How To Make Bags Out Of Fabric

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How To Make Bags Out Of Fabric – I have long dreamed of making a bag with a bamboo handle. I don’t care if they are trendy or not, I like them and like them. I love the light feel of bamboo rings in my hand, I love the handmade “basket look” and most of all I love how EASY and QUICK they are to make.

I made the first one out of Ty Pennington decorative fabric with the wrong measurements and it was a bit thick in the gather but held its shape very well. The second bag, which has changed in size, is made of modern cotton fabric with Moda print and is very beautiful. Note: If I were to use the home decor fabric again, I would cut the outer fabric at least 1.5cm or 1 inch longer to have a little more fabric from the top to go around the handles. You also need a finger to hand stitch a little on the decorative fabric.

How To Make Bags Out Of Fabric

How To Make Bags Out Of Fabric

I found a pattern in a Japanese magazine, but it was in Japanese….I don’t read Japanese. I think anyone who speaks or reads Japanese would have trouble with the few diagrams and instructions provided, but after some trial and error (Bag #1) I created a very flexible fabric bag with bamboo handles (Bag). number 2). Bag #1 is now my crochet bag, perfect for holding my shawl projects, and bag #2 can be a gift for daughter #1 who is starting to crochet. She doesn’t knit, YES she does!

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1) Make the pocket: Place the 10″x8″ fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the pocket piece. If you don’t have one, don’t worry – it’s just to create extra durability. Fold the pocket in half, right sides together, so you now have an 8″ x 5″ piece. Sew along the 3 open sides, leaving a 2.5 inch gap for turning. See diagram.

Cut corners, turn, press. Sew about 3/8″ (1 cm) from the top edge of the pocket (the folded edge). Place the center pocket on the right side of the lining, 4″ (10 cm) from the top and from there.

Leave the folded edge open and sew one side down, the bottom (seam opening used for the turn) and the other up. Don’t forget to make the background! I like to use barbells to secure pocket openings.

2) Pin the Lining to the Outside: Place your lining on top of the outer fabric, right sides together. Pull the side edges of the outer fabric to match the side edges of the lining. Center the lining top to bottom, pin on the left and right sides, and sew a 3/8″ (1 cm) seam on both sides. The lining extends 2 5/8″ (6.5 cm) from the top and bottom ends. . ). The outer fabric is wider than the lining, so it gathers a little in the middle. Look at the picture!

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It helps to press the seam against the lining fabric before turning it right side out again. Slip the seam so it’s not on the edge and press it towards the lining. Then turn all the tubes so that the right sides are facing out.

With right sides out, make the fabric into a tube and center the lining over the outer fabric. Click the button. You should have about 7/8 inch or 2 cm of fabric on the left and right sides. They form a body around which you tie elastic, tape or piping. See photo:

3) Make the cords (or elastics): sew the seam between the lining and the outer fabric from the top to the very bottom edges. Don’t forget to sew the back. Sew “inside” or next to. Also, sew the top and bottom raw edges of the quilt piece 3/8″ or 1 cm below the edge. Sew the newly made facings along the left and right sides, but stop and start at the seam lines. See pictures!

How To Make Bags Out Of Fabric

4) Insert the strap (or elastic or tape): Using a safety pin or a handy threading tool (I don’t have one!), thread the cord through the side panels. Sew the piping a few times to secure where the top and bottom seam lines of the lining meet the side seam. See photos:

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5) Top and Bottom Edge: Fold the 3/8″ or 1cm edge over the top and bottom. Press. Sew about 1/8″ or 3mm below the folded edge. If you’re really diligent, you can finish this raw, but it’s not necessary. These top and bottom areas create covers that fold over bamboo handles.

6) Marking the seam allowance by hand: This is a really handy trick to help keep your edges even – I love it! With quilt chalk or an erasable marker or pen, you’ll mark an edge where you can hand stitch the edge of the hand casing with the pad. Yes, I said hand stitch. Don’t panic, it’s very quick and easy!!

Fold the top lining so that the top edge meets the lining seam line. Pin or clip in place. Mark every inch along the seam. Remove the pins.

7) Sew the handle: Wrap the edge of the box around the handle of the bag, line up the folded edge with the seam line and sew to secure. Attach the chalk/pencil lines a few inches at a time. Make sure you only sew in the seam area and not the front of the bag like I did! (Sew the folded edge to the seam allowance)

Sew A Quilted Fabric Tote Bag

That’s it! Wasn’t it very easy? I love these oversized granny bags! I have to do another one…

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I’m Janelle and I run a bag supply and pattern design company that thrives in the cold regions of Canada. It’s the place to find information about upcoming patterns, contests, and free sewing tutorials and patterns. Make DIY fabric gift bags this holiday season! These reusable gift bags are perfect for small gifts and make cute fabric bags that you can use all year round! Get a free fabric gift bag pattern to get you started!

How To Make Bags Out Of Fabric

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Great Ideas For Sewing Diy Bag Handles

It’s the first day of my 12 Days of Holiday Crafts series and I’m excited to start sharing some new holiday crafts for the season! Today I’m sharing these cute DIY fabric gift bags! If you’re looking for ways to make your holiday more down-to-earth and sustainable, these reusable gift bags are a great place to start.

For my gift bags, I chose to use flannel fabric in a cute holiday print that I found at Joan Fabrics. These bags can also be made from cotton fabric. I like flannel because of its thickness, it helps the bag hold its shape better than thin cotton.

These fabric gift bags can be made from holiday fabric and can be used by the recipient every year, or if you return the bags yourself. I saved the gift boxes and bows from the gifts we give to our kids and extended family, so I plan on saving those too!

If you choose to use a holiday fabric, these bags make cute fabric bags that you can use all year round! They are small purse size so I think they are suitable for kids. Choose a fun fabric in a print they love and the gift box will be a gift in itself!

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Below you can see some pictures of the gifts that go with these gift bags. Bags are approximately 10.25 inches wide and 11 inches tall. The bottom flares out about 3.5 inches. They are on the small side, for card games, an outfit or two, mini puzzles and more.

Below is a tutorial for making your own reusable fabric gift bag! Making them is fun and really quick, especially after you make the first one. I’m sharing a free pattern from my Resource Library so you can make any fabric gift bag you want this season!

You will need two pieces of fabric for each bag: fabric for the bag and fabric for the bag handles. I chose to use flannel for each one. Flannel from my Joann Fabric store is always on sale, comes with a great selection of prints to choose from, and has a great weight to them.

How To Make Bags Out Of Fabric

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