How To Start A Blog

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How To Start A Blog – This is my promise to you. This blog post is the most helpful, informative, comprehensive, accurate, and practical with the most free resources you will ever read. ! I am also sharing exactly how I do blogging part time and how you can do it too.

I have read maybe 50 articles on “how to make money with a blog”, but basically nothing. That’s all. What to do about SEO, how to get affiliate links, advertising services to use, Lightroom presets, free photos, best plugins, Pinterest ideas, growth, and so on.

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

After six years of blogging, I have hundreds of ideas and tips. I really want to share with you all the information I have gathered through trial and error, research, and blogging friends at this time!

How To Start A Blog In Nepal

I have never spent more money on a blog. Now, I don’t charge regular fees for the site except for hosting and email. We’ll tell you how!

Are you ready? Because this is not a short letter that you already know. This is exciting, so take notes, pin them, and pay attention.

I went to graphic journalism school and worked as a graphic designer for a newspaper company for ten years before having children. Working with deadlines, photographers, journalists and editors has been very rewarding for me in the world of blogging. In a way, the blog is its own little newspaper.

Admittedly, blogging is not for everyone. In fact, for many people it is not. You should do it because you love it, not because you want easy money. You must have self-discipline. You have to be willing to spend “me time” doing it.

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However! If you want to do it, you can do it! You have a unique voice and talent. Everyone has something worth saying or sharing. Don’t worry about the sea of ​​blogs out there. Focus on what you want to do.

We will help you create a plan, show you free tools and how to get traffic, but it’s all there to express your ideas!

You can listen to the best blogging advice in the world, but it’s nothing if you don’t create killer content.

How To Start A Blog

Before we get into the fun stuff, we need to talk about technology. After all, you can’t have a blog without a website.

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1. Decide on a blog name. Think about this for a moment. It should work for all current and future versions. You can’t change it later without destroying Google’s hard work. (Example: If you won’t be blogging about motherhood in 8 years, don’t include “mother” in your name.) Also make sure your name is not used and the url is available.

2. Write a tagline for your blog. When you are thinking of your name, write your tagline. This will help define blog content for you and your readers! It is short, but it tells the reader exactly what I have to offer.

3. Choose a host. I use BlueHost. Don’t use free services. You need your own name. For example, using Blogspot, the URL would be Free, but not professional.

5. Choose a topic. Many sites to find content: Alien WP, WooCommerce, Return 316, Only Free.

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6. Start building your site. Think about what you want in your sidebar: images, short greetings, text (more on that later), search, recent posts, social media below , and more. Then you can start posting. Very happy!

7. After some time you will receive an email with your registered name. It looks more professional than a Gmail account. This can be done by Blue Host.

I’m not tech savvy, but I have access to YouTube. Just be willing to take the time to look, learn, and use your site.

How To Start A Blog

Don’t add too many plugins. The website is slow. Fast loading time is important for the readers of your site. I have 24, which is too many.

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Akismet Anti-Spam: Protect your blog from spam. This can save you a lot of time removing hundreds of spam messages. (You can choose the price.)

All In One WP Security: Add security to your site and get monthly backups of your site emailed to you! (white)

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP): View Google Analytics data and real-time data in your dashboard. Automatically insert tracking codes on every page of your website. (freedom)

Social Warfare: These are colored bars at the bottom of posts that show how many times the post has been shared. Make it easy for your readers to share your content. A versatile plugin. (I don’t mind others like Shareaholic, just to save time. They seem to have taken over my site by adding their own links and buttons.)

How To Start A (food) Blog

Sign up for Google Analytics today. Measure all your stats in real time: visitors, page views, SEO, most popular pages, readers…

This is necessary not only for personal awareness, but also for all advertising and promotion. For businesses, it proves how many people see their content words. They will not take you without it.

Must be beautiful. In fact, simple is better, versatile, and looks professional! You can use special letters. It’s so easy! That’s what I did and it worked from day one. Spend some time on this because you don’t want to change your appearance too much for marketing purposes. Also remember that by law you must have the rights to the font. So buy it or keep reading for free and no restrictions on font settings.

How To Start A Blog

2. We recommend sticking to two or three fonts. Connect your WordPress theme instead of trying a new one every week.

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3. Update your photos regularly. Lightroom presets can help. More on that later.

4. Follow the color scheme. I usually use white, with hints of green, light blue, and blush. If you can’t decide, look around your house. What color do you always like and choose?

5. Be consistent on all platforms (blogs and social media). We recommend using the same header for all platforms (blog posts, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.). You are branding your blog.

Images are an important part of a successful blog. time. I’ll show you what I use and give you some tips to take better photos.

How To Start A Blog: A Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Blog

You don’t need a professional camera to start blogging. You can use your phone at first, but always shoot in natural light.

I am not a photographer. I am an amateur who takes most of his photos in automatic mode (gasp!). I know the experts are shaking their heads right now, but this is an area I plan to grow in.

I saved the blog for a year to save money for my current Canon. Now I mostly shoot with the lens that comes with my Rebel and this pancake lens.

How To Start A Blog

2. Take lots of pictures. Take two of each shot to make sure one is important. And from every angle. The more you eat, the more likely you will get shots. I’m just going to use a few pictures that I took.

How To Start A Blog

3. Make sure the picture is straight. Although I try to straighten, my photos are always a little slanted to one side! The easiest thing you can do to help your photos is to use the crop tool to straighten them during editing .

4. When editing images on your computer, make sure that the white color is white and not too blue or yellow. You can do this by editing the cast. This is very important.

5. Seeing things from different angles I always climb into a bar stool or chair to get a different perspective. Kneel for shooting children and furniture. Don’t forget to post a vertical shot to Pinterest! And know the magic of the flat raised!

6. Sib. Take a moment and try shooting in a different way. Flowers there, less things on the dressing table, added a basket from the living room… I don’t know why, but I like the picture after the 2nd or 3rd place the most.

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READ MORE: In this post, I’ll show you how to fake your flatlay technique using scrapbook paper, things you find on the side of the road, and more.

Whether you shoot with a cell phone or a professional camera, we recommend using Adobe Lightroom to find the right presets for your style.

I am a real addict. At this time, the Lightroom app is free.

How To Start A Blog

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