How To Make Tissue Box

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How To Make Tissue Box – I love craft stores. I can spend hours on it, I always buy something whether I want it or not. I was drawn to colors and shapes and the possibilities of art. As soon as I walked out of the store, I felt a shock. Art supplies are expensive! Thank you!

So I embrace the moment my fingers don’t leave an empty tissue box hovering over the recycling bin. I’ve finished a square frame box and tried to create as much art as possible in it. Here are eight thoughts that popped into my head as I rummaged through the box. I did all of this in just over an hour.

How To Make Tissue Box

How To Make Tissue Box

A square box is the perfect length for a flat pen. I just cut two pieces one inch wide and glued them together with a pen holder in between. Vbnm Simple Plastic Tissue Box Cover

This was the first thought that came to my mind. I had some gift tags lying around to use as templates, so I just took them to the back of the tissue box card, cut them out and punched a hole for the ribbon. Super fast and easy.

The gift tags can be any style you want. Consider heart shapes, circles, squares or rectangles. You might want to be really fancy and trace the butterfly with a stencil. It’s totally up to you.

Making greeting cards is fun and creative, and you don’t need much to turn a plain white card into a work of art.

I cut three inch wide circles and glued them to the center of the card. I just want a red rose.

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I punched eight circles and only used three for the greeting card idea above. So I cut each remaining circle (five of them) in half and used them as petals for the flower.

I cut a half inch circle to act as an anchor and then attached it to the edge of each petal.

Think of a compass and add a petal to the north end of the circle, then south, east and west. Add the rest of the petals in between the first four to create a uniform effect.

How To Make Tissue Box

There is a hole at the top of the tissue box where you can pull a tissue. It is always made out of a box for stability.

Diy Piggy Banks With Tissue Boxes

There is usually a piece of plastic with a crack in the middle that acts as a window to this space.

Cut a square from the middle of the box and cut the sides so that you have an equal part of the design of the box that decorates the space.

You can now use the empty space as a scroll decoration or as an addition to a photo frame.

I had some rectangular card stock left after cutting the two pieces needed for the flat pen and didn’t want to waste it, so I punched a hole in the top and made a quick bookmark.

Cork Tissue Box Cover

Find a cute little doll online and draw (or draw) a few outfits for her on the back of a physical box card. I can put three small clothes on the side of the body box.

I have a butterfly stencil, but you can draw them by hand or with holes. I like butterflies. I think they add pizzazz to any art project.

I was able to cut two beautiful butterflies from the last piece of tissue box card. I will keep them for future greeting cards or crafts.

How To Make Tissue Box

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Talloni never gave me a cell phone. That’s a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

Of course you used the tissue box well! I like butterflies for mobile. If you’re looking for fun and easy home decor, making your own drawer lids is a great option! It only takes a few ingredients and is ready in a few hours!

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get started with modeling wax, the materials you’ll need, and how to make a blue and silver quilt cover, both square and rectangular. box.

You may be wondering what plastic sheeting even is. Plastic fabric is a material made of hard plastic with regular holes intended to imitate fabric. Its mesh construction allows you to weave yarn or dental floss through the holes to create intricate designs such as cross-stitch and embroidery.

Granny`s Tissue Box Cover

The plastic fabric is stronger than other needle bases, so the final product holds its shape. This makes it great for creating everything from coasters to table runners and (you guessed it) physical box covers.

Because rubber bands are such a popular craft, you can find them at most craft stores (or in the craft aisle of many supermarkets like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.)

You can buy plastic sheets in four different sizes: 5#, 7#, 10# and 14#, with 7# being the most common. The numbers refer to how many holes the fabric has per inch. The 5# clear plastic fabric has the largest holes because it only takes 5 holes to make one inch, while the 14# has the smallest holes because it has 14 holes per inch.

How To Make Tissue Box

The quality of your elastic will determine what type of yarn you need for your project. As mentioned above, 7# plastic cloth is a common material and a good choice for a wide variety of jobs. She uses thick yarn, which is always worsted yarn, which makes it easier to get the stuff.

Fabric Rectangular Tissue Box Cover Diy Kit, Cartonnage Kit 181, Onlin

5# fabric can also be used with worsted yarn if you use a lot of yarn, but it’s easier to just use thicker yarn. It is best used for large projects like purses, clutches and bags.

10# and 14# fabric works best with embroidery thread or a small thread like sports or thick lace. These fabric sizes are best when you want to make complex patterns or do color work in your projects.

Now that you know the basics of plastic sheeting, you’re ready to start making your plastic sheeting! This is a great project for beginners because it only uses basic stitches and is easy to work with. Note: for this project we are making a decorative tissue box cover and if you want to make a rectangle, we have a conversion guide at the end of this article.

Cut five squares from your plastic sheet with sharp scissors. Each hole should be 34 holes long and 34 holes wide.

Don’t Throw Away Tissue Boxes

When you’re done cutting, you should have a large piece of plastic around the edge of the square. Cut them with scissors or a craft knife. Try to get rid of them as much as possible, as your yarn can catch on them as you knit.

Cut a square hole in the center of one of your sides. This bar is the cover and the hole where the animal eats. You have 10 mesh holes left on both sides of the hole and 13 mesh holes at the top and bottom.

Now it’s time to start sewing! In this project we will use bias stitches starting from the top left corner. Diagonal stitching provides the most coverage, so you’ll see less plastic in the finished product.

How To Make Tissue Box

Thread your needle with 3′ of silver thread. Start by selecting one of your sidebars.

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Make the first stitch by pushing the needle up through the first hole of the second row and down through the second hole of the first row. Pull the string taut, leaving a small 2″ tail at the end.

Make the next stitch by passing the needle through the first hole of the third row and down through the third hole of the first row. As you can see, this stitch is the same as the first, except it goes through three stitches instead of two.

You can easily exercise your tail by placing it behind the bed while you work. The stitch is formed around the tail of the yarn, preventing it from coming out later.

Continue making five open stitches by pulling the needle through the next open stitch in the bottom row and down through the next open stitch in the top row.

How To Make A Tissue Box Cover

Finish the row by decreasing the stitches one space at a time until you are back to a stitch with two spaces.

Attach it by weaving the end of the yarn through several stitches on the back of the fabric. Remove the excess.

To start the next row, you need to change the color. Make a thread from the blue thread 3. Pass the needle through the last hole in the hole

How To Make Tissue Box

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