How To Make Html Email In Gmail

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How To Make Html Email In Gmail – Today, I will show you how to create “HTML Emails” and send them to Gmail. The advantage of doing this is that you can design an email campaign and then edit and send it directly within Gmail, either as a campaign or as part of regular email correspondence.

If you take the HTML code and paste it “raw” into the Gmail compose window, it won’t render anything – it will just appear as HTML code. Therefore, HTML by itself cannot help you format the look or feel of your emails.

How To Make Html Email In Gmail

How To Make Html Email In Gmail

My favorite technique is #2 because it gives me the most control and doesn’t require extensions. Each extension you add to Gmail makes the interface more complete.

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By itself, the Gmail compose window does not allow you to edit the HTML “behind” the message. It’s not like an email service provider like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, where you can edit raw HTML. So, the following technique is a way to solve the Gmail limitation.

Once you’ve written your HTML, the process is just a matter of copying and pasting. You create your HTML page, load it into a browser, copy the browser’s content, and then paste it into the Gmail compose window. By “rendered” HTML, I mean how the HTML looks with colors, fonts, and images in the browser.

For this example, I’m using some boilerplate HTML adapted for our purposes. HTML can be written directly or, possibly, composed using an HTML authoring tool. Gmail is a little picky about what it allows as HTML in its emails, so here are some important guidelines:

CSS (eg,

) as well as CSS embedded in the head. For more details on exactly what you can and should do in Gmail, check out this page.

Getting A Gap Between Border And Banner In Gmail Html Template(all Other Email Looks Good)

Gmail changed their CSS support in 2016, so old posts online may say they don’t support things they do. The post I linked to is the latest in that change.

– Some HTML tags may not be supported. This list (which may not be completely up-to-date) shows which HTML tags are supported and which others are not.

– Gmail does not support web fonts. So, use the standard fonts they provide or, if you want a different font for something like a logo, create an image of that text. Then, in HTML, link to that image hosted online, which I did for the “Binkman’s Books” logo in my sample email below.

How To Make Html Email In Gmail

– All images must be hosted somewhere online – they cannot be included in an email. You can host images on Imgur, Amazon Web Services, Google Docs (if you can get a direct link to the image), or any other place designed to host images.

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– Using tables to organize the display of content is the recommended way to go for HTML emails. However, even using tables, there are issues to be aware of.

– Google Docs can be problematic to compose. Although there are instructions about using Google Docs to create your HTML email without coding, when I tried it, I found that what Google Docs shows is not exactly what appears in the email (for example, something centered on Google Docs.left -aligned with email).

– Keep it simple. Since Gmail support is a bit unpredictable, it’s best to keep things simple in terms of HTML. (This is probably a good idea from the recipients’ point of view, too. No one needs overly complicated emails.) Keeping things simple will also help your recipients’ email clients. to do things the way you want, especially when it comes to responsive email design. .

– Create a template. Once you’ve formatted your HTML file, save it as a template outside of Gmail. Then in the future, you can use that template to set up new emails by changing just a few words without having to recreate the HTML code to configure your layout, put a logo, etc.

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– Remember, Gmail is a work in progress. Gmail is constantly changing, so blog posts or online responses from a few years ago are out of date. If you are researching how to do anything with HTML and Gmail, try to find as recently written content as possible.

The HTML email should appear in the Compose window. Double check (including scrolling down) that everything looks good before you send the email.

That’s it! The good thing about this method is that if you save the HTML file as a template, your future HTML emails will look consistent and create a “brand look” to your emails. This will save you a lot of time creating new HTML emails and you won’t need to create any external CSS files.

How To Make Html Email In Gmail

Of course, this technique can be combined with any number of other ways to use it, such as from a Google Docs spreadsheet or even as part of an automated email sequence.

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This technique is Gmail and Chrome Hack. You right-click in the Gmail compose window, find the relevant HTML part of the box element, and then paste in your HTML code.

Chrome will split itself and open a pane that shows the HTML in the compose box and a part will be highlighted.

And when I clicked, the compose window was filled with the rendered HTML version.

There are several Chrome extensions that add a slick HTML editor to the Gmail compose window so you can easily edit HTML behind the scenes. In option 2, you

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Editing HTML behind the scenes – but doing it directly by hacking the code behind the HTML page. Chrome extensions allow you to do the same thing but simplify the whole process with HTML code.

It is the most robust of the HTML editors because it also includes WYSIWIG design tools. One trouble that comes with these extensions is that you need to create an account with them. they

To your Gmail account, but they require Google sign-in privileges. This doesn’t naturally put your account data at risk, but it’s annoying because the functionality needs to be completed on the client side.

How To Make Html Email In Gmail

My own Chrome extension includes an “HTML” function so you can view and paste HTML into the Compose window.

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Note that you do not need to subscribe to a paid plan, just to use the functionality of the HTML editor.

This is a great extension that is one of my favorites because it doesn’t require any OAuth access to my Gmail account. It works entirely on the client side without sending any information back to the server.

So, as you can see, you can create basic templates for many emails without learning to use a developer tool or hiring an email template designer. You don’t need to know how to code from scratch when you can copy and paste the HTML version into an email.

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Try it for free then check out the quick start guide to send your first mail merge email in minutes! Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for web applications power users. It only takes a minute to sign up.

I have raw HTML, but how can I paste it into the editor, so that Gmail recognizes it as HTML?

Gmail doesn’t support this out of the box. The only possibility is to use some software like Thunderbird and send mail via SMTP to your mail-account.

How To Make Html Email In Gmail

You can do this if you are using a browser with a developer tool that allows you to edit the DOM (source) of the page, such as Chrome or Firefox with Firebug.

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If you use Chrome, you create a new email in Gmail, type some dummy text, select it and right-click on the body of the email and choose ‘Inspect Element’. Highlight the dummy text, right click and select ‘Edit as HTML’. Paste into your HTML.

When you send your email you should send your edited HTML (if you haven’t done anything stupid that Gmail is blocking).

If you copy and paste the source code, you get the source code in your email, but if you copy and paste what you see in your browser, you get a (usually) acceptable rendition of your original HTML.

The big downside is that you can never (as far as I can see) edit the source code directly, and the built-in editor is quite limited.

Sending An Html Email On Gmail

Open a text editor. Paste your HTML into it and save the file with the .html extension. Open that file in your web browser (it will render the HTML). Select and copy the content of that page (it copies the content as text / html). Paste in your email.

Using a newsletter creator called FlashIssue for Gmail is a quick and user-friendly way to paste your HTML into Gmail (full disclosure – I built it).

We’ve had an HTML authoring tool for Gmail for a while – it allows you to create

How To Make Html Email In Gmail

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