Make Your Own Sweet Cart

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Make Your Own Sweet Cart – Wedding sweet tables filled with meat are a reception that guests will remember forever. Regardless of age (or how full they are after that three-course wedding breakfast), no one can resist the siren call of those striped paper bags.

Along with increasingly creative dessert tables, candy bars and buffets have become a major trend in recent years thanks to their great sense of nostalgia and low cost, high reward. Not to mention the fact that they couldn’t be stronger on Instagram: colorful candies + elegant serving plates + a cute tagline = a recipe for sweet, photogenic success.

Make Your Own Sweet Cart

Make Your Own Sweet Cart

Thinking of making your own for your big day? These sweet wedding table ideas will give you plenty of inspiration on how to display your choices, and we’ve got all the tips and props you’ll need to make sure your display fits seamlessly into the wider theme of the wedding. Sugar Rush, that’s it…

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A tall industrial display rack like this one will have room for all the sweets your guests can dream up, as well as additional decor like flowers and signs. Check out second-hand shops, Gumtree, Freecycle or the Facebook market to see if you can find a second-hand gem, or check out sites like Amazon where you can invest in similar styles for under £100 (and search for they have a place at home after a big day).

Another great way to repurpose old furniture! This dark wood desk will look especially great at a wedding with a vintage vintage feel. Old-fashioned jars bring back fond memories of retro sweets, and we love the idea of ​​hanging a series of fun photos behind the arrangement for people to admire as they take a bite.

If your wedding is all about solid colors, a rainbow of M&M’s and lollipops can distract from the final aesthetic. However, it’s totally possible to match your desserts by color, as this couple did on their pastel pink table. If you can’t enjoy a certain color, accent it with white or metallic, which are more neutral.

This small but perfectly formed arrangement is proof that you don’t have to break the bank or spend a fortune to make a wedding sweet table part of your day. If you already have lots of dessert options, a few candies per person will do just fine – place them on a mini picnic table and use a napkin to support the bags.

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If you want to go big, we suggest you find a charming wobbly wooden cart like this one. Using baskets and a much smaller side table is also a smart way to expand your display without the burden of setting up – add flowers, streamers and ribbons and you’re good to go.

If this sounds like your childhood fantasy, now is the time to make it a reality – what could be better than a dresser full of candy?! This is another idea where thrift stores and shoe sales are your friend. You can play with the look of the furniture by painting it or updating the handles.

When you think of a buffet table, you probably think of a long and rectangular table, but round designs are actually often even better, allowing guests to access all areas at once. Hessian cloth and brown paper give this table an elegant, rustic look, while the use of accessories and sideboards of varying heights make the pieces interesting for the eyes and taste buds.

Make Your Own Sweet Cart

Aren’t you really a nice person? No problem – why not opt ​​for an all-chocolate display case? From chocolate honeycomb and Brazil nuts to classics like Ferrero Rocher, there’s still plenty to choose from. The couple kept things looking ultra-luxe, sticking to a warm palette of browns, creams and golds against cool, neutral paper fans.

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Jars, vases and votives are fine, but letters really make a statement in every sense of the phrase. Love is definitely a great choice for a wedding, but you can also add a more personal touch and find plaques in the shape of your initials or bowls with numbers to write your wedding date.

Calling all bright brides and grooms, this is the table for you! From neon paint on the table legs to lots of bright flowers, we can’t think of a more brilliant way to showcase colorful sweets like jellies, pink shrimp, coolers and flying saucers.

As you can probably tell by now, the type of vase you use will make a big difference to your finished look. Sweets come in all shapes and sizes, so your containers should too. Look for wider bon bon jars for larger, rounder options, and look for taller hurricane styles to hold tall sweets like wire and lollipops.

Stairs look especially cute at an outdoor wedding, as they are perfect for a summer garden party. The baby blue color of this is especially striking against the bright reds and pinks of the candy – and it’s such a simple yet effective touch to add a drawstring to the frame of the bag.

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Wooden boxes are a dream come true for shabby chic weddings – you can pick them up for next to nothing and they have so many great uses, including pride of place on your wedding sweet table. Keeping it simple, they’re still stylish, but don’t be afraid to color them up to match your larger theme.

Sometimes one type of candy is more than enough – just look at this low-budget idea that packs a punch! Start stocking up on jars of jam or pasta sauces now, then fill them with different flavors of individually wrapped, single-use desserts like rock. This would be especially good for a beach or nautical themed party.

Speaking of candy-only situations, we’ve yet to find a better way to bring the whole display to a wedding. Fluffy cotton candy clouds have such a great visual effect (

Make Your Own Sweet Cart

Will be taking photos with their wand!), and don’t forget that you don’t have to think pink – in fact, you can find suppliers today who can make cotton candy in every shade.

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This wedding sweet table forgoes vases in favor of a combo of vases and votives. To get the look, look for miniature bowls, large glasses and other dessert stands, as well as standard dessert jars – if you’re ready to invest, LSA has a range of quality options that you can use in your kitchen for years to come, or start a regular thrift store visit. to buy what’s in stock.

Another great (and super affordable) alternative to jars are cake stands. You can get them from stores like IKEA or Flying Tiger for just a few pounds and you’ll have plenty of space to arrange your favorite cakes on their tiers.

This soft, pastel display is super pretty, and it’s easy to find candies to go with it—you’d be surprised how many candies are available in these baby pinks and blues. Start with marshmallows, candy necklaces, gooey dips, and doll mixes, then move on to lollipops and favors.

Another color combination we couldn’t resist is the blue and gold collection with white accents. There’s something incredibly decadent about chocolates and gold-encrusted sweets – and we’re obsessed with the genius addition of white chocolate pretzels in the background.

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Move bar carts, sweet carts right where they belong. This metal base exudes elegance with its rose gold finish and gold leaf detailing around the base. It’s an example of how less can sometimes be more – there are less than 10 different types of desserts here, but ones that take center stage without seeming cluttered or too busy.

Grazing plates are trendy for any event and don’t have to include meats and cheeses. Get inspired by this amazing concoction—you just need more boards and bowls to expand it for additional guests.

For those having a travel-inspired day, it’s a great finishing touch. Vintage leather suitcases, even if they’re a little worn, are such a fun and whimsical addition to any wedding display. Use them to add an extra layer to your candy selection, as done here, or if it has a great coating, open it up and pour caramel inside.

Make Your Own Sweet Cart

It may seem like a chicken or the egg thing to choose your style before desserts, but at the end of the day, you need at least a rough idea of ​​the space you need to fill before you start filling it. Check with your venue about the best location and it’s worth contacting your suppliers to see if they can help – for example, the caterer may have glassware that you can hire rather than buy

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