Get Rid Of Belly Bloat

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Get Rid Of Belly Bloat – Suffering from bloating? Here’s what could be causing your discomfort and six natural ways to fix it.

Suffering from bloating? Here’s what could be causing your discomfort and six natural ways to get rid of bloating.

Get Rid Of Belly Bloat

Get Rid Of Belly Bloat

Few things are more unpleasant than the dull and lingering pain of a bloated stomach. Not to mention the loss of appetite that comes with it!

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Whether you experience bloating once in a while or almost every day, it helps to know exactly what’s causing it and what you can do about it.

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Bloating or flatulence is the feeling and appearance of abdominal fullness caused by excess gas, inflammation, or bowel disorders. A protruding stomach can be an extreme source of self-consciousness, and bloating can be so severe that it causes discomfort or even pain.

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Although you might think that the only reason for bloating is eating too many sweets or treats (and it can be very good!), there may be other, more serious causes.

If bloating is happening regularly or even semi-regularly, read on to find out what could be causing it and what you can do about it.

People with food allergies may experience swelling when exposed to certain foods, such as gluten or dairy. However, there is also a milder form of food allergy called food sensitivity, which can cause digestive problems and bloating, without more serious reactions such as difficulty breathing or hives.

Get Rid Of Belly Bloat

Allergies to FODMAPs and shellfish should also be considered. FODMAP foods are poorly digested in the small intestine and can cause bloating and inflammation in some people. Studies show that FODMAP foods such as garlic, onions, beets, apricots, plums, cherries, beans and more can cause inflammation and worsen symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), while low FODMAP diets significantly reduce bloating and discomfort. . (1) 2. stress

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Interestingly, your state of mental health and stress levels can affect bloating health and overall gut health. Bloating and stomach upset like irritable bowel syndrome are linked to mental health issues like anxiety and depression through the brain-gut connection. In fact, one study found that people who have experienced extreme stress often suffer from bloating. (2) 3. Bad bacteria (SIBO)

Sometimes, bloating can be due to poor bacterial growth in the gut. This can be caused by excessive stress after taking probiotics (which also kill all your “good” gut bacteria), poor diet, or other conditions such as leaky gut.

In particular, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) can cause bloating as bad bacteria take over the small intestine and cause excessive gas. (3) 4. Digestive problems

Sometimes when our digestion is weak or when we don’t have enough enzymes or stomach acid to break down proteins, carbohydrates or fats, these foods can start to ferment. This creates too much gas, leading to bloating.

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In addition, disorders such as IBS, carbohydrate malabsorption, and slow gastric emptying (or slow digestion) can also cause bloating. In fact, research shows that when it comes to inflammatory bowel disorders like IBS, bloating was the most common symptom, with 60 percent of patients saying it was the most troublesome part of IBS. (4) 5. Hormonal changes

Sometimes swelling can occur due to hormonal changes in the body. As women have probably experienced, bloating usually occurs just before menstruation begins. Researchers believe there is a hormonal component to swelling, although they are still not sure what it is because women experience swelling more often than men. (5) 6. Obligation

Sometimes bloating can happen simply because you haven’t used the bathroom in a while. Not only can waste build up in your gut and cause bloating, it can also irritate your gut and possibly cause inflammation if it sits too long, causing even more bloating. (6)

Get Rid Of Belly Bloat

There are a number of simple ways to help soothe and calm your stomach to reduce the discomfort of bloating. Avoiding foods that can cause gut problems while adding foods that can reduce inflammation and gas can give you quick relief. 1. Avoid irritating foods

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First of all, identify and avoid foods that may cause allergic reactions, such as gluten, wheat, or milk. Even if you don’t have allergies, foods like bread, sweets, milk and cheese can cause inflammation, leading to gut damage and leaky gut. (7) You also want to avoid prepackaged and processed foods because they can be high in carbs, sugars, chemicals, and other substances that can irritate your gut and feed bad bacteria. (8)

Additionally, you may want to experiment with a low FODMAP diet, as they can cause severe bloating and inflammation in sensitive people. You can find a list of FODMAP foods to avoid here.

Finally, make sure you eat fresh meals with organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. 2. Add probiotics

Add more fermented foods to your diet, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and non-dairy yogurt, for a burst of good bacteria. It can help balance gut bacteria and reduce gas from bad bacteria.

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You may also consider trying a probiotic supplement to aid digestion. Studies have shown that supplementing with probiotics can significantly reduce gas and bloating, even in patients with indigestion. (9) 3. Try Enzymes

Digestive enzymes can help break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates so they don’t enter the intestines. When this happens, excess gas causes bloating. (10)

The good news is that digestive enzymes can provide almost immediate relief. Take them with a meal, preferably at the beginning, to aid digestion. You can find these supplements at your local health food store or online. 4. Drink more water

Get Rid Of Belly Bloat

Sometimes a simple solution to bloating is to drink more water to help flush the system. This is especially true if you are constipated or drink alcohol late at night or eat foods that are too salty. Water can help move through stuck stool while reducing water retention and the appearance of “panting”. (11) 5. Try peppermint oil

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Peppermint essential oil has been shown to significantly reduce bloating and other digestive problems in IBS patients (12). Mix a drop or two of peppermint oil with a carrier oil and rub it on your stomach to help treat gas and bloating. 6. Exercise

Light exercise (even 20-30 minutes of walking a day) has been shown to reduce IBS symptoms, including gas and bloating. (13) Try to move a little more every day, maybe add a morning run or walk, or a 30 to 60 minute yoga session.

It goes without saying that swelling can be extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, it’s a pretty manageable condition once you figure out the root cause. Try some of these tips to relieve tension in your stomach and maybe even cure the underlying ailments.

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Get Rid Of Belly Bloat

This article was co-written by Peter Gardner, MD. Peter W. Gardner, MD, is a board-certified physician who has practiced gastroenterology and hepatology for over 30 years. He specializes in diseases of the digestive system and the liver. dr. Gardner received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina and attended Georgetown Medical School. He completed his residency in internal medicine and then completed a fellowship in gastroenterology at the University of Connecticut. He is the previous Head of Gastroenterology at Stamford Hospital and continues to do so. He is also on the staff of Greenwich Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia). Dr. Gardner is a Board Certified Consultant in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

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