How To Download Videos Off Youtube

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How To Download Videos Off Youtube

How To Download Videos Off Youtube

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How To Turn Off Youtube Video Download Recommendations

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YouTube has billions of videos available for streaming, but sometimes you may want to download some videos for later viewing. No internet.

However, there are no download buttons that allow you to save them to your computer. This is strange considering that the YouTube mobile app allows you to download videos on your smartphone and watch them offline.

Important: Many videos on YouTube are copyrighted. This means that it is illegal to download them from YouTube without paying the creator. Before you download anything, check if it’s legal to do so. And don’t use what you’ve downloaded to make money for yourself or break copyright laws.

How To Save And Download Videos From Pinterest

VLC Media Player is a free program that allows you to watch videos or play music from your Mac or PC. Chances are you already have it installed on your computer.

Quick Tip: You can copy text by selecting it and pressing Ctrl + C on PC or Command + C on Mac.

2. Open VLC. If you’re on a computer, click Media in the top menu, then turn on Network Stream. If you’re using a Mac, click File in the top menu, then open Network.

How To Download Videos Off Youtube

3. In the tab that appears, select the Web tab and paste the YouTube video’s URL into the text box at the top, then click Play or Open at the bottom.

How To Download Youtube Videos To Iphone & Ipad And Watch Them Offline

Quick Tip: You can paste the text you copied by pressing Ctrl + V on PC or Command + V on Mac.

4. After a while, the YouTube video will start playing. Longer YouTube videos will take longer to open.

5. If you are on a computer, click Devices in the top menu and then Media Info. If you’re using a Mac, click Window in the top menu, then click Media Information.

6. In the media information displayed, there will be a text box, location below. Double-click the URL in the text box to select it and copy it.

How To Download Youtube Videos To Your Iphone Camera Roll

7. Return to your browser and paste the link into the URL text box at the top of the screen, then press the Enter key on your PC or the Back key on your Mac.

8. You get sidetracked just by playing a video. Click the three vertical dots in the lower right corner, then click Download.

The video will be downloaded to your computer as an .MP4 file. You can name it or move it anywhere you want.

How To Download Videos Off Youtube

WinX and MacX are entire programs, each designed to download videos from different sources. WinX and MacX YouTube Downloaders, as the name suggests, are meant for downloading YouTube videos.

How To Download Youtube Videos

1. Go to the WinX website and download the software. If you’re on a Mac, go to the MacX download page instead.

3. Paste the link of the YouTube video in the text box at the top and click Scan on the right.

4. The program will check the video to see how loud it is. Once done, you will be offered several file types to download.

5. Select the version of the video you want, then click Download the selected video or Done at the bottom right.

How To Download Any Youtube Video To Your Mobile In 10 Simple Steps

Your video will be downloaded in the format you requested and saved to a video or movie folder on your computer.

Quick Tip: If you have a paid version of WinX or MacX “Pro” when the video downloads, you can also click the Convert to MP3 option to get audio only.

The easiest way to watch YouTube videos without internet is to download them on your smartphone using the mobile app.

How To Download Videos Off Youtube

Quick tip: To view downloaded videos in the YouTube mobile app, click the library icon in the lower left corner of the screen and click Download. Then click on the video you downloaded in the Your Downloads section to watch it.

How To Download Youtube Videos In Iphone

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TECHNICAL How to open a long video on your YouTube account to upload videos beyond the 15 minute limit.

TECH How to speed up YouTube video twice faster than normal speed or slow down. Know how to download any video from YouTube to your phone directly with any application.

Youtube Shorts Download: How To Download Youtube Shorts Video For Offline Viewing

By India Today Web Desk: After the advent of YouTube, we no longer download videos. But sometimes we are so fascinated by some videos that we like to download them so that we can watch them over and over without internet connection. Have you ever wanted to download a video from YouTube?

If you like episodes or movies, you must have tried this. Don’t worry if you fail because at the end of this article you will learn how to download movies via YouTube.

You can download any video from YouTube in 10 easy steps with any app and program. Do you want to know what? Follow these instructions:

How To Download Videos Off Youtube

Step 1: First, go to YouTube and find the video you want to download and open it.

Insert A Video From Youtube Or Another Site

Step 2: After opening the selected video, pause it. You can see the share button below the video.

Step 3: Click on the Share button and you will see an option to copy the link. Click on it and copy the link.

From here you can easily download your videos. You can even choose your profile. So by following these 10 simple steps you can easily download video files to your mobile phone. You can even use this method for your desktop computer.

Say goodbye to all unnecessary downloads and download the video directly. This is an easier and better option for you. Have you seen the YouTube video you want to download? Want to download YouTube videos in MP3 format? You don’t have to worry yourself by installing a YouTube video downloader. There are simple tricks to download videos easily. This article will teach you how to download from YouTube using SS.

How To Download And Save Youtube Videos

Downloading YouTube videos using the “ss” prefix does not require you to install any software on your system or any extension on your browser. All you need to do is add “ss” to the URL of the YouTube video you want to download.

You can use the trick to download YouTube video “ss” on any device be it Android, iPhone or Windows device. You can use it on both laptops and desktops, and you can definitely use it with any browser.

You can also convert YouTube videos directly to MP3 format. Video can be downloaded in all formats: FLV, MP3, MP4 and MPEG, depending on which one you choose. Please note that you cannot download restricted YouTube videos.

How To Download Videos Off Youtube

The following steps and guidelines will teach you how to use the “ss” prefix to easily download YouTube videos:

Youtube Tv: How To Download Videos & Watch Offline

The trick is quick and easy. Once done, you should search for the video in the format specified in the download directory. . We hope this article on how to download from YouTube was helpful. You can find other useful articles with instructions on how to do many things in our other posts.

Recently released a useful guide on how to download from iRoko TV. You can download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV and watch the best Nollywood actors, be it comedy, series or even horror movies.

This guide will help you know how to download movies and start enjoying the latest Yoruba movies from the palm of your hand. You will start by getting the app and then start downloading.

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How To Download Videos Off Youtube

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