How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers

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How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers – I’m so excited to share this awesome DIY cupcake topper tutorial from Jennifer of Double the Fun Parties. Jennifer commissioned me to design a custom Nancy Drew party for her daughter and document the entire customization process. I’ll be sharing some of her awesome tutorials and parties over the next few weeks. The party will knock your socks off!

DIY cupcake toppers offer tons of options for customization and are a lot of fun. You can also look at cupcakes called “Party Circle” because they can definitely do more than cupcakes.

How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers

How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers

Find some printable cake toppers online. Love the Day offers free cupcake toppers and cupcake topper printables, for example these Valentine toppers, these cute Cinco de Mayo favors, these game day party decorations, baby shower printables or some Christmas parties. If you’re looking for more variety, explore Etsy, and be sure to check out my shop.

Diy Editable Template Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers Printable

Print on your own 110 lb cardstock. I print at home using the best color printer for home use, the Xerox Face. If you can’t print from home, contact your local office store, or try a mail service like Vista Print.

When you print the top, you’ll need to trim the top edge of the page so you can punch it later – here’s why:

Your fist cannot reach the top until you cut the limit. I like to use this for my paper cutting. Again, cut around the outside edge first, then cut into rows or columns.

Now you are ready to punch each top. You will usually need a 2″ punch for this job. Here is a circle punch from Fiskars. Long arms make for an easy squeeze.

Diy Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers

But wait… there’s more! Why confine yourself to circles when there are squares and shells and other flourishes, oh my? My favorite boxers are the right flat boxers from EK Success. They make the punch easier to grip the surface without slipping. You can also rotate the punch to see what you punched. And, they pack equally well for storage. That’s a big improvement!

I think it’s good to match the boxing style with your design. Here is a beautiful box with two different backgrounds. I much prefer a blouse with a solid background in contrast to the sharp angles of the argyle.

Now it’s time to put on the candy cane. You can find candy canes in the baking aisle of your local craft store. They come in two lengths and I prefer the longer sticks.

How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers

You can push deep into your cup, so you know they’re not going anywhere. About 1/2″ from your stick is a thin bead of Allyn’s Thick Tacky Glue that you need to glue the stick to the back of the top.

Diy Cupcake Topper

Here you can see four different highlights. Quick, easy, inexpensive ways to dress up for your party. So now you can make your own cupcakes! When you do, be sure to tag me in the #LTDcrafts community.

Now that you’ve made the topper, add it to your favorite cupcakes, cupcakes, flower arrangement, or dinner! DIY party tops are the best!!

I am a wife of one, mother of two and a graphic designer who loves to throw and style parties. I love nothing more than finding unique and creative ways to celebrate the most important days of our lives. Whether it’s through printables or creative DIY decorations, I try to find ways to create memories so that others can cherish the day.

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How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers

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Graphic designer, printable maker, party-stealer, crafter, DIYer, cake stand puzzle, cake continuum, classics reader, bed maker, mom and event blogger – just like we did with Cake Accents! These small bites can be more easily analyzed with a few light sprinkles or lemon. From sparkles, die-cuts and more, let’s take a look at some of these easy, fun projects that will set off dessert night with ease and style. And be sure to check out our cupcakes too.

Bespoke Bride used their Cricut cutter to create this beautiful geometric heart top. We love these ideas for events with a dynamic and modern perspective.

Here is my personal favorite from the horse. In the rest of the cake blog you will find beautiful tutorials on how to make golden wings.

How To Make And Design Printable Cupcake Toppers

Boxwood Clippings Use small pieces of ribbon to make some beautiful ornaments with ease. This idea is great when you’re pressed for time or in a pinch!

Whenever glitter is involved – we’re there and that goes for cupcakes too. Check out Uncommon Love to find out how to make this into your dessert.

Art shows us how to work and play! Making these ruffled flowers can be a charming part of your celebration!

How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers

Aren’t you totally swooning over these cute arrows from cue the confetti. These would be perfect for birthdays or other themed events (Hunger Games anyone?)!

Diy Cupcake Toppers

Check out Circus Berry for how to make this cute craft ornament. It can also be used for many different events making it the most versatile of the bunch.

Using straws, Best Friends frosting, they made some “candles” that really shine in these adorable cupcakes. How cute would these be for a birthday party?!

Best Friends Frosting has created something very simple but still cute and ready to celebrate. All you need is some colorful gumballs to top your cupcakes!

We love paper cutting for a New Year’s Eve party or even your little girl’s “big girl” birthday!

Transportation Cupcake Toppers Car Bus Train Plane Ship Diy Cupcake Toppers For Baby Shower Birthday Party Decorations (30)

You can even use some of the cereal to make cupcakes as these Paper & Stitch Fruit O’s make cute hearts to decorate their delicious bites.

Hank & Hunt also took the plastic animal trend and used it to their advantage. Little bunnies can really make the most attractive surfaces, don’t you think?

These “love” letters were created by Celebration and turned into adorable cupcake accents! They are perfect for weddings, engagement parties and even anniversaries!

How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers

Bespoke Bride shows us all how to make fan decorations that you can use for anything. If you can make them big, you can easily make them smaller and use them in your dessert.

Easy Moana Cupcakes With Free Printable Toppers

Buttons can also be used for special promotions. Just enjoy Bridal Musings and get the details on how to turn some of your craft supplies into cupcake magic.

Pom poms are always fun and festive for various occasions and these tops are no exception. See instructions in Tomkat Studio.

Catch My Party has a great tutorial for making designer-style chocolates! We love it when the accent is edible and cute!

Here are some small mug brands you can choose from Elli. With a variety of small designs, you’ll want to go ahead and find your preferred style.

Dinosaur Party Cupcake Toppers

We at Make Lifely Lovely rave about these little sheets of paper. We especially love the colors used but know that it can be done with any scheme in mind.

Here’s a sprinkle idea for Bonjour Berries. We love how they celebrate, and you can also use the method to make different shapes and letters.

Ellie shows us how to make little flags for all the little sweets. This says “live, laugh, love” but you can play with that idea in different ways.

How To Make Diy Cupcake Toppers

An adorable party favor made with these fun monogrammed straws! It’s easy and you can be creative with your sentences.

Diy Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers // Tutorial

Paper rosettes can be your ticket to a beautiful cupcake. And Three Little Monkeys Studio shows us how to do it at home.

Check out the DIY studio above in this brochure. Pastels, jewel tones and the like all seem to float on top of some cupcakes for a variety of special occasions.

Karen Cavett made these cute pinwheel tops and we are in love! They are perfect for all festive occasions, especially spring festivals. If you’ve been looking at printable cupcakes on Pinterest for months but weren’t sure if you could take the leap and make your own, think again. Cupcakes

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