How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone

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How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone – Buying from Amazon Trade or eBay is cheaper than buying new. However, chances are high that you bought an iPhone with iCloud Lock, which prevents you from accessing the iPhone unless you unlock your iPhone. Then, is it possible to unlock the iCloud locked iPhone?

ICloud Lock is an activation lock designed to protect your phone and information if your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch is lost or stolen. Recovery Lock is activated when you turn on Find My iPhone. You can’t do almost anything with an iCloud locked iPhone, can’t activate it with another account, can’t erase the device without entering the Apple ID and password.

How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone

How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone

While activation lock is a good anti-theft feature, not all iCloud mobile phones are theft-proof, of course. Sometimes the customer may forget to unlock iCloud before purchasing. So, you cannot bypass it unless you are the owner of the phone who has set the activation lock.

Bypass (unlock) Iphone X Activation Lock

When you turn off your device and see one of these screens, you should immediately check if the iPhone is locked with an activation lock.

If you find your device and see any of these screens, you should immediately ask for help from the previous owner.

If you can contact the customer or previous user, refer the customer back and ask them to enter their password. If the original owner is not there, they can unlock the iCloud lock on the iPhone.

If the iPhone was removed from the previous owner’s account, restart the iPhone to start the setup process.

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Maybe you forgot your iCloud password and you can’t turn on your iPhone. iPhone or iPad DNS Bypass is a popular solution for iCloud owners. Read about the steps:

If the above DNS server failed to unlock your iPhone iCloud activation process, you can try another solution – iMyFone LockWiper.

1. Download and install iMyFone LockWiper on your computer. Launch the app and select the “Lock Apple ID” mode from the home interface.

How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone

Please note that if Find My iPhone is allowed, you must first configure all the settings on your phone. LockWiper will start to unlock when your phone restarts.

How To Unlock Icloud All Methods By Online Software Ios Bugs Exploits

5. When it’s done, the Apple ID and iCloud account will be deleted from the iPhone. You can use the new Apple ID and enjoy all the features on iPhone. The LockWiper free trial allows you to check if your device is supported. Why not click the buttons below to download and try it out. If you bought a used iPhone and iCloud Activation Lock is enabled, and the seller doesn’t have one, you can go with the iPhone. Here’s how to unlock iCloud activation lock without password.

Sometimes, when you buy a used or refurbished iPhone, you may run into an issue where iCloud Activation Lock is enabled on a device. Introduced as a security feature, Activation Lock is part of Find My, which helps device owners lock down their iPhone or iPad and prevent others from finding, or no further use of the existing device.

However, there may be situations where the iPhone is in the hands of the rightful owner, but it is locked and a removal of the iCloud Activation Lock is required.

For example, the owner may have activated it and completely forgotten their Apple ID or password, and all attempts to access their account have failed.

Bypass/remove/unlock Icloud Activation Lock On Iphone Ipad

Another example is that the iPhone or iPad has been purchased, and the lock has been activated, but the original owner cannot be contacted to remove the iCloud activation lock. It is often recommended for customers to wipe the device and disconnect their account, but sometimes this is not possible.

To fix the situation, you can use a tool like PassFab Activation Unlocker to bypass the iCloud activation lock.

PassFab Activation Unlocker is a tool used to create an iPhone Activation Lock Bypass. When used, it can allow the user to unlock their iPhone by working around the lock.

How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone

It can remove an iPad Activation Lock, because the same system can protect iPads with iPadOS.

Unlock (bypass) Icloud Activation Locked Iphone Or Ipad

The software cannot be used to bypass iPhone lock, because it can be used for other error problems. For example, activating an iPhone with an older iOS version or if the device is locked to a different carrier.

In those situations, there are other things you can do, such as calling the carrier, checking if the SIM card is correctly seated, or restarting the device. But if these things don’t solve the problem, you need a tool like this.

To get PassFab Activation Unlocker for Windows and Mac, there are specific steps available for both operating systems. There are instructions to bypass the iCloud activation lock using the device through the PassFab website.

First, download and install PassFab Activation Unlocker. Once installed, launch it and select Remove iCloud Activation Lock, then Launch.

How Hackers And Scammers Break Into Icloud Locked Iphones

Accept the end-use license agreement by checking the box confirming that you have read the agreement, and then click Next.

Connect your iPhone to the Mac. PassFab Activation Unlocker will detect the connection and download a jailbreak for the process.

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll need to follow the instructions on the page to connect the iPhone or iPad to the Mac with a USB cable, and make sure it’s fully charged before you start. To start the process, click Start Jailbreak.

How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone

The process of carrying out the jailbreak is more relevant in Windows, because it is necessary to create a bootable USB flash drive and then you put it in and do the jailbreak.

Can You Jailbreak An Icloud Locked Iphone?

When you connect your iPhone, PassFab Activation Unlocker detects it and downloads a jailbreaking tool. Then it asks for a USB flash drive to be inserted, which the tool will erase and create a bootable drive.

Select the USB drive and click Start. Click Yes on the confirmation, then delete the USB drive.

If installed on a USB drive, you will be prompted to reboot and enter the computer’s BIOS. You will need to set the USB drive as a boot device, and you will also be told how to select the jailbreak tool when the PC is successfully booted from the USB drive.

After completing the jailbreak, you need to set the PC to start the original system disk and then boot to continue from the main application.

Iphone 6s Still Icloud Locked After Seller Removed It From Her Account

Once the jailbreak is complete, you will be asked to confirm the iPhone or iPad connection information. To continue, click Start to begin the iPhone recovery lock removal process.

The last confirmation will say that the process to remove the iCloud account will be completed after the iPhone is activated. Click Done to finish.

Now, you can start setting up the iPhone or iPad by using an Apple ID to sign in to the device.

How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone

If you can access the Apple ID that installed the activation lock, you can remove the lock through iCloud.

How To Remove Icloud Activation Lock Without Password?

If you know your Apple ID, but not your password, there are other ways to protect your account. If this is your only Apple device, an easy way to do this is to borrow an Apple device from someone else, then use the Apple Support program.

In the Apple Support app, select Passwords and Security under Topics. Reselect the Apple ID password, click Start, then select “Another Apple ID.”

Enter the Apple ID you want to reset the password for, then Next. Follow the on-screen steps to change the password.

You can reset your password through the Apple ID account page at in a web browser.

Hackers Create Tool To Bypass Apple’s ‘activation Lock’ Security Feature

Click on “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” under the sign up screen to get started. Then enter your Apple ID and click Continue.

If you have security questions set up, or phone numbers associated with the account, you may be asked for this information as a security check.

You may be given the option of receiving an email to your original email address or saving to reset your password.

How To Unlock Icloud Locked Iphone

If you have two-factor authentication, you will be asked for a recovery key for your Apple ID, which you must enter. If the recovery key is permanently lost, you will not be able to reset the password.

How To Remove Activation Lock And Turn Off Find My Iphone On Iphone Or Ipad

PassFab Activation Unlocker is a manual tool to unlock iCloud account from iPhone activation in these special situations. If all other methods to solve the problem are exhausted, it is a manual tool to remove the iCloud activation lock on your phone.

Users are always advised to save data stored on their Apple devices, especially in cases where something like this needs to be deleted. While it’s not critical to get refurbished iPhones, it’s still a good practice if a situation arises.

PassFab Activation Unlocker is priced at $29.95 for a one-month license

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