When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

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When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink – What you need to know about Starbucks Rewards to earn stars and redeem them for free drinks and food!

Starbucks Rewards is a loyalty program where members earn stars, similar to points, for free merchandise at Starbucks.

When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

To earn and redeem stars for a free drink on your birthday, you must join the Starbucks Rewards program online or through their app and become a member.

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Make sure to use it on your birthday. You used to have a whole month of birthdays to apply for, but now it’s just one day.

To qualify for a Birthday Reward, you must make at least 1 star transaction each year before your birthday, and you must be a Rewards member at least 7 days before your birthday.

TIP: Tell the barista that you are using your “Birthday Rewards” or he will automatically use all the stars you collect for free items.

Every dollar spent will earn you at least one star. There are different ways to get red stars and double or three stars.

To Redeem Your Starbucks Birthday Coffee You Must First Sign Up For A Starbucks Rewards Account

Ways to earn and reward stars include paying through the app, carrying reusable Starbucks cups, reward stars challenges and Starbucks games.

Earn 1 star per order using your saved payment method in the app (credit card, debit card) or cash/credit card plus your Starbucks Rewards scan code.

If you set up your card in the app to top up with PayPal, you’ll earn 2 stars per $1 spent.

When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

Sit in the cafe and get free refills of your brewed coffee or tea (hot or iced) during the same visit.

Here’s How To Get Your Free Red Cup From Starbucks For 2022

Click Offers at the bottom of the app screen to see which bonus challenges are available to you, then click Join or Activate to participate.

Offers can also be emailed from Starbucks Rewards, and you can join by clicking the link in the email.

Please ensure you activate or participate in each promotion and abide by the offer details, otherwise you will not be awarded the extra stars.

Every time you bring a drink from a Starbucks mug, you’ll earn 25 stars and save 10 cents off the price of your drink.

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Collect 25 stars and pay to customize your drink for free. Add a free shot of espresso or your favorite syrup.

Collect 150 stars and get a free craft drink of any size, hot breakfast or parfait.

Yes, your stars will expire 6 months from the date you earn them. You probably won’t get notifications from Starbucks that they’re about to expire, so be sure to check how many you have in the app and use them regularly. Check your Starbucks Rewards account online and select My Rewards from the drop-down menu to see a list of earned stars and their expiration dates.

When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

No. You only get 25 stars and a 10-cent discount on drinks if you order in person at the cafe. Plus, up to 3 times a day for only 25 stars per order. So if you order two handcrafted drinks and bring two reusable cups in one order, you’ll get 25 stars and 10 cents off instead of 50 stars and 20 cents off .

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Bonus Star Challenges are regular offers to earn extra stars, sometimes tailored just for you. For example, if you buy a lot of lattes, you can get 3 lattes before 11am in 4 days and get 40 stars. Invitations will be sent by email (if you have opted in to receive marketing emails from Starbucks) or within the app.

Pro Tip: Make sure you activate or join each promotion and follow the offer details, or you won’t be eligible for the extra stars.

I am a professional coffee association trained barista creating simple and delicious coffee drink recipes. Let’s get some caffeine! If you are a Star Rewards member, you will receive a birthday reward every year. The window in which you must claim this reward has been shortened over the years. When Starbucks Rewards first launched (it was called “MyStarbucksRewards”), you had 30 days. Then it went for a week.

In October 2015, Starbucks switched to a four-day redemption window (2 days before your birthday and one day after your birthday) to redeem your free food or drink reward. On March 27, 2018, Starbucks changed the reward to only your birthday.

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I don’t want you to miss out, so I announce this: Your birthday reward will qualify you for a free drink or whatever is in your instant cooler. It’s pretty much any free drink or any free food. (You can’t redeem any alcoholic beverages for birthday rewards. Beer and wine are still served at some Starbucks airport locations. Franchise stores may have their own terms and conditions.) To qualify, you must be enrolled in the Starbucks Rewards program at least 30 days before your birthday. Claim your rewards on your birthday and keep your account active.

On March 27, 2018, all Starbucks Rewards members received a message in their in-app inbox informing them of the one-day-only change to redeem birthday rewards:

On my birthday (May 17th), I drove about 45 minutes to Starbucks (because I wanted to check out a new store) and changed myself to a Flat White. Super easy! I just told the barista at the register that I wanted to use my birthday reward, handed her my registered Starbucks card, and in no time I had the perfect drink!

When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

Don’t miss out on a free drink or food reward on your birthday! By the way, there are several ways you can tell Starbucks what you think: one way is by using the MyStarbucksIdea website.

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Starbucks Survey Receipt Gets You a Free Drink – Now $1 Off Your Next Purchase. Teacher Thank You Cards coming soon.

Take a closer look: My Starbucks Rewards – Free Medium Beverage with Whole Bean Purchase (Item 2 of 4) Starbucks Rewards has many benefits, one of which is birthday rewards. Rewards members can receive a free birthday drink or meal when they arrive at any participating Starbucks store on their birthday.

Want to celebrate your next birthday with your favorite Starbucks treat? Read on to learn more about Starbucks birthday rewards!

To get a free birthday drink at Starbucks, you must be a Starbucks Rewards member at least 7 days before your birthday. Also, you must earn at least one star in the year before your birthday.

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Then enter your birthday in the personal information section of your account page by clicking the person icon in the upper right corner of the app, or select it from the drop-down menu on the website.

If you do not enter your birthday on your rewards account page, you will not be eligible for a free birthday drink.

To get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday, you must sign up for Starbucks Rewards at least 7 days before your birthday.

When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

In the year before your birthday, you need to buy a star at least once.

How To Get Free Starbucks (for Real!)

To ensure you earn stars when you shop at Starbucks, pre-order in the app or use the Scan or Scan and Pay feature at participating stores.

The Starbucks Rewards program allows you to earn rewards or stars for every dollar you spend at participating locations.

Rewards members are eligible for additional benefits such as free refills, early access promotions and personalized offers.

To qualify for the Birthday Bonus, you must have earned at least one star within the 12 months preceding your birthday. If so, we’d be happy to investigate for you. — Starbucks Coffee (@Starbucks) April 12, 2021

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Almost everything on the Starbucks menu is fair game when you have a birthday reward, including handcrafted drinks and food.

Starbucks’ standard drink sizes are Short, Tall, Large, Hot, Cold, and Trenta, but not every drink has a variety of sizes.

For example, only some iced drinks, such as iced coffee and Starbucks soda, come in trenta sizes.

When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

If your drink of choice has a specific size, you can order that size as a free birthday drink.

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However, you can’t redeem birthday rewards for sizes or specific drinks that Starbucks doesn’t offer (no Frappuccino trenta, unfortunately.)

You also can’t redeem birthday rewards on different-sized items, such as Starbucks coffee travel cases that hold up to 12 people.

If you’re a rewards member, you can get almost every Starbucks menu item for free on your birthday, including food, full-size craft beverages, and bottled beverages.

However, you cannot redeem a Birthday Reward for more than one item or a “multipurpose” item, such as a coffee travel bag.

Starbucks Birthday Offer

Happy birthday, friend! Starbucks Rewards members get rewarded for drinking with us on their big day. Kiwi Carambola Starbucks Refreshers® Drinks are something special! 🎉 — Starbucks Coffee (@Starbucks) May 20, 2021

To claim your Starbucks birthday treat, present your Starbucks app or valid rewards card to the barista on your birthday.


When Do I Get My Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

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