Job In Jakarta For Foreigner

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A Bahteramas hospital nurse is seen wearing safety gear in a special isolation room for patients infected with the coronavirus in Kendari, southeast Sulawesi, on January 28. Given the large number of foreign workers from China working in nickel refineries in several districts. In this province, the hospital has prepared five rooms to await the spread of the virus. (Antara/Jojon)

Job In Jakarta For Foreigner

Job In Jakarta For Foreigner

The management consultancy owner John, 55, who is from the US but has run his business in Indonesia for 10 years, said he would consider hiring foreign workers as his business grows. However, he said employing foreigners in Indonesia is an unattractive option due to high cost restrictions.

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Aside from being more expensive to pay for their services, the extensive administrative procedures to follow, reports to submit, and licenses to enter, reside and work in Indonesia made the overall experience difficult.

Therefore, it would make sense to simplify the process and make it easier for companies to hire foreigners, especially when it comes to foreign investors, he said.

“You cannot attract foreign investment unless you allow foreign investors to send credible and experienced managers to manage their investments,” said John, who asked not to give his full name.

Indonesia is striving to attract more foreign investment by relaxing labor restrictions, and is happy to allow business owners like John to bring more foreigners into the country to work. But negative attitudes towards foreign workers and decades of legal restrictions have narrowed the scope for investment in this area – a problem the government’s Job Creation Act appears to be solving.

Starting A Business In Indonesia For Foreigners From Abroad

Hadi Subhan, a labor expert from Airlangga University in Surabaya, East Java, said the labor law appears to reduce existing barriers for employers to hire foreigners by only requiring them to submit their overseas employment plans (RPTKA).

Previous regulations required employers to produce an RPTKA and an Overseas Employment Permit (IMTA) in order to hire foreigners.

“Abolishing bureaucracy will affect investors’ willingness to invest money in Indonesia, as they could not only keep their money but also bring in workers [with a certain skill level],” Hadi said.

Job In Jakarta For Foreigner

He also pointed out that the tax breaks outlined in Article 111 of the law – in one of the latest iterations of the still unclear text that is still being circulated informally – would give foreigners more incentives to work in the country. The article states that foreign workers with “certain skills” can be exempted from income tax for four years from the point at which they are exposed to the local tax system.

A Guideline For Foreigners To Open A Bank Account In Indonesia

The new regulation does not harm the local workforce, at least not directly, Hadi suggested, in contrast to the severance payment amendment in the law, which applies to every employee. Also, the number of foreign workers is still small compared to the local workforce, he added.

Indonesia currently has about 100,000 foreign workers, according to the Labor Ministry, quoted in an interview with

Month of May. More than 35 percent of them come from China. That number pales in comparison to the roughly 138 million people in the national labor force in February 2020, BPS data shows.

However, the presence of foreign workers is not always welcome, as some sections of the population still fear that jobs could be taken away from them.

Pondering An Improbable Nation

A recent case involved about 500 Chinese workers who were allowed to enter the country in June this year to work on nickel smelting projects in South Konawe Province in Southeast Sulawesi, sparking protests from local residents angry at the employment of foreign workers when many of their properties have been sacked due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similar comments were made by the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) on October 9, which criticized the government for removing a work permit requirement for foreigners from the new labor law.

“It is evident that this will facilitate [efforts] to attract foreign workers. Not to mention that, in practice, many unskilled foreign workers will still come to the country,” the party wrote in a press release.

Job In Jakarta For Foreigner

Labor Minister Ida Fauziyah said in a virtual press conference on Oct. 8 that the Job Creation Law allows foreign workers to be employed in Indonesia only in “a specific employment relationship for a specific position for a specific period of time.” Foreign workers must also have skills that match the job description.

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“So not all positions can be filled by foreign workers,” Ida pointed out, while dismissing claims that the law gave opportunities to foreigners.

The minister stressed that every employer must still submit RPTKA plans, which can be verified by the central government. “Private employers” are also prohibited from hiring foreign workers, he added.

Amid intense debate over the law, which has yet to be published for consideration, Malaysian national Sean Ng, who works in the marketing department of a gaming company in Indonesia, said it was still unclear what “certain knowledge” meant. entitled to income tax benefits.

However, Ng supported simpler rules; He said he had to spend three to four months to get his temporary residency permit, or KITAS, which could mean it could take longer to get a permanent residency permit, or KITAP, which could be used as a basis for employment in the country. .

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Ng said there had to be a “sweet spot” between the number of visitors and the local workers needed. “Different ideas and different perspectives are good, but not too many [which] would reduce opportunities for locals,” he said.

Being a businessman himself, John said revoking the IMTA permit will save companies from paying a small fee. However, the tax incentive does not apply to foreigners who are already taxed internationally by their home countries.

“It is important that the regulation […] must be implemented within a period that is well communicated and that [existing] foreign workers and all [candidates] have confidence that the new control structure will remain in place. for a long time,” he said. Life in Indonesia can be difficult for immigrants, not to mention the crazy traffic that can make it difficult to make a living. how can you ask Well, from finding secure employment to navigating the bureaucratic nightmare of the visa process, every visitor needs to make sure they are as informed and educated as possible.

Job In Jakarta For Foreigner

We’re here to help! We hope that our six points will serve you well and put you on the right path to finding the requirements that every worker must legally meet and the basics for obtaining a legal work permit in Indonesia.

Living In Jakarta, Indonesia

Foreigners interested in working in Indonesia should understand that the government generally tries to reduce the unemployment rate among local people. As a result, policies are being developed to protect the native workforce by restricting foreign workers to positions that cannot be filled by native workers. In other words, foreigners are more likely to be accepted to work in Indonesia if they have expertise in their field.

Finding a job in Indonesia is not easy. Finding the right vacancy is not always as easy as it is with JobStreet or JobsDB, for example. Often foreigners come to Jakarta on an assignment from a company that employs them at home or through an agency. That being said, individuals in Indonesia can still find work through online conferencing and often email from companies of interest. It also helps to attend networking events (of which there are many in Jakarta these days).

Most foreigners who work here are usually employed by foreign companies, teach English or work in the export sector. However, it is worth noting that Indonesia’s tech startup and e-commerce sector has become more and more successful in recent years with foreign founders and foreign talent. Due to the aforementioned need for ‘professionals’, young professionals often work as English teachers, while older professionals often work as consultants, engineers and developers in industries such as mining or oil and gas.

When it comes to visas, it’s best to let the company that hired you facilitate the process. This is because it is a long and incredibly bureaucratic process. You must apply for the appropriate visa to work in Indonesia. Documents such as visa on arrival and business visa do not allow foreigners to work in the country, even if you can stay for up to two months.

Regional Differences In Indonesia’s Job Market

Any company that hires an Indonesian expert must apply to the government for the admission of foreigners. If the government approves the application, the expert can be granted a work permit.

A work permit (IMTA) is important because if you don’t have it, you’re not working legally

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