The Popularity Of Social Media

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The Popularity Of Social Media

The Popularity Of Social Media

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Top 14 Benefits Of Social Media For Your Business

Before you start your social media marketing strategy for your ecommerce business, you first need to look at the distribution of social media usage. With today’s growth and use of social media, you should start your marketing efforts by focusing on platforms where you will find most of your target audience. To do this, you need to find out which social media platform has the largest user base.

The latest stats show that Facebook will continue to reign strongly as the king of social media, with 2.93 billion active users by 2022. That means almost two-thirds of the 4.59 billion social media users worldwide are active Facebook users.

Facebook stats and social media rankings say it all. Not only is it the social media platform with the most active users, it is also one of the apps consumers spend the most time on. Android users worldwide spend 19.7 hours per month on the Facebook app.

In second place in the list of the most popular social media platforms in 2022 is YouTube with 2.52 billion active users – 85.7 percent of the number of Facebook users.

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With 500 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide, getting your video out there might seem like a tall order. But consider these YouTube stats: 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day and 90 percent of consumers say they discover new brands and products through YouTube.

The third and fourth largest social media platforms are WhatsApp and Instagram with two billion and 1.39 billion active users, respectively. Coincidentally, both belong to the same parent company as Facebook: Meta (formerly Facebook).

Also listed are WeChat, the Chinese version of WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, with 1.3 billion and 976 million users worldwide, respectively. This is followed by TikTok with 945 million users worldwide.

The Popularity Of Social Media

These stats give a clear picture of Meta’s dominant social media rankings. Out of the seven most popular social media platforms, more than half are their entities – namely Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

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And to do it well, not only do you need to know the most popular social media platforms to work like the palm of your hand, but you also need to understand the main purpose of social media. In other words, you need to know what social media platforms are used for.

According to a recent survey, the number one reason people use social media is to connect with their friends and family. As many as 47 percent of internet users cite this as one of their most important uses of social media.

This is not surprising considering that this is the purpose of social media. From profiles and news and commenting opportunities to major events and daily updates, there aren’t many things about individuals (and businesses) that don’t end up on social media.

The Popularity Of Social Media

The second main reason people use social media is to overcome boredom – 35.4 percent of internet users say they use social media to fill their free time. This is followed by reading news with 34.6 percent.

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Since social media has a lot of visual content, is easy to consume and offers infinite scrolling, its entertainment value is extremely high. In fact, analysts consider it a collection of news and entertainment.

The next three top uses of social media are finding content (by 30 percent of internet users), seeing what’s being talked about (28.7 percent), and finding inspiration for activities and purchases (27 percent).

The seventh most common reason internet users go to social media is to find products to buy. As a (budding) e-commerce entrepreneur, you should pay special attention to this statistic: 26.2 percent of people use social media to search for purchases. That’s over a quarter — more sales opportunities — and certainly underscores the benefits of social media marketing.

Sharing and discussing opinions with others is also among the top uses of social media, with only one in four users doing so. With around 23.6 percent each, live viewing and new interactions make up the top 10 of the social media rankings.

Tiktok Overtakes Twitter In Irish Social Media Popularity Stakes, But Facebook And Instagram Dominate

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In today’s social networking era, Facebook dominates the industry with 85% of users. Use the Internet worldwide (excluding China). This shows Facebook’s ability to sustain membership despite increasing competition and a 38% stock decline since July.

YouTube is second, Facebook Messenger is third. WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter are also suitable competitors and fall behind the top 3.

The Popularity Of Social Media

A new GlobalWebIndex report shows that many messaging services, such as Snapchat, Line, Viber and WeChat, are popular among specific demographics and markets. This is surprising as these platforms are further down the infographic below.

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When it comes to messaging services, there is a close relationship between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. While Facebook leads in the number of subscribers, WhatsApp has more monthly users. However, Snapchat ranked third and didn’t see much success in North America, particularly among Gen Z.

The report also reveals that Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp are the most used platforms for networking, entertainment and messaging respectively.

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Most Americans report using YouTube and Facebook, while Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok use is particularly common among adults under the age of 30.

Social Media Platforms Your Brand Should Use

To understand the use of online social media, online platforms, and messaging apps, the Pew Research Center of Americans conducted a survey of 1,502 US adults using cell phones and landlines from January 25 to February 8, 2021. Conducted by interviewers led by Abt Associates, the survey is weighted to represent the adult population of the United States by gender, race, ethnicity, education and other categories. Here are the questions used for this report along with the answers and how.

Despite much controversy and negative public sentiment about the nature of social media, about seven in 10 Americans say they have used some social media site — a proportion the report says has remained relatively stable over the past five years. A new Pew Research Center survey of US adults.

In addition to the general question about overall social media use, the survey also includes the use of individual websites and apps. YouTube and Facebook continue to dominate the online landscape, with 81% and 69% respectively reporting having used these sites. And YouTube and Reddit are the only two platforms to have measured statistically significant growth since 2019, when the center’s most recent survey on the subject was conducted via phone poll.

The Popularity Of Social Media

Regarding other platforms in the survey, 40% of adults reported using Instagram, and about three-tenths reported using Pinterest or LinkedIn. One in four said they used Snapchat, and a similar proportion said they used Twitter or WhatsApp. TikTok — an app for sharing short videos — is used by 21% of Americans, while 13% say they use the Nextdoor home platform.

Does Social Media Bring People Together Or Isolate Them?

While other platforms can’t match the overall reach of YouTube or Facebook, there are some websites or apps, notably Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, that have a particularly strong following among young people. In fact, the majority of 18-29 year olds say they use Instagram (71%) or Snapchat (65%), while around half say the same for TikTok.

These results are from a nationally representative survey of 1,502 US adults conducted by telephone between January 25 and February 8, 2021.

YouTube is the most used online platform asked about in this survey, and there is evidence that its reach is growing. A whopping 81% of Americans say they’ve used video sharing

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