Create A Shared Email Account Gmail

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Create A Shared Email Account Gmail – Google Workspace and G Suite don’t have native shared mailbox apps built into Gmail. But you can use Google Groups, delegate your mailbox, or use something like sharing your Gmail mailbox with your team.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Keeping them happy is critical to your company’s success. But managing relationships with customers isn’t always easy.

Create A Shared Email Account Gmail

Create A Shared Email Account Gmail

Many small and medium businesses use Gmail for customer service inquiries, concerns, and other inquiries. Your entire customer service team needs access to incoming customer requests. To that end, experts recommend creating a common Gmail address for your customer service team.

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How does it work? How do you set up and manage shared Google Apps mailboxes? Read on to find out what you need to know.

A shared inbox is an inbox that multiple people can access and use to send and receive email.

Shared Gmail mailboxes are often used to help sales or support teams manage incoming and outgoing mail. A true shared inbox will have features that allow multiple team members to work together.

Let’s say you create a shared inbox for your customer service team with the email address “[email protected]”. To access a shared mailbox, users need to be logged into their email account. They don’t need to create unique logins and passwords for shared mailboxes.

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By creating a shared inbox in gmail, you allow any member of the sales or support team to access the inbox to read and reply to emails as if they were the sole owner of the inbox.

If a customer sends an email to the [email protected] address, it will be sent to every member of your customer support team. No matter which member of your team replies, the email will be sent from the shared email address.

If the customer replies to the email, this reply is sent to every member of the support team. The best part is the client won’t see that it has been sent to multiple team members. They will only see that it was sent to the support email address

Create A Shared Email Account Gmail

Google Workspace and GSuite do not have a native shared mailbox application built into Gmail. If you’re looking for a free option, Google recommends trying Google Groups’ Collaborative Inbox feature.

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While this option is free, it lacks many features that allow you to collaborate with your team. See more in our article on Google’s Inbox collaboration features.

If you work in IT or customer service, you must have come across emails like “service” or “help”. You may not realize that there may be 20-25 employees behind those email addresses. They use Gmail’s shared inbox feature to handle all inquiries in one email.

Let’s put it this way, Gmail is like a mailbox where all your emails are kept. Some companies like to divide this basket into a department — such as customer service. Customer service executives can pick any customer query from the email basket and resolve it instantly.

It helps them understand all the questions customers ask and the customer service managers answers. We understand how you can make it happen at Google. Let’s say you share your mailbox with your partner, John. Proceed as follows:

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When your colleagues click on their profile picture, they’ll see your account below theirs. You can click on your account to switch accounts and access your inbox. When John browses your inbox, he sees some unanswered emails, so he replies to them.

Gmail’s Shared Inbox isn’t the only way you can share an inbox with your colleagues. You can also try other methods. Although they work for a small team, they pose many security concerns. Here are two other options for a shared inbox:

Some people don’t understand why these steps are required to create a G Suite shared mailbox. They think sharing login information with a team is an easier way to create a shared mailbox using Gmail. This approach might be easier, but it’s definitely not a good option.

Create A Shared Email Account Gmail

Sharing your password with others is a security risk. The more people who know your password, the more likely it is to fall into the wrong hands. To protect your sensitive data, it is critical to keep your passwords secret.

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You can use Google Groups to manage your group email, but you’ll quickly discover that Google Groups isn’t designed to help teams manage customer support. Messages sent from Google Groups also contain a “Click here to unsubscribe” link, which is not very nice for your customers. And your team members cannot assign or prioritize tickets.

For the best user experience, create your own shared Gmail inbox and provide your customer support team with important data to meet customer needs.

If you need to revoke someone’s access to a shared inbox, visit the same Accounts and Import tab in Settings. Scroll down to the “Grant access to your account” section. You should see a list of email addresses that currently have access to your shared inbox. Click Remove next to the email address you want to remove from the shared mailbox.

This is one of the downsides of using a Gmail shared inbox – managing permissions for individual team members can be challenging.

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There’s one major benefit to using a shared Google Apps mailbox: it’s easy and free. Setting up one of these inboxes only takes a few minutes, even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

Plus, your customer service team already uses Gmail, so they’re already familiar with how it works. This means your team doesn’t have to learn how to use a new program to manage their customer service work.

Giving your entire customer service team a common email address makes it easy for customers to remember who to contact when they need help.

Create A Shared Email Account Gmail

Your entire customer service team has access to all emails sent to your inbox, increasing visibility and transparency.

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Sending all customer inquiries to one inbox makes it easier for your customer service team to work together to resolve customer issues.

Your customers don’t need to wait until a specific member of your customer service team is available to get their questions answered. Instead, urgent requests can be handled by someone with access to the inbox.

Shared Gmail inboxes can improve the overall quality of your team’s customer service by speeding up response times.

Monitoring a shared mailbox is as easy as monitoring a personal Gmail account, so you don’t need to spend hours training new members of your customer service team.

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As your business grows, so does your mailbox. You can give new team members access to a shared inbox at any time.

If you want to experience these benefits, your team needs to share a Google Inbox to manage customer support requests.

No doubt, there are countless benefits to creating a shared inbox for your customer service team. However, Gmail’s shared inbox offering is far from perfect.

Create A Shared Email Account Gmail

Standard Gmail settings might work for a personal account, but aren’t ideal when multiple people use the same inbox. The challenges of sharing a Gmail inbox are as follows:

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There is no way to delegate customer requests to specific members of your team using Gmail’s shared inbox. As a result, multiple customer service representatives can start working on requests or responding to emails at the same time.

A client may receive two responses from multiple members of your team, which can create confusion and confusion. Duplicate work is also an inefficient use of team time.

The inability to delegate client requests to your team members can cause other problems as well. For example, suppose a customer request comes in via email. Everyone on your team can see it in the shared inbox, but everyone thinks it has to be handled by someone else. Because everyone makes this assumption, customers never hear from your company.

Since you can’t assign tasks to other team members in a shared Gmail inbox, there’s no way to ensure that everyone on your customer service team is doing their part. This can lead to an unbalanced workload on the customer service team.

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Team members can’t communicate or collaborate with each other in a shared Gmail inbox. This tool has no built-in communication capabilities. Your team may need to use third-party instant messaging or project management tools to discuss specific tasks.

Having to switch back and forth between your inbox and third-party tools can complicate things. For example, suppose a customer service representative uses an instant messaging application to ask his team a question about a specific request from a customer named David A. The team lead opens the shared inbox to find the request. However, the team leader accidentally opened a request

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