Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm

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Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm – Economical 1500cc cars of any model and type are the main mobility solution during the Cov-19 pandemic. Even in the midst of the pandemic, business as usual continues. To support safety, owning a personal vehicle such as a car is a priority.

Tips for buying a used or new car, which is smart, must consider the economic aspect. The reason is that many people do not think about the use and maintenance of the car in the future.

Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm

Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm

Daihatsu Rocky is an economical SUV, including the most economical 1500cc car in 2021. The dimensions of this car are 4,030 mm x 1,710 mm x 1,635, with a ground clearance of 200 mm.

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The performance of this new Daihatsu Rocky engine is 1000cc with power up to 97.8 ps at 6,000 rpm. The maximum torque produced is 15.2 kg at 2,400-4,000 rpm.

Daihatsu Rocky comes with smart entry equipped with push button start, power mode switch, dual airbags and other technological features. Such as cameras, parking sensors, seat belt warnings, alarms and immobilizers and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution).

In addition, technologies that help your driving comfort on various terrains, such as HSA and VSC, which help the vehicle from sliding and backing up when standing on slopes.

Toyota Raize is expected to be launched again in mid-2021 with an engine capacity of 1,200 cc. After the launch of Toyota Raize with a volume of 1,000 cm3.

Rekomendasi Mobil 1500cc Paling Irit Tahun 2021 Versi Carsome

The engine’s appeal is further enhanced by using the LCGC engine platform already present in the Raize 1,000 cc. How fitting to be the latest 1500cc performance car, right?

Toyota Raize fuel consumption is 18.6 km/liter with 98 PS and 140 Nm torque. The latest features of Toyota Raize are double airbags, curtain airbags, blind spot monitoring, cruise control, LED headlamps with driving lights that make the exterior of this car sporty.

Comfort driving features with intelligent parking system, cornering lights and pedestrian detection system. In Toyota Raize Toyota Rocky drive system Toyota Rocky has two options which are 2WD and FWD.

Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm

The Wuling Almaz RS is the flagship SUV of Wuling’s current top variant. Equipped with Indonesian Wuling Command technology (WIND) and Smart Wuling Interconnected ecosystem with advanced features of IOV (Internet of Vehicles) and Advanced Driver Helper System (ADAS).

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The new PPnBM machine was added to Wuling Almaz Hospital. Engine capacity DOHC, Turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine 1451 cc with a maximum power of 140 hp at 5200 rpm.

With a fuel consumption of 1 liter, it can travel 14.2 km on the road without traffic and 10.2 km/liter in the city. Maximum torque of 250 Nm at 1600-3600 rpm with 8-speed automatic transmission (CVT). 10.4 inch Wuling Almaz head unit.

Wuling Confero is one of the MPVs from Wuling with a capacity of 1485 cc. There are 3 standard types namely Wuling Confero S type, C type and L type. The difference in the S variant is that it has a built-in ISOFIX feature and a single AC blower in the interior has a touch screen head unit.

The C variant has dual air conditioning and power outlets in all rows of seats and has airbags and 4-point parking sensors. The Confero L type is equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, rear disc brakes, ABS parking sensors and EBD braking features.

Mobil Irit Bensin Dimulai Sebelum Mengemudi Di Jalan, Persiapannnya Mudah Dan Nyaman

The passenger capacity of the whole car is 8 people and it is suitable for family cars. Using 1 liter of gasoline, this car can travel 12 km, which is a record used in cities such as Jakarta.

Confero torque is 142 Nm with a maximum power of 107 PS at 5800 revolutions and 142 Nm at 3800 RPM.

The advantage of Daihatsu Sirion is its fashionable exterior with dimensions of 3,895mm x 1,735mm x 1,525mm so it can be used as a car that can be used in the city. This car has a capacity of 4 to 5 people.

Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm

The car is equipped with Dual VVT-i technology with an engine capacity of 1329 cm3 and 94 hp. The Sirion’s advantages include a more powerful engine and a spacious rear cabin with a central door locking feature.

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The advantage of this machine is that it has many parts and many USB cables. The car is also equipped with a 2DIN audio system with modern speakers.

One of the fuel efficient sedans is the Toyota Vios. It measures 4424 mm x 1730 mm x 1500 mm with a tank capacity of 42 L.

For 1 liter this car can reach 24.8 km, right? Used Toyota Vios is still one of the most fuel efficient 1500cc cars in the sedan class.

It has a maximum power of 107 HP at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 141 Nm at 4200 rpm. Equipped with ABS technology, it has the best braking quality.

Cara Mudah Agar Mobil Lebih Irit Bbm

The interior of this car is equipped with various safety features such as airbags with a capacity of 5 seats. The main unit is equipped with front and rear 2DIN audio speakers with touch screen.

Honda BR-V has the same shape as Mobilio, the difference is higher ground clearance and bigger body. Cars with i-VTEC 1500 cc 4-cylinder engine technology. This car’s engine tank is 42 liters.

For 1 liter of petrol, you can travel 40 kilometers. This car has an eco-driving feature that makes the car more economical.

Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm

The Honda BR-V kitchen line has a capacity of 1497 cm3, 4 cylinders, SOHC and i-Vtec with a capacity of 120 hp and a maximum torque of 145 Nm. This car is classified as a low SUV.

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Honda Civic is a sedan with a sporty design. This car comes with Honda Sensing, which includes collision braking, lane keeping assist and lane departure warning.

This car received the safest rating of 5 stars from NCAP crash tests and IIIHS Top Safety Pick +

Honda Civic relationship is very big, only part of the defect is related to the price of spare parts or Honda Civic Turbo spare parts are considered expensive. For 1 liter of gasoline, this car can travel 17 kilometers.

In 2020, Honda City received the “ASEAN NCAP 5 Star Excellence Awards”. Honda City cars from the 2nd generation to the last generation have won 5 consecutive safety.

Konsumsi Bbm Toyota Avanza Veloz Vs Mitsubishi Xpander, Siapa Paling Irit?

The performance of the Honda City engine always relies on the 1.5-liter SOHC i-VTEC, which is known as a complete engine with more perfect power and traction.

For the use of 1 liter of gasoline, the distance reached 23.3 kilometers. Maximum power output is 118 HP at 6600 rpm and maximum torque is 145 Nm at 4600 rpm. Honda City is available with manual and automatic transmission, the passenger capacity of this car is 5 seats.

Toyota Yaris turned out to be a car that sometimes has an interesting design. Yaris is really classified as a modern hatchback suitable for use by mothers as well as a suitable car for children.

Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm

The engine performance of the car is 1500cc with 4-cylinder DOHC Dual VVTi configuration. The power produced is 107 PS with a maximum torque of 144 Nm.

Mobil Sedan Perawatan Gampang Irit Bbm

Toyota Yaris has a very economical fuel consumption, with a consumption of 1 liter of 13.8 km in the city, and 17.4 km in the extra city.

This hatchback car is also loved because it is efficient but the most economical 1500cc car for daily commuting Recommended for the most fuel efficient car for those who are currently looking for a four wheeler and can save on fuel costs. . If generally the car runs from 9 to 11 kilometers per liter, the most fuel efficient car travels up to 20 kilometers per liter.

This will definitely attract people’s attention because it can save the cost of buying fuel. Not only cars with LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) technology. However, some other car models have similar performance.

This line of fuel efficient vehicles is the solution for your daily transportation. Because BBM cars force the owner to spend a lot of money.

Mobil Irit Bbm Inilah Beberapa Tips Yang Kami Berikan

Good news for those currently looking for a new car with a fuel-efficient engine. These recommendations for the most fuel-efficient cars can be your choice.

If you drive according to the car company’s instructions, your fuel consumption will be saved. Now, fuel efficient car models have ECO features.

This feature shows whether the vehicle is low on fuel or not. If the ECO sign is green, then your position while driving is correct.

Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm

Summing up from various sources, along with fuel efficiency, this recommended car also includes a cheap car. It starts from less than 200 million rupiah to a used car that costs less than 100 million rupiah. I wonder what car? Below is the review.

Rekomendasi Mobil Diesel Terbaik, Dijamin Irit!

Suzuki Ignis is one of the new cars produced by Suzuki. This car uses a 1,197 cc engine, 5-speed manual transmission.

Suzuki Ignis is a four-wheel drive car that can travel a distance of 23.64 kilometers using only 1 liter of fuel.

The next fuel efficient car from BMW is the BMW 320d. This car is the most fuel efficient four-wheel drive from European manufacturers.

BMW 320d series uses a 1998 cc engine, 8-speed automatic transmission. BMW claims that the 320d series can travel up to 23.3 kilometers on just 1 liter of petrol.

Konsumsi Bbm Toyota, Mana Yang Paling Irit?

In Indonesia. The engine has a capacity of 1200 cc with manual transmission. The Datsun company claims that this self-made car can travel up to 23.5 kilometers with only 1 liter of gasoline.

Another Indonesian Datsun product that is quite fuel efficient is the Datsun Go+ Panca. Same as Datsun GO, this car also still uses a 1200 cc engine.

For a distance of 23.5 kilometers, Datsun GO+ Panca only needs 1 liter of fuel. What sets the Datsun GO apart is its features and price. But the price of these two cars is equally cheap.

Mobil Bensin Paling Irit Bbm


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