Flow connector for a company called Twilio. It is a quick and easy product to use, and in terms of cost it is not too expensive. The fact that you can use it in Flow, and connect to Forms Pro…. that’s awesome! So let’s get to our scenario.

In this example, we want to request feedback about an event from each Contact who is present and has been added to the Marketing List in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Our survey has a custom pipe variable called Event and we will also use the standard Name variable. This has been added to the survey and will be drawn for each person who receives a request to complete the survey.

Twilio Send Sms To Unverified Numbers

Twilio Send Sms To Unverified Numbers

Before you build Flow, sign up for Twilio. NOTE: this is by no means a sponsored post, I didn’t get anything from Twilio for this, just a cool thing you can do with Forms Pro! Once you have set up your account, navigate to the Dashboard. You will need your Account SID and Auth Token shortly.

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Now let’s look at Flow. First we need our trigger. This is from the CDS Connector – ‘When a record is selected’. This allows us to select to run Streams from records in CDS. Select the Marketing List entity. The next step is the Get record action. Select the Marketing List entity again and then use the List Item Identifier from the start step. Then we need to get List Member using list record action, and we use Odata query for _listid_value eq and then List id from Get record step.

Now we add a Get record step and get a Contact (or Lead depending on your Marketing List) and use the Entity from the previous step as the Object identifier. Next we added a condition to check if the Contact has a mobile phone. You can use this as your query string:

We do nothing if there is no mobile phone on record, but if there is we must use the Create invitation action from the Pro Forms connector. Select Survey, then fill in all the values ​​as you see below. For Events, we use the Marketing List Name from the original trigger step.

We can proceed to the next Twilio connector and add the link we just created directly into the text message. However, the URL created by the invite is too long… and even though the person receiving the text will be able to open the survey, the piped variables including their name and the event name will not pass. They will get only and more than the real value. So we need to use the Bitly connector and add the invite link value to the URL.

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Now we add the Twilio connector. Give the extension a name, then add your Account ID and Access Token.

The From Phone Number will be the number assigned to the Twilio account. For Cell Phone Numbers used by the Get Contact Matches step. You can then use a few sentences, but pull out the First Name and the Marketing List name. Finally, make sure to include the shortened link from the Bitly pass.

The flow starts running, and a text message is received with the First Name and Marketing List Name pipe variables.

Twilio Send Sms To Unverified Numbers

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Looking for a Power Platform consultant to help with a project? Do you have questions about D365 Marketing, Portals, Power Automate or just general ‘how to’ questions? Or, just want to say hello? Send me a message! There are various scenarios where you want to send an SMS from a number to your mobile phone. It might be when you don’t want to give out your real number in an online sale or avoid losing access to your 2FA protected account if you lose your phone. With TwiML Bin and its new template functionality, you can build an app in less than 5 minutes that sends all incoming messages to any SMS-capable phone.

Before we start, make sure you have an account (you can get one here) and you’re logged into the Console.

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With your phone number including your country code in E.164 format to which you want to send SMS. Then click “Create” to save your new TwiML Bin.

Buy a new phone number or configure an existing one to point to your TwiML Bin for incoming SMS.

With the content of the SMS. The returned TwiML instructs you to send a new SMS to your mobile phone with the content of the received SMS and the sender’s phone number.

Twilio Send Sms To Unverified Numbers

Go ahead and ask a friend to send an SMS to your number and now you should be receiving SMS sent to that number on your own mobile phone. And all in just 6 lines of XML.

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The power of TwiML is great and its applications are vast. If you want to know more about TwiML you should check out:

I’d love to hear and see what you come up with! So please contact me:

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