How To Make Wire Bracelets

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How To Make Wire Bracelets – Wire can be a difficult material to work with, but once you master it, it can be one of the most valuable items in your crafting toolbox. Today I’m going to share with you a great DIY beginner’s wire bracelet that will help you get introduced to this versatile material. Keep reading to find out how you can make super stylish cable tassel bracelets.

Start by wrapping the wire around the mason jar (really just use it as a measuring guide). It’s not absolutely necessary, but it makes it easier. Wrap the gold wire around 5 or 6 times depending on how thick you want the bracelet to be. The more layers of wire you have, the stronger the bracelet will be.

How To Make Wire Bracelets

How To Make Wire Bracelets

Next, use pliers to wrap the crimpser around all the wires. Close the crimp tightly so that the wire does not slide.

How To Make Wire Jewelry Clasps * Moms And Crafters

Do this with all 6 crimps so that they are evenly distributed on the bracelet. They have a functional role here by holding the cables, but they also look great!

The last step is to attach the tassel to the bracelet. Open the jump ring slightly with pliers, and slip the bracelet and tassel through the gap. Close the ring again, and you’re done! Now that’s easy, right?!

These bracelets would look great as a set… can you imagine four or five of these with different colored tassels? Quite handsome.

You can also add other charms or dangling beads on the jump ring to give it a different look. And don’t forget you can also experiment with wire colors. You are here: Home / Crafts How / Jewelry / Bracelets / How to Make a Multi-Bead Memory Wire Bracelet

Online Learn To Make A Memory Wire Bracelet Course ยท Creative Fabrica

Create a boho-chic wrap bracelet using memory wire. It’s so easy and looks so good! We will show you how!

Below is a video showing how to make a memory wire wrap bracelet. Do it, then use the steps below to make your own.

Choice of beads (enough for eight rolls of memory wire) Memory wire, gold, bracelet size Wire cutters Round nose pliers Step 1. Cut a piece of memory wire that is eight full turns plus one inch. 2. Bend a small loop at one end using round-nose pliers, add one charm before you close the loop. 3. Slide on the bead of one coil. Change beads and continue beading until you have eight bead rolls. 4. Make a small loop at the other end to add another charm before you close the loop. Have you ever used a memory cable? It is a cable that is hardened to a certain size. It comes in a coil. It comes in bracelet size and necklace size. The coil in the package is the size of the necklace or bracelet you can make. It’s great for beginner jewelry projects because you don’t need a clasp! Cheers, Jennifer and Kitty, I need some simple tutorials in a slightly different style to teach you how to make a cable bracelet. If you want, you can check out how to wire wrap a pendant first or scroll down for some great wire wrapped bracelet ideas, memory wire bracelets, wire bracelets and more!

How To Make Wire Bracelets

If you’ve ever wanted to start making your own cable bracelets, you’re in for a treat! Wire bracelets are quite easy to make, which makes them perfect for making at home. That’s why I’ve put together a list of awesome wire bracelets that you can make yourself!

Diy Brass Wire And Purecrystal Beads Bracelets

Wire bracelets can be any style imaginable, which means they are versatile. The wire bracelet tutorials you’ll find here cover all skill levels, beginner and expert crafters alike. Most give you some flexibility, so you can customize your look! And the best part – you will gain new skills by using versatile materials and learning how to make wire bracelets.

Below, you will find instructions on how to make a variety of wire bracelets. The list is divided into 4 categories based on genre:

Who are you waiting for? Get a cable and learn how to make this cool bracelet in a beautiful and unique way!

Wire wrapped bracelets are so fun and cute! This DIY wire wrapped bracelet tutorial will get you started making wire wrapped bracelets in no time!

Venetian Palace Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet

This wire wrapped bracelet is a little out of the box, bringing you something trendy and easy to manage! This uses free-form wire wrap on slider bracelets for an inexpensive project that’s perfect for beginners.

These wire wrap bracelets are so much fun to make, and look just like anything you’d find in a store! All you need for this is wire and beads. It cleverly takes on the appearance of cable crochet – but not!

You can make these wire wrapped bracelets using gemstones, colorful pearls or glass beads! The key to a successful wire bracelet design like this is to keep it balanced.

How To Make Wire Bracelets

A wire bracelet is the perfect touch to any outfit. This wire bracelet is a bit smaller, making it a more subtle accessory if needed.

Vintage Deadstock 90s Rubber Barbed Wire Bracelets (set Of 2)

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. This simple beaded bracelet is elegant and charming in a classic style. They use cheap and fun spacer beads for stacking.

This DIY wire wrapped bracelet is perfect on its own or stacked with others. You can also stack it with other favorite bracelets or bangles. They started out as a mistake but the final look was really fun!

I made this simple bangle for my sister’s wedding and decided to share the tutorial. She teaches basic hammer techniques – a favorite for learning to make wire bracelets.

A spinoff of the first tutorial in this list, this bracelet is absolutely stunning, and adds a new level of elegance!

How To Create A Wire Wrapped Bracelet With Beads

Memory wire bracelets are the easiest DIY wire bracelets you will ever make. Check out the different styles you can create with simple basics!

Spiral wire gives the look of a statement cuff, but the actual process is something you learn when you’re in school.

If you have a hodgepodge of beads to spare, these wire bracelets are the best way to use them up! You can make this bracelet any color you want to match your favorite outfit.

How To Make Wire Bracelets

This memory cable bracelet goes with anything! With a neutral color and classic style, you can wear this anywhere.

How To Make A Herringbone Stitch Rola Bead Bracelet With Soft Touch Beading Wire

I love the gold and brown on this memory wire bracelet! It really gives a classic tortoise look.

This boho-chic memory cable bracelet is colorful and gorgeous! You won’t believe how easy it is to make! By grouping the same structure instead of alternating patterns, you get a cleaner look.

This wire cuff bracelet shows what you can do with wire bracelets. This can be a little complicated, but it’s worth it!

This wire bracelet looks like something you’d find on vacation. This would make a great handmade gift! Chained parts make it easy to wear.

How To Make A Memory Wire Bracelet

If you want a wire bracelet with a Celtic twist, check this out! The way this wire bracelet is tied is similar to a Celtic knot.

A very easy bracelet to make, this swirly wire bracelet looks like something a professional would make! Using silver wire for this gives it a very premium feel.

Now that you’ve learned how to make a wire bracelet from the tutorial above, it’s time to try out your own ideas!

How To Make Wire Bracelets

Did this tutorial help you learn how to make a wire bracelet? What is your favorite style of wire bracelet? Leave a comment below and share with us! Then check out our main list of DIY bracelets for more!

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You picked some great examples of bracelets! A hammered wire bracelet looks like you used figs instead of beads. LOL. One of the most rewarding and fun DIY projects is jewelry making. Create something unique that we have to wear with our favorite outfits and on the most important occasions, be it a date, party or shopping, feel empowered! You can create accessories that match your vision! Today we bring you a selection of beautiful bracelets that can be made from wire! Find the best DIY wire bracelets below!

The beauty of making it with cable is that you can leave the bracelet simple and minimal. It’s perfect for people who prefer subtle accessories that are just the cherry on top of a big outfit rather than the most extravagant items. The Happy Hour Project has a tutorial for this cute and easy bangle bracelet with a heart!

If simplicity isn’t your thing, Live Craft Love has the bracelet for you! This is completely different and will not go unnoticed! This is a stacked wire bracelet, decorated with gems and other jewelry of your choice, giving it a touch of oriental style!

Beaded bracelets are an interesting accessory that will never go out Beadalon 347b 050 Silver Plated Memory Wire Bracelet, 1/2 Ounce/pkg, Approximately 30 Loops

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