How To Earn Money Fast Online

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How To Earn Money Fast Online

How To Earn Money Fast Online

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Most entrepreneurs don’t understand the benefits of emails. Beat your competition by following these 11 best business email practices. Spina was the most important port and the main partner of Athens in the northern part of the Adriatic. It was founded on the ancient branch of Mount Po around 530 BC and flourished for three centuries. Today’s archaeological site is about 12 kilometers from the sea, but in ancient times it was located at the mouth of the Delta, the mouth of the Delta. . A dense network of main branches of the Po River and secondary Apennine watersheds.

The settlement was discovered in the early 1960s in the land reclamation of Valli di Comacchio. Despite decades of archaeological excavations, we only know a small part of the site.

How To Earn Money Fast Online

Recent studies have identified a rational urban model where north-south axes run. Main arteries consist of wide waterways enclosed by long piers and may be covered by bridges and walkways. The regular network of these canals produced a Greek-style layout with rectangular blocks typical of the nearby Etruscan settlements of Marzabotto and Forcello (Mantua) or Magna Graecia.

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Goods arrived at Spina from all over the Mediterranean. Wine from Greece oil and precious materials; incense and perfumes from the Middle East; amber from the Baltic Sea; Construction and daily goods from nearby areas. The number and variety of these commercially imported products are indicated, and most are recommended. Wine was transported in amphora and consumed in the most valuable glass vessels.

For nearly two centuries, Athens supplied Padanian Etruria and the Alpine regions with wine as well as fish fillets and black terracotta pots. wine, oil, dirt, Exotic products such as perfumes and spices from the Aegean Sea; came from Eastern Greece and Egypt; Isolated vases and amphorae attest to glass and alabaster, not to mention unguentaria.

Greek and Oriental marbles were also imported and used to grind volcanic rocks. The most commonly used stones in the Apennines and Alps are buildings, weights, They were used as tools and gravestones.

From the middle of the 4th BC, the Trade Routes shifted to the Italian peninsula and increased trade with Magna Graecia and Etruria.

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The coin was never accepted in Spina. exchanges, They traded through units of weight and bullion. Spina transactions are coinless. It was made with a complex weight system. Bronze ingots (aes rude) and thin, small rectangular pieces were also used in the trade. Their normal weight values ​​suggest that they use proto-money like other modern trading towns in northern Italy.

Many rock weights have numerical markings that are considered units of weight. The Etruscans knew several standards of weight, such as 287 grams of light scales and 358 grams of heavy ones. Later Spina, Widespread in the Padani region and inland in Etruria.

Therefore, Spina had different weighing and trade regulation systems, another proof of its trade and cultural openness.

How To Earn Money Fast Online

Exports mainly include raw materials, such as grain and especially wheat grown in the entire western region. The plains and nearby forests are wood, for leather processing It especially supports pigs.

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Salt production is a traditional industry on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, where salt is extracted from seawater using complex methods. Salt is used in the livestock and dairy industry. Basic ingredient for food preservation and washing.

The most documented craft is ceramics. Several potters’ workshops operated in Spina, mainly in remote areas, which were able to supply thousands of vessels to the local market. Manufacturing traces are production waste; oven tools; stamps, letters used as graffiti and logos.

A typical mix of port culture can be seen in the diagram. Archaeological finds reveal a diverse cuisine that reveals exotic eating habits. In the port of Spina, different culinary practices meet and merge every day. At the beginning of the 5th century BC, new cooking tools were brought from the Greek world.

According to scientific analysis, Spina has vegetables, It showed that he ate a large amount of legumes and fruits. In addition to their import, both planting and harvesting were done in the nearby forests. olive oil and wine and vinegar; Honey and spices are essential at the Spinetic table.

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Vegetables in the kitchen legumes, Meaty soups and stews are served with pastries and pastries. In addition to meat from domestic animals, fish fillets are fried with spices.

Spina’s buildings were designed according to the lake environment and the utilization of natural resources. especially wood Mud and turf are made of light materials. The architectural solutions are very unique. Older houses are similar to log house construction, but horizontal logs are interlaced at the corners, while newer houses have the technique of making long mud walls.

Roofs are built from plant materials and roof tiles are used to a limited extent. Painted plaster is common to insulate the walls of buildings from moisture. Picture found 500 years ago.

How To Earn Money Fast Online

Recent excavations have documented the history of the house between the end of the 5th century and the middle of the 3rd century BC. The building is surrounded by canals on both sides with vertical columns and equipped with wooden corridors. Around 400 BC, the walls of the house were built with horizontal wooden beams and then plastered. Tour of small rooms; Daily activities included weaving and cooking. The vessel is separated by a small ditch protected by the roof.

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Inside the main room, on the bottom of the stove next to the hearth were four precious gold plates; Three soldiers and a woman were buried. They may be part of a small wooden box hidden in a safe.

The legend of the lost city of Spina existed in the 3rd century BC and disappeared only three centuries later. Many reasons are not fully understood. Political and commercial arrangements throughout northern Italy in 4 BC included Gaulish incursions; This changed with the expansion of Syracuse and the decline of Greek influence.

Even the environment was 15 kilometers to the east in relation to the Etruscan time, as evidenced by ancient literary sources that wrote about the migration of the coastal areas during the Empire.

A military attack by the Celts was also possible. In fact, the Upstairs has traces of burning; clay bullets,

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After the end of the capital in the Roman era, only scattered settlements remained. The ancient glory is now just a memory, covered by mud and water. The legend of the lost city was born. Many of the offers displayed on this site are from advertisers who receive compensation for listing on this site. This disclaimer may affect how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). These offers are available for deposit; investment, Does not represent all loans or credit products.

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How To Earn Money Fast Online

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