How To Make Tissue Paper Daisy Flowers

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How To Make Tissue Paper Daisy Flowers – Our DIY paper flowers are perfect for home decor, scrapbooking and photography. You can learn how to make paper daisy flowers with our beginner-friendly tutorial!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you probably already know that we really love making paper flowers. We try to bring you paper flower tutorials every month and make the tutorials as simple as possible. Want to learn how to make paper flowers? They are really easy to make and do not require professional paper crafting skills. Even if you are a beginner, you can master this craft in no time. Although we made the daisies out of white paper, you can be creative and add as much color as you like.

How To Make Tissue Paper Daisy Flowers

How To Make Tissue Paper Daisy Flowers

For this particular paper we recommend using crepe paper as it already has texture and the flower will look more realistic.

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Download this Daisy template and print it out. Use scissors to cut out the patterns. You can use 1 sheet to trace all 12 daisy patterns, no need to cut out 12 sheets. This paper flower template includes 2 sets of different flower sizes, the bottom set is slightly larger. You can choose the set you want and cut them nicely.

Choose crepe paper for daisy flower crafts. We use white crepe paper for the petals and yellow for the central strip. On the paper chosen for the sheets, draw cutouts of the template pattern and cut neatly. Also, draw a line on the yellow paper and cut it out. Use scissors to cut clean, small, even edges on both sides of the yellow tape.

Take the yellow strips and start twisting them tightly. You can apply a small amount of glue when starting the coil and there will be no need to use glue between the coils. Continue rolling until the end of the strip. Apply glue to the end of the coil to secure the template. This is the center of the paper daisy flower.

This step is important. Cut a slit 1 cm from the bottom center of the leaf. Similarly, cut slits in each leaf.

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Apply glue to both sides of the piece, just a drop of glue is enough. Fold both sides of the glue over, making sure the glue stays between the two overlapping parts. Press them down to make sure they are securely connected. This will give the list a 3D look.

Join both sides of the slits one at a time to cut out all the leaves. Let the glue dry before making the daisy flower.

Draw a round shape and cut it out on the paper. Any plain paper or cardboard will do. Start by gluing 2 leaves to the outer edge of the round base, facing each other. The position of these 2 sheets will help you arrange the other sheets correctly.

How To Make Tissue Paper Daisy Flowers

Now attach the 2 plus 2 leaves on both sides of the attached leaves. We attached 6 petals to the edge of the round base, this is the first layer of petals for our paper daisy flower.

How To Make A Crepe Paper Daisy

For the 2nd layer of daisy petals, simply attach them towards the center of the base and place each petal between the 2 petals of the first layer. Placing the petals nicely and evenly is an important step in this craft, and the final look of the paper daisy flower will depend on this step.

Now just attach the yellow curled pattern to the center of the petals. Spread the nails of the central spiral with your fingertips.

And done! it wasn’t easy Now you can create more and use them to make a wreath or use them as photo props, scrapbooking and more.

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Easy DIY projects are fun and quick to make, and these paper daisy flowers are perfect for a quick weekend craft therapy. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments below. Please share pictures of your version of the craft if you try them. You can share your picture with the hashtag #craftaholicwitch on Instagram or Facebook or simply tweet us on Instagram or Facebook.

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How To Make Tissue Paper Daisy Flowers

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How To Make Tissue Paper Daisy Flowers

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How To Make Tissue Paper Daisy Flowers

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