Ways To Organize A Walk In Closet

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If your goal is to get more organized in 2020, the best place to start is your wardrobe. Having an organized space makes it easy to see all your clothes and get ready in the morning. Organizing can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large closet. To help you get started, we’ve purchased and sourced a ton of useful organizational tools to get you started with ease.

Ways To Organize A Walk In Closet

Ways To Organize A Walk In Closet

Ahead, you can shop our pick of 29 products to help you stay more organized in 2020. Whether you’re looking for a complete starter kit or a new way to store your shoes, we’ve got you covered. The best part is that they are all very affordable and can be delivered directly to your door. Read on to find out what you don’t have in your home.

How Pro Organizers Arrange A Closet For Maximum Storage

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Ways To Organize A Walk In Closet

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Walk In Closet Design Ideas

Professional organizers share their tips for turning your travel wardrobe into an organized space where you can easily find the clothes and accessories you need.

Travel closets are a reality until you make the most of the space. Before you start decluttering your closet, experts recommend cleaning it out completely so you can only make room for the things you use and want to keep. Then, when you learn how to organize your closet, you can find the best closet systems and the best closet installers to meet your specific needs.

Walk-in wardrobes come in all sizes and even the smallest wardrobes can be organized for maximum storage thanks to closet organization ideas such as shelves, drawers, drawers and baskets in various prices .

Ways To Organize A Walk In Closet

Some people consider closets a necessity, while others turn them into a home office or mini gym. Is the travel wardrobe empty? “With more and more people living a minimalist lifestyle, I can see some thinking that way,” says Karen Schroeter, owner of Early Outcome. “For me, a closet over 100 square meters Too much because I don’t care or need a lot of clothes. For other people, the size only accommodates their shoes. It’s a very personal decision based on performance.”

Optimal Storage Solutions For Your Summer Wardrobe

So what’s the best way to dry your travel wardrobe? “The most effective way to organize your travel wardrobe is to create areas based on clothing category (tops, bottoms, casual, work, shoes, etc.) and your lifestyle (work, home) and treat it like a general store.” sleep, exercise, parties, vacations),” says Janie Engelbach, professional organizer and homeowner in New York City. “Keep all your outfits close at hand so it’s easy to get dressed. Casual clothes should be stored in the closet closest to the door and seasonal. Regular wear and special occasion clothes should stay in the back.

Here are more closet storage ideas from professional organizers to make getting dressed tomorrow easier.

If you have a small wardrobe, the most important thing is to cover the things you put first. You might even want to use the capsule warob method, whittling down your collection to a certain number of your favorite pieces that work together. If space is at a premium, you don’t want to fill it with things you’ll never wear.

“We always use our EASE method when tackling any closet organization project, which is especially important when space is at a premium,” says Engelbach. The EASE method involves organizing your closet so you can evaluate each item and remove what you really want from what you will give away, throw away, or donate. Next, organize your closet by categorizing the items that will be kept together. Finally, research any extra space and see how it can be used for storage. Can the wall be used to hang belts, bags, jewelry and other accessories? Do you have a spare pocket? “Even a small closet has so many opportunities for added storage,” she says.

My Husband’s Walk In Closet Makeover

Robbie Randolph, owner of Randolph and Associates, agrees. “The best way to organize a small closet is with custom shelving.” “It can improve usage by 20 to 30 percent, and it definitely costs money.” For an 8-foot-wide walk-in closet, he recommends building a 12-foot-wide x 18″ small section for hanging long items, two two” hanging sections for short items, then an open shelf for shoes. space “Don’t forget the upper basket for things you don’t use often.”

If you have the space, consider having a dresser in your bedroom instead of trying to find space for drawers in your closet. Hanging space is a closet’s most valuable feature, so if you don’t want to display clothes in your bedroom, choose drawers over drawers.

While Pinterest is full of beautiful, well-decorated wardrobes, if you’re on a budget, the main function of a wardrobe is to organize your clothes and keep them within easy reach. That comfy chair and textured wallpaper might be nice, but they don’t have to be. “If you’re on a budget, it’s time to do it yourself,” says Randolph. “Work with the experts at IKEA or The Container Store to design your closet, then build it yourself.” You can create a great DIY closet organizer that does the trick.

Ways To Organize A Walk In Closet

You don’t have to sacrifice style just because content comes first. Fresh paint, good closet lighting, and an inexpensive full-length mirror can make a closet feel bigger and more comfortable.

Our Shared Walk In Closet Is Finished!

Hanging space in your closet is prime real estate, so you should start there. Near Schroeter, hang long items (coats, shirts, dresses, dresses) at 64.5″, medium items (blouses, jackets, dresses) at 52.5″, and short items (dresses, pleated pants) at 40.5 inches.

The experts at Boa decided to use rods at all these heights to maximize vertical space and place two short hanging sections wherever possible.

“The standard height for a pair of hangers is 79 inches,” says Schroeter. “If you want to use the floor space for extra storage, start at the top and adjust the height of the bar to the longest part where you hang your clothes. Personally, I prefer to use the top, so I adjust from the bottom, see See how to easily hang clothes and vacuum underneath. I’ve been in too many closets where the floors are dusty because the cleaning wasn’t clear.”

Hang them easily on the top and bottom of the top pole. Don’t use dry cleaners that scare the professionals and damage your clothes. Return them to the cleaners on your next visit so they can be reused.

Closet Organization Ideas

“Use thin velvet hangers or plastic hangers and make sure everything matches,” says Randolph, who says he’s designed a million of them.

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