I7 Laptop With Nvidia Graphics Card

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Alder Lake is Intel’s first serious foray into the world of hybrid architectures, combining a new high-performance CPU architecture (P-Coes) with small efficient cores, also known as E-cores, for better performance and enhanced performance per watt . . Here’s our first look at the 12th generation core

I7 Laptop With Nvidia Graphics Card

I7 Laptop With Nvidia Graphics Card

As we’ve discussed at length in our Alder Lake desktop reviews, this hybrid approach has been quite effective on desktop machines, but the dual architecture should really live in limited factors like laptops, where consumption and efficiency are key.

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The Alder Lake H series is aimed at high-performance laptops, while also bringing a range of new platform benefits, including DDR5 support, a more robust Xe integrated GPU and other connectivity improvements. Intel claims these new processors should be the fastest ever for mobile computing, and we’ll explore them later in our benchmarks.

We expect the Core i7-12700H we’re reviewing today to be the most used chip in Intel’s lineup, like the Core i7-11800H and Core i7-10750H before it, across the mid-range and high-end range. . – Mid-range gaming and productivity systems.

The 12700H packs 6P cores and 8E cores for a total of 20 processor threads, with 24MB L3 cache and 96 execution unit GPUs.

The p-cores are clocked at 2.3GHz base and 4.7GHz boost, while the e-cores get 1.7GHz base and 3.5GHz boost. As with previous Intel products, the default TDP for this chip is 45W, although many laptop OEMs will have modifications to enable higher long-term power limits.

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The Core i7-12700H is the lowest chip in the stack that still offers the full complement of CPU cores found in the Intel H-series die, making it an attractive choice. The 12800H, 12900H and 12900HK sitting above it are basically just clock speed improvements and not the best value proposition for simple clock speed buyers over previous generations.

Our test platform today was kindly provided by XMG and their partner Univil. The two designs we have should be widely used in various OEMs. We can’t say if these will become specific XMG products, but other companies like Eluktronics use these types of laptops and you should see them available for sale soon.

The 17-inch GM7AG8M chassis runs a Core i7-12700H and the new laptop GPU GeForce RTX 3080 Ti at 150W. The smaller GM5AG7Y 15-inch also contains a Core i7-12700H, but runs a laptop GPU RTX 3070 Ti at 125W.

I7 Laptop With Nvidia Graphics Card

We will test both of these GPUs later. Both models also pack a 1440p high-refresh display and 32GB of DDR5-4800 memory in a dual-stick configuration.

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We ran two power settings to test the i7-12700H: the long-term PL1 power limit of 45W, Intel’s default specification for these chips, as well as 75W, a common increased power level found in many laptop vendors.

This will be compared to Apple’s other laptops running the same configuration, giving us the best look at how this CPU compares in a fair benchmark battle.

If we’re comparing one chip at 75W to another chip at 60W, we’re really only comparing which particular laptop design can send the most power to the CPU, not which CPU actually performs better, which is why we test like that. Boost PL2 power is set to Intel’s default of 115W in both cases.

Running benchmarks this way gives you the most useful information that can be applied to a wide range of laptops. If you are buying a thin and light system, the 45W numbers will be most important, while those after a more robust system with more cooling power should look at 75W.

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We’ll start with everyone’s favorite, Cinebench R23 Multi-Threading. The Core i7-12700H is the fastest laptop CPU ever, beating all other contenders, including the Ryzen 9 5900HX and Apple’s M1 Pro, even when running at just 45W.

This shows a 27% improvement over the Core i7-11800H, a 21% improvement over the Ryzen 7 5800H and a 12% increase over the Ryzen 9 5900HX. That is 8% faster than the Apple Silicon, although the M1 Pro uses slightly less power in this workload. But in the x86 pack, the 12700H seems to be the best processor in terms of performance per watt in this workload.

Looking at the 75W power class, Intel is able to extend its lead. The 12700H is 36% faster than the 11800H here, and now beats the Ryzen 7 5800H by 33%, an improvement from the mid-20s in the lower power class.

I7 Laptop With Nvidia Graphics Card

We’ll look at power scaling in more depth later, but these initial results show that the 12700H is capable of producing a decent amount of performance when allowed to run beyond 45W in long-term workloads.

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I should note that the M1 Pro is included in our 75W chart for reference, but one limitation of Apple silicon is that it can’t be run above the default power spec, so that’s roughly a 40W part versus 75W configurations . It is possible that the M1 Max version will be faster and increase the power, but we have not tested that chip.

It’s a big win for Intel in single-threaded workloads. Running up to 4.7 GHz, the P cores crush the Cinebench R23, beating everything else in the field by a significant margin: 22% faster than the 11800H, 26% faster than the 5800H, 20% faster than the 5900HX and very solid . 18% faster than Apple’s M1 Pro. faster than

This is achieved without using more single-threaded power than other x86 processors, although the Arm-based M1 Pro is significantly more efficient.

Handbrake isn’t as favorable for the 12700H when looking at x265 encoding, but the performance gains are still impressive compared to older Intel parts. This new CPU is 15% faster than the Core i7-11800H and has a narrow lead over AMD’s 5800H, but can’t quite match the 5900HX, losing by 4%. It’s a tough workload for Alder Lake but it still holds its own.

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However at 75W, the 12700H is able to pull ahead of the field. Although only 3% faster than the 5800H at 45W, it’s now a very solid 22% faster, thanks to Alder Lake’s great scalability to higher power levels. So if you’re looking for a laptop with the cooling power to handle high power for long periods of time, the 12700H is the way to go.

The Blender CPU rendering is similar to Handbrake’s results, with the Core i7-12700H at 45W sitting in a pack that includes the 5900HX, 5800H and M1 Pro, while offering a 25% performance gain over the Core i7-11800H. It’s a great improvement from generation to generation, although at this workload it’s only able to close the current gap between Intel, AMD and Apple.

But like Handbrake, when the 12700H gets 75W of juice to work with, it can outperform other processors we’ve seen to post some pretty impressive scores that make this new generation of CPU worth rendering.

I7 Laptop With Nvidia Graphics Card

Compiler is a strong point for the Core i7-12700H, improved by an upgrade to DDR5 memory, which we expect to be used in most gaming laptops in 2022 (Alder Lake also supports DDR4).

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The 12700H finishes 37% faster than the Core i7-11800H on this workload, as well as 36% faster than the Ryzen 7 5800H. So if you have a lot of coordination to do on the go, the 12700H is clearly superior to previous generation products and it’s not even close.

At 75W it’s not even close, the extra power is gone in 20 minutes of build time on the 12700H leaving the previous generation parts in the dust. Another great example from Alder Lake shines especially well at high power limits.

Matlab is a short, bursty workload that is sensitive to things like cache and memory. Intel was already the fastest in this benchmark with the 11th gen, so the 12th gen only pushes its lead further.

The 12700H clocks 15% faster than the 11800H and delivers the first sub-1 second in the chart, so that’s a great result.

Dell Nbdei3500i71616w10p Inspiron 3500 G3 Intel Core I7 10750h 2.60ghz Hexa Core 15.6

Our Microsoft Excel is another test that runs primarily in the CPU’s 115W boost mode, so the 45W vs. 75W numbers aren’t relevant. Again Alder Lake crushes it here, delivering one of the highest performance gains we’ve seen, 60% faster than the Core i7-11800H, and again a lot of that comes down to cache and memory. This is well and truly desktop-level performance, essentially matching the Ryzen 7 5800X.

For basic tasks like loading applications, video conferencing and so on, the Core i7-12700H is a great option and is able to outperform the Ryzen 9 5900HX, albeit only by a single-digit margin. Most laptops today are fast enough for this type of workload.

When it comes to PCMark’s application test, which measures the performance of Microsoft Office, the Core i7-12700H is able to give a decent lead over other mobile processors.

I7 Laptop With Nvidia Graphics Card

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