How To Make Gum Paste Rose

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How To Make Gum Paste Rose – Often, a classic sugar rose is all it takes to make a cake stunning. This easy-to-use guide to gum rose roses shares how to make a classic sugar rose weather you want a small, large or jumbo rose, from bud to full bloom, including how to make a gum rose spray to Add to your wedding cake.

So I ended up making a video tutorial on how to make my gum roses. This is in addition to the two picture tutorials we already have.

How To Make Gum Paste Rose

How To Make Gum Paste Rose

You can find my gum recipe on my blog. You can use commercially available chewing gum paste. Find the one that best suits your weather conditions. I always use the amazing color gels and petal powders which you can find online in the UK or Europe.

Easy Gumpaste Recipe — Arise Cake Creations

Hope my tutorial is helpful to you. Roses are really simple and easy to make. Don’t forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel.

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She writes about cooking, baking, desserts and cake decorating. A professional cake decorator and food blogger for over a decade, she has been featured in numerous online magazines and publications around the world. On her blog, you’ll find delicious, easy, and practical recipes, often accompanied by instructional videos and tutorials for the home cook. Roses are the queen of the garden and here is a tutorial/DIY showing how to make a beautiful and simple rose, for example for a wedding cake.

Not long ago, I agreed to make my sister’s wedding cake. It’s an honor to be invited. But the cake is for 80 people! help! She wants a lot of roses. So I’m making dozens of roses right now for her big day.

How To Make Perfect Gum Paste Roses

While I was making all these roses, I thought it would be a good idea to do this “how to” explaining how to make fondant or gum roses, (now I’m making 50 anyway 😆)

Rose petal cutters (for this tutorial I used a five petal cutter and a set of single rosette cutters from FMM)

(In this tutorial, I attached the rose to the toothpick, but you can use floral wire instead).

How To Make Gum Paste Rose

1) Start by coloring the gummies or gum sticks with the color of your choice. Use food coloring paste.

Buy Fondant Simple Roses/gum Paste Roses/edible Roses/fondant Online In India

2) Add a pinch of tylo powder to the fondant. This makes fudge easier to work with. (This is not necessary for gum paste only if you are using fondant).

Remember to put gummies or gum in an airtight plastic bag when not in use. Otherwise, it will dry out and be ruined. Use only the amount you need while leaving the rest in the bag.

3) Dust the non-stick board with your cornmeal dust. You should also dust off the rolling pin before starting

4) Make a small ball of gum paste/fudge. Shape the ball into a cone. You can also use Styrofoam cones instead. The size of the cone should be 2/3 the size of the smallest rose petal cutter.

Veena’s Art Of Cakes: How To Make A Gum Paste Cabbage Rose, Gum Pase David Austin Rose

6) Knead into a glue paste and roll it out very thin. If you put a piece of paper with writing on it, you should be able to see the writing through the gum.

7) Use your five-bladed knife to cut out the petals. Press down on the cutter firmly and turn it slightly. In this way, you can ensure a cleaner cut.

8) Place unwanted petals directly under an airtight plastic bag/plastic wrap, or you can use Wilton’s glued storage boards so the petals don’t dry out in the meantime.

How To Make Gum Paste Rose

9) Cut out 1 petal with the FMM’s cutter (or similar). The size of the petal needs to be large enough for you to wrap it around the cone and cover it.

Sugar Flowers — Honey Crumb Cake Studio

10) Place the petals on the foam pad and use the ball tool to gently slide the tool over the petals to thin the edges of the petals. When you thin the edges – place half of the ball on the petal and the other half on the mat.

11) Brush some edible glue on the petals and wrap the petals around the cone – wrap it sideways, not with the pointy end up.

Place the petals so that approx. 1cm/0.39in petals sit above the cone.

12) Now place the other petals on the foam pad and thin the edges with the ball tool by sliding the tool lightly over the edges of the petals.

How To Make A Fondant / Gum Paste Rose

13) Then, place the bullet tool in the center of each petal. Slide the ball tool into the center of the petal so that the petal is slightly cupped.

14) Dot a dot of edible glue in the center of each petal. Be careful not to put too much glue on the petals.

15) Place the cone in the center of the 5 petals. Now imagine that you have numbered the petals 1-5. Take the petals no. 1 Wrap it around the cone – but leave one side of the petals open.

How To Make Gum Paste Rose

16) Now skip the next petal (number 2) and continue with petal number 1. 3. Wrap the number of petals. 3 around the cone. But open one side again. Wrap petal #1 around petal #1. 3 Make it overlap petal number 1. 3.

Homemade Gum Paste Recipe

17) Skip the next petal (number 4) and wrap petal number 1. 5 around the cone. Wrap petals no. 3 round petals no. 5 Make it overlap petal number 1. 5.

18) Wrap the remaining two petals (numbers 2 and 4) around the cone. Arrange the petals a little to give them a more natural shape. Let the rose dry a bit before proceeding.

19) Now take another set of petals and repeat the steps above – use the bullet tool to thin the edges of each petal and wrap around the center.

21) Now you have to attach the petals, but don’t miss any petals this time. Instead attach the petals, but let them overlap a bit. Remember to position the petals so they are the same height or slightly higher than the middle petal.

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Insert a toothpick brushed with cooking gum into the base of the rosebud. You can attach cauliflower afterwards – see my cauliflower tutorial. If you need to make a larger rose, continue to step 22.

22) I am now using FMM’s rose petal cutter to cut 5 rose petals each. Knives are slightly larger than five-bladed knives. Repeat as above – thin the edges and centers of the 5 petals with the bullet tool + a small amount of edible glue.

23) Finally, I cut out 5-7 petals with a larger rose petal cutter. At this point, I also use a toothpick to fold in the edges of the petals. Let the petals dry for a few minutes before attaching them to the rose – only if you are using soft fondant – not suitable for quick drying gum paste or sugar paste.

How To Make Gum Paste Rose

If you feel that the rose is getting “too tall” and that it is difficult to place the petals at the correct height, you can carefully cut off some of the base of the rose.

Easy Gum Paste Roses

24) Now the rose is finished. A toothpick brushed with edible glue can be inserted into the bottom of the rosebud.

I usually only use 15-20 petals to make a single rose (3-4 layers of petals). Adding lots of extra layers won’t make the rose look any better – you run the risk of ruining it! Instead, arrange the petals to give the rose a natural look.

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