How To Make Money Writing Ebooks

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How To Make Money Writing Ebooks

How To Make Money Writing Ebooks

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Screen Time Is Money: How Authors Make Money On Ebooks

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How To Get Free Ebooks Legitimately

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As of May 18, 2020, there were more than eighty thousand books in Bookstore Books. There are more e-books in existence if you count those sold through private websites and other online marketplaces. Those books are becoming more and more popular with fiction and non-fiction readers because they have so many advantages over printed books:

How To Make Money Writing Ebooks

You don’t even need to buy an e-reader or another e-reader. You can fire up the app for free on any smartphone, and there are other e-reader apps. Now that more than 80% of Americans own smartphones, the number of e-readers is skyrocketing. You can also connect with readers in other countries if you start writing books with universal appeal.

How To Write An Ebook As Lead Magnet To Promote Your Online Course

As a seasoned fiction and nonfiction writer, I’ve witnessed tremendous changes in the publishing industry over the years. I’m thrilled to tell you that pouring your thoughts, experiences, and creative ideas onto the page and putting your words in front of interested readers is easier than ever. Writing books is something anyone with a creative mind can do.

When I was in college majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing, I attended countless literary workshops and seminars. In those days, writers labored over manuscripts for months, often years, only to spend years more time sending out query letters, samples, and manuscripts to countless homes.

While I wasn’t writing long stories in books at the time, I spent a somewhat amount of time looking for print publications for my short stories and creative non-fiction essays. I had to form my stories dictated by each publisher, print copies on thick paper, which was not cheap at all, and then put them in postage-paid, printed envelopes to receive later my rejections and random contracts.

In those days, only a part of the books of the wonderful books and stories were published. Who you knew and when you sent them were often more important factors in the publishing contract than the quality of your work. Something as simple as the source that your work is printed on or the number of pages in your manuscript can easily get you back without an editor or even a paid internal reading of the first word.

Ebook Writing: How I Landed A $1,200 Project 7 Tips On How You Can Too

The Internet has changed things considerably. You don’t need to jump through those hoops to write books and learn how to make money from home. You won’t have to write your manuscript for months or weeks, and you certainly don’t need the approval of a publishing house to get your work in front of readers hungry to hear what you have to say.

If you can publish books on a regular basis, you’ll be making more money than you can from home. The key is to find what you want to write about and then come up with new headlines consistently. The rest of this guide will give you some valuable information that will make it easier to write books and make money from home. Of course there are many ways to make money at home.

You read through my motivational description of how accessible e-book writing is today. Now, how do you actually go about writing books that sell through Amazon or other online marketplaces? The 80,000+ e-books already published on Amazon may have sounded encouraging when I mentioned them earlier, now they’re a little scary when you see them as your competition.

How To Make Money Writing Ebooks

Good news: There’s always room for new books in every category. The previous success of other authors is just an indication that you can write books and make good money if you want to work hard to make it happen.

I Wrote An Ebook To See How Much Easy Money I Could Make Online

This is one of the most valuable money making tips you will ever get here. Many people try to monetize e-books but fail because they simply don’t want to put in the time and effort to create books that readers want to devour. If you want to work hard to make it happen, develop this process right up your alley;

Go to and open the Bookstore. You can do this by clicking the three lines in the upper left corner of the page, then select Kindle, E-readers & Books, and then select Kindle Books. Scroll down the left column until you see a list of categories starting with Arts and Photography. Now browse all major book categories on Amazon.

Within these categories are hundreds, if not thousands, of sub-categories. Some subcategories have their own subcategories. These categories represent an infinite number of topics, categories, or subjects you can choose from for writing books.

You can find similar category listings at Barnes & Noble and any other e-book seller you want to publish with, but most self-published authors make the most money through Amazon. It’s a great place to start even if you end up making money with eBooks elsewhere. How To Write An Ebook For Beginners: Make Money Writing Ebooks

Go through those questions and write as many answers as you can think of. You’ll end up with a brain dump of potential topics or categories for your future books.

Highlight the top five that moved you the most. You’ll be using number five this moment, so stick with it.

Since writing books in several categories or niches is accepted, it is easier for readers or fans to follow if they stick to one category. Some writers use another name for rustic style

How To Make Money Writing Ebooks

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