How To Make Money From Food Blog

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How To Make Money From Food Blog

How To Make Money From Food Blog

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Food Blogging Course / Guide: How To Start A Food Blog & Make Money?

With 300,000 Instagram followers, Sweetapolita may be known today for her holiday blooms and deluxe boxed cake mixes, but she got her start as a cooking blog in 2010.

, Rosie felt a connection with Alea Spray. She posted her first collection of floral medleys on Etsy and continued to grow her product catalog from there.

Rosie took her passion for cakes and entrepreneurship and built an entire business from her food blog. This is one of many success stories. People all over the world have found the right ingredients to monetize their blogs. From eBooks to cookbooks to cooking classes, we’ll explore the many ways to monetize food blogging as a business opportunity.

If you are new to blogging in general, you should first choose a platform and domain for your blog.

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There are tons of platforms to choose from, including WordPress and Squarespace, each with their own pros and cons.

It is the best choice for connecting to e-commerce because it has pre-built e-commerce functionality. For example, whether you’re selling an e-book, a spot on a cooking course, or a physical cookbook, you’ll want to give your customers a simple and clean experience.

Sweetapolita started as a baking blog selling sprinkles and cake mixes. The business still offers a recipe section where readers can find the perfect cake for an upcoming event.

How To Make Money From Food Blog

If you’re looking for a name for your blog, a business generator can be a great resource for some additional creativity. Enter a word that describes your brand and it will generate some name generator suggestions. For example, enter “kitchen” or “table” or “food” and see what results you get!

Why Are Food Blog Posts So Long?

Some blogging platforms (also known as content management systems or CMS) will help you purchase and set up your new domain, which can be a bit of a chore. , Squarespace and WordPress all have this feature. For brand recognition, your domain should be as close as possible to your real name. If not, add a filler word like “get” or “shop” to the beginning.

We also offer Hatchful, a professional quality logo maker that will create your logo in seconds. Choose your business category (food and beverage), add your business name, and choose where you want to use the logo, and Hatchful will create a logo that you can edit and customize to your liking.

These platforms have a variety of themes to choose from, so choose the one that best suits your brand.

You can monetize your blog before you have a fan base. When it comes to making money soon, it will always be the case. But for some bloggers, it doesn’t take long. Lilia Ugbaya, the founder of, saw income two weeks after launching her blog.

Start A Food Blog In 2022

As a professionally trained chef, your content may not be as colorful as other popular food bloggers. Don’t get discouraged! Everyone has to start somewhere. For newcomers to the game, advertising can be a great source of income when your business is just getting started.

Most food bloggers get their biggest income stream by posting ads on their blogs. In a blog post, the blogger behind Tiffy Cooks claims that 40% of her blog’s revenue comes from display advertising. The best thing about using display ads on your blog is that it’s low effort and high income. Both level two bloggers and food bloggers like Half Baked Reaper use ads because they can be very profitable. But the caveat is that it blocks the reader’s view, and you usually can’t control what ads you see.

Google AdSense is probably the most popular ad service provider and a trusted network of millions of bloggers. If you are wondering how much money you can earn from Google AdSense, you can click on the bottom of the homepage and enter a few details about your blog to estimate your income for the year.

How To Make Money From Food Blog

To earn more money from display ads, you need to drive traffic to your website.

Quarterly Food Blog Income Report: How I Made $4,259.50 In Three Months (and A Big Announcement!)

Affiliate links are another way to monetize your food blog. How Affiliate Programs Work: You link to products in blog posts. It can be something you use regularly and recommended in a recipe, such as a KitchenAid mixer, silicone mat or food processor. When a reader clicks on this link, it is tracked by the store. If a customer makes a purchase, the store will record that purchase and you will receive a commission.

Some affiliate marketplaces (like ShareASale) can help you find brands to work with. Others (like Target) make it easy to pick and choose your favorite baked goods. A couple to get you started:

For example, The Only Cookbook and Lisa Kitahara created a special listing on Amazon so readers can buy spices for their dishes or essential cooking tools they use every day. Bloggers get an affiliate commission when someone buys something from this list.

When making money with an affiliate link, you need to make sure your audience complies with FTC guidelines. If you are unsure or have questions about these instructions, consult an attorney.

How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money In 2023

Sally places an affiliate link disclosure at the top of her blog posts, subject to her disclosure policy.

Email marketing is a great way to engage your audience and drive them to your website. The more traffic you get, the more money you can earn from advertising. Create a weekly newsletter sharing the latest recipes, or highlight a favorite recipe that comes to mind for any given week.

You can start building your email list by offering an email subscription module on your blog. For example, Dan Pelosi of the food blog GrossyPelosi shows a popup that prompts visitors to sign up for “new recipes and merchandise deals” so they’re the first to know.

How To Make Money From Food Blog

In addition to sending out a weekly book to read, consider creating a series of e-mails on a specific topic that readers can sign up for. For example, Sally’s Cooking Recipes offers three detailed e-tutorials. One is dedicated to baking sourdough bread, one to baking cakes, and the other to baking for chefs. In this way, students get a concise, easy to understand information about what they want to learn. A bonus is that by subscribing to the course and having access to all emails, Sally can receive emails from the main email list.

Know About Food Blogging Website To Earn Money Online

Another way to use email marketing is through paid newsletters. Websites like Substack allow writers to pay subscribers as little as $5 a month for a paid subscription. Even if you offer a collection of free recipes on your food blog, you can send exclusive members-only content, such as weekly meal plans or the latest recipes.

Partner with brands to write product reviews on your blog for money or free products. The point here is to promote what you really care about, believe in and use in your kitchen. Sponsoring your best or favorite builds trust with your audience, and they will see you as a trusted source. As with affiliate links, you must inform your readers if you are paid to promote something to comply with FTC guidelines. Questions or concerns? Talk to an attorney to help you cover your case.

As your blog becomes active, you can start submitting your sponsorship requests. But before that time comes, reach out to brands via email or social media.

While sponsored content can be a one-off, brand deals are an ongoing partnership and relationship with your brand. For example, you can become a brand ambassador for your favorite spatula company and talk about how to feature the spatula on your blog. You will also agree on how much you will be paid.

Can (and Should!) You Make Money With Ads On A Food Blog

Remember, the branding you do reflects the value of your blog and your brand. It is recommended to keep products that you like and use in your kitchen.

If you have a favorite food blog, think back to the moment you first discovered it. Ever had a mouthful posted on Pinterest? Or are you looking for the perfect warming gray during transition?

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