Harga Motor Yamaha Di Bali

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Harga Motor Yamaha Di Bali – Hello brother, see you again, this time I will give you a little information about the price of Yamaha Gear 125 in Bali. As you know, on November 25, YIMM officially launched a new matic called Gear 125.

Looking new, the Matic has a fresh look and some of the latest Yamaha features. For example, this motorcycle has been equipped with SMG (Smart Engine Generator) so the starter sound is smoother when the engine is started and also the charging socket.

Harga Motor Yamaha Di Bali

Harga Motor Yamaha Di Bali

In addition, there are also features of the repeat answer system and the start stop system in the Gear S version. The Gear 125 is available in two versions, the standard version and the S Version with many features.

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In addition, this matic has the nickname SUG (Sport Utility Gear) because this motorcycle has many features that curse the user. For example, it has two shelves for things, there is also a footrest for children in the pillion, in addition there are also accessories for foot pedals and a front box cover for more safety.

Now, this motorcycle has started to be distributed to areas around Indonesia, including Bali. So, for those of you who want to know the price of Gear 125 in Bali, you can make this blog as a price recommendation.

So for those curious about the price of the Yamaha Gear 125, it turns out that the standard version of the Yamaha Gear 125 costs 17,290,000 RAS in the Bali area and the Yamaha Gear 125 S version costs 17,890,000 RAS OTR in Bali.

That’s a brief information about the price of Yamaha Mio Gear 125 Bali, standard version and S version, I hope it’s useful. Bali is really beautiful and there is no need to argue because that’s how the island of the gods is even more magical. DDS Bali marketing area. Imagine my sister…. With a long distance from Jakarta and having to cross the strait in distribution, the fact that the price of Yamaha motorcycles in Bali is still cheap and can make people laugh! How much does it cost? Please keep reading!

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For the latest Yamaha motorcycle lineup in 2020, let’s say Yamaha All New NMAX non-ABS, the price is only 30 million points, while in some other areas where the distribution distance is closer, the price is higher than that. So at the price of WR155, trail bike with VVA only 37 million comma, while in other areas? Self-improvement knows how much it costs…

As if not satisfied with the low prices given to these two latest motorcycles, the price of the Yamaha XSR 155, a heritage sport, is also priced at an astonishing price… imagine a modern retro sport that costs only 38 million. , that’s all. Come on… Consumers of Yamaha Bali are delicious bro…

This entry was posted in 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, adventure, automatic, general, yamaha and tagged freego, price nmax, lexi, nmax bali, wr155, xmax, xsr. Bookmark permalink – hello bro. Finally, it is answered that the Yamaha retro scooter is officially released today by the name of Fazio 125 with countless features and specifications that can be said to be entertaining for lovers of cute motorcycles for their daily needs.

Harga Motor Yamaha Di Bali

The Yamaha Fazzio 125 is available in 2 versions, the Fazio Neo and the Fazio Lux type which looks classic sporty and elegant. Both have a smartkey and a Bluecore Hybrid engine and are also equipped with double hooks that can accommodate more luggage, front and rear, especially the luggage is quite spacious with a capacity of 17 liters.

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Interestingly, in fact Yamaha is even crazier by implementing a hybrid in the 125cc bluecore engine that makes the engine pull more efficiently with the help of Blue Core Hybrid Technology that has 2 power sources that connect to each other, ie. is the power generated from the engine and the power from the Electrical Power Assist Start that makes the initial acceleration more powerful and smooth, especially when transporting passengers, goods, and uphill.

Well, from here many Balinese friends ask how much is the price of Yamaha Fazio 125 in Bali? The answer is quite simple, it’s because Yamaha Motor Bali doesn’t want to change the price too far with the price in Jakarta, which is a bit surprising, why? Because the price difference between Jakarta and Bali is only 50,000 rupiah.

Don’t believe it? Try asking the Yamaha dealer in Bali, the Fazio price in Jakarta is Rp 21,700,000 for the NEO version with IDR. 22,000,000 for the LUX version, while for the Bali price, Fazio 125 Neo Rpl. 21,750,000 and for the Lux version Rp. 22,050,000 OTR Bali

Yes.. the price bro, the strategy of Yamaha Motor Bali to set the price is not far different from Jakarta has been done since the days of Nmax, Aerox and other maxi scooters and can make Balinese choose Yamaha products. Of course, Yamaha Motor Bali wants to repeat the success in the category of the new Yamaha motorcycle family, which is the Classic, the second class after the Maxi Yamaha.

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Below are the color options for the Yamaha Fazzio 125 in Bali which unit is expected to be ready at the Bali Yamaha Motors dealer next week.- Bali OTR. It’s a cash price… so what about the All New XSR 155 credit simulation? What is the minimum down payment you can bring to your garage? Therefore, let’s continue reading the article about the latest modern retro sports motorcycle from SOHC Yamaha engine that can produce a maximum power of 14.2 kW / 10,000 rpm and the peak torque of this engine is 14.7 Nm / 8500 rpm.

Yamaha XSR 155 has a fuel tank that can hold up to 10.4 liters of fuel. It also comes with a delta chassis like most Yamaha sports bikes. For Yamaha brake equipment, the brakes are complete with 2-piston front brake and 1-piston rear brake. As for tires, the W175 competitor is equipped with 110/70-17 M/C (54S) and a large rear tire, which is 140/70-17 M/C (66S).

Ok, straight to the point, minimum DP XSR 155 in credit simulation? The answer is only 5 million. That is, you can win XSR 155 through a credit plan with a down payment of only 5 million. If you are interested bro, please stop by the nearest dealer in your city. This is for the Bali region, yes… for the East Java region and the independent jurisdiction called DDS for the AG and AE board is coming soon…

Harga Motor Yamaha Di Bali

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