How To Find Job Candidates On Linkedin

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How to Find Talent on a Budget You can use LinkedIn to source without paying for LinkedIn Recruiter – here’s how.

How To Find Job Candidates On Linkedin

How To Find Job Candidates On Linkedin

Before graduating from college, I did what most people do: I applied to every job I came across.

Different Ways To Job Search On Linkedin

Now, when I say all, I mean I applied for management positions as a fresh graduate with no work experience? Yes. Yes.

I’m not alone – it’s common for job seekers to apply for positions even though they don’t meet all the criteria. I am now a talent source at , so I know firsthand that this large pool of unqualified candidates makes it difficult to recruit effectively and efficiently.

Large companies can invest in recruiting new job seekers. The process of identifying and contacting these people is called sourcing. It’s a growing trend in recruiting—because it works. Recent research shows that candidates who are found are twice as likely to be hired than those who are not.

But good sources take time and investment. You need to buy recruiting tools (like LinkedIn Recruiter or Crunchbase), hire dedicated sources, or outsource the work to an agency.

Linkedin Job Posting Template

What if you can’t afford it? Can you take advantage of the rental program? You can and you should. Here are some ways you can earn without investing big money.

The goal is to reach potential customers who follow you, your company, or your team, but who won’t see your job board posting because they aren’t looking. This is one of the easiest tools you can find because your social media followers are already invested in your company. Here are some tips on how to reach them.

The success of getting social media will depend on how active you are as a brand on social media. But if you think you have an effective online presence, where should you start?

How To Find Job Candidates On Linkedin

Once you’ve added your job posting to all the common job sites (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.), make an exciting announcement about the open role on your company’s LinkedIn account. Then ask your hiring manager or anyone else on the team to create their own job posting or simply share yours.

Add Candidates To Greenhouse Recruiting Via Linkedin Rsc Integration

At , our employers like this strategy. Posts from future teammates show their support for our team and company and tend to get more engagement than posts from a company account.

Then, do the same on Instagram or Facebook or GitHub or Dribble—wherever your company has an online presence. Don’t limit your posts to one or two pages. LinkedIn is a great place to start, but you’ll be more successful when you approach the right person. For example, you’ll likely reach more developers by posting on GitHub or within an online coding community; and you’re more likely to find designers by posting on Bēhance.

Try not to just post links to job postings – have fun with it. A social feed should get people excited about joining your group, so don’t worry about being too formal. Instead, focus on being knowledgeable and representing your company.

Things like short videos, memes, tweets, blog posts or other types of content can be a fun and easy way to spread the word about your open roles and drive people to your jobs page. You can find many examples of creative job postings in this article from Undercover Recruiter.

How Do Recruiters Find Candidates?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have that…follow. Social feeds can only do so much if you don’t track engagement. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you don’t lose out on potential candidates.

And don’t forget: Public sharing settings allow anyone on LinkedIn to see your posts and show you the number of views each post gets – make sure you turn that on.

In addition to being a social network, LinkedIn offers powerful tools for employers. Professional resources are almost always available on LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn’s paid candidate search service.

How To Find Job Candidates On Linkedin

Here’s the thing, though: You don’t need LinkedIn Recruiter to find leads. LinkedIn offers several different native tools to use its platform – no need to pay. Here are some examples.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin For Free (and How To Keep It Free)

As a source of talent, my main approach to starting a new job was to create a list of suitable companies and look for people in those companies first.

This strategy works because you can assume that knowledge of your space, industry, technology stack, etc. is provided. This means you can focus on other qualifications, such as years of experience or specific skills.

LinkedIn makes searching for companies easy and helps you identify other companies that may be a good fit based on your preferences. Here’s how to do it.

Once you’re on the company page, go to People. From there, you can use pre-built filters to narrow down interesting looks. LinkedIn offers titles, locations, skills and other filters based on the information people in the company share on their profiles. If you don’t see the filter you want, you can also add new filters, by using the search bar directly above the options or by using the + sign in the upper right corner of each filter.

Apply Starters In Jobs

LinkedIn has a free way to search for candidates in the same format as LinkedIn Recruiter – with fewer filters and a limit on the number of searches you can make.

If you work on LinkedIn, I would suggest you start by going through your network; It can be a great place to find talent in your industry and/or career. Here’s how to do it:

Remember: your search is limited by LinkedIn, so if your search doesn’t return results in the first few pages, change your strategy. Try adding different filters or removing some.

How To Find Job Candidates On Linkedin

There is a “People Also Viewed…” section in the sidebar of the profile you are viewing. The accuracy of LinkedIn’s algorithm on this varies, but it can sometimes produce solid results. If you do not see this information, you may need to enable this feature.

Let Recruiters Know You’re Open To Work

As you find candidates, be sure to effectively read and review LinkedIn profiles – this is what I struggled with the most when I first started recruiting.

So you have identified the right candidates. Time to connect with them! Yes, it’s coldly accessible, and yes, it’s uncomfortable. In addition, as the popularity of sources increased, so did the number of messages to candidates for open positions. Renting access to passive people has become so common that texting can be tricky. This means that the focus should be on contrast.

Are you looking for more ideas on how to write a good essay? My colleague Hannah wrote a blog post about how to write a great recruiting email, from a recruiter’s perspective. I also like this Gem article for accessing best practices.

Want to learn more about best practices for purchasing and availability? Here are some good articles you can refer to:

Mind Blowing Linkedin Statistics And Facts (2022)

Cecilia Garza Cecilia is a source of talent for the recruiting team. On LinkedIn, you can find Cecilia looking for top tech and top talent. IRL, you can find Cecilia hanging out with her family and friends. Introducing How to Match LinkedIn Jobs See how your experience matches what employers are looking for

Knowing whether or not you are right for the role is one of the most challenging parts of the job search. Understanding how your skills and experience match up with what a potential employer is looking for can feel like solving a puzzle without a clear answer. Today, we’re announcing a feature to help simplify that process – How You Are.

Now, when you view a job on LinkedIn, look on the right side of the page to find your match. You’ll get a checklist of how factors like your education level, skills, years of experience, and current job match what the company is looking for in a new hire based on the criteria they share when they post a job on LinkedIn. Premium members will also see the applicant rank in the post, where we will show you if you are in the top rank of job applicants. If it’s right for you, it’s time to apply!

How To Find Job Candidates On Linkedin

You’ll also notice that some jobs now have a 1-click Apply button on mobile and desktop, making applying for a role on LinkedIn faster and easier. With 1 click Apply, you now have the option to save your basic information and start over to be able to apply for a job

Recruitment: Using Linkedin To Crush The Competition

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