Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia

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Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia – Most city dwellers want an affordable small or mini car. Currently, there are many cheap small cars for sale in Indonesia.

For reference, mini cars usually include the city car type. According to Parkers.co.uk, a city car is an efficient vehicle and is compact compared to other types of vehicles (SUVs, MPVs, etc.).

Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia

Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia

This car is generally intended for use on city roads. Mini cars are in demand among city dwellers, known for their high mobility. The car is reliable when driving on the city’s congested roads.

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Due to the small body of the car, the mini car can easily squeeze through traffic jams and won’t crash into anything around it. In addition, most of these vehicles are fuel efficient.

Mini cars have many advantages. A car has one drawback, it cannot carry too many people and loads. However, this is not a big deal as every car should have its pros and cons.

Design can also be considered. There are many mini cars available now that are attractively designed, have very capable engines, and are equipped with a variety of fancy features. The price is also relatively affordable for all consumers.

The first recommended cheap mini car is the Toyota Agya. Although it is a mini car, the Agya’s capacity is actually quite large and can accommodate up to five passengers.

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The Agia has been updated to make the exterior look sportier and more modern. In addition, the engine is very capable. The latest Agya is equipped with only one engine choice, namely the 1.2 liter.

This engine has a displacement of 1197 cc which produces 86.7 hp at 6000 rpm. can produce a maximum torque of 107.8 Nm at an engine speed of 4200 rpm.

The latest Agya also gets Dual SRS airbags, side impact beam, audio system entertainment features etc as standard safety features.

Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia

The latest Toyota Agya, which has a lot of advantages, is less than 200 million rupees. Here is the June 2022 OTR (On The Road) car price list in Jakarta as reported on Toyota’s official website.

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The second cheap mini car offering is the Daihatsu Ayla. Like the Toyota Agya, the Daihatsu Ayla can accommodate five passengers.

Moreover, both these cars are known to have quick handling while driving on city roads. There is a difference between Agia and Aila.

While the Agya is now offered in one engine, the Ayla is available in two engines namely 1.0 liter and 1.2 liter.

As for the specifications, the 1.0-litre engine has a displacement of 998 cc, 3-cylinder, DOHC, which produces 64.1 PS at 6000 rpm and 86 Nm of peak torque at 3600 rpm.

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Meanwhile, the 1.2-liter engine is 1,197cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC, and has a larger capacity. This engine produces 86.7 hp at 6000 rpm. and can produce a peak torque of 108 Nm at 4,200 rpm.

The Ayla is equipped with a variety of sophisticated and capable features, including a parking camera for driver convenience, a built-in alarm key, digital climate control, electric exterior mirrors and more.

Like the Agya, the Daihatsu Ayla is priced below Rs 200 crore for all variants. Here is the price list for Ayla OTR Jakarta in June 2022 listed on Daihatsu’s official website.

Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia

The next recommended cheap mini car is the Honda Brio. This car is known for its elegant design and is very sporty. For people capacity, the car can carry up to five passengers.

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In addition, Brio is equipped with a more powerful engine. Although it has received an update, the Brio is equipped with the same engine as the previous model, namely the 1199 cc, 4-cylinder, SOHC, i-VTEC engine.

This engine produces 89 hp at 6000 rpm. and can have a maximum torque of 110 Nm at 4800 rpm.

The Brio is also equipped with various reliable features such as immobilizer for each variant, digital climate control, hands-free phone, special E-type steering wheel audio control buttons, etc.

As for the Brio price, it now starts at Rs 155 lakh. Below is the full price list of Brio as of June 2022 OTR Jakarta, which is taken from Honda’s official website.

Harga Mobil Keluarga Dibawah 50 Juta

The latest generation Daihatsu Sirion has just been launched at the time of writing. Just like the mini cars above, this Sirion can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers.

The engine on board is a 1329 cc, 4 cylinder, DOHC, Dual VVT-i, producing 93.7 hp at 6000 rpm. and 1NR-VE engine that produces a maximum torque of 119 Nm at 4200 rpm.

Not to mention that the latest Sirion is also equipped with various modern features than the previous model. One is a high-mounted brake light attached to the rear spoiler. This function serves as an alarm when the vehicle brakes or stops.

Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia

The interior of the car has an air cleaner that works to ensure clean air circulation, as well as digital climate control.

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As for the price, the latest Daihatsu Sirion has increased by tens of millions of rupees compared to the previous model. This price is adjusted for the upgrade for Daihatsu Sirion.

However, the car is still offered at a cheap or affordable price. Here is the latest Sirion price list for June 2022 OTR Jakarta listed on Daihatsu official website.

Known by its original manufacturer as the Suzuki Karimun or Suzuki Wagon R, it is one of the few mini cars that has been around for years.

As for the kitchen track, this car comes with a 998 cc engine that produces 67 PS at 6,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 90 Nm at 3,500 rpm.

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The Karimun is also equipped with very capable features such as an immobilizer, a childproof door lock integrated into the rear door, etc.

The price of this car is not up to 200 million soms. Here is the full price list of Karimun Wagon R in June 2022 OTR Jakarta as listed on Suzuki’s official website.

Additionally, the Picanto produces 85.8 hp at 6,000 rpm. It is equipped with a 1248 cc engine that can develop power and a maximum torque of 119.6 Nm at 4000 rpm.

Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia

Just like the latest Daihatsu Sirion, the Kia Picanto is under Rs 300 crore. Here is the Picanto June 2022 OTR Jakarta price list as reported by Kia’s official website.

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Harga Mobil Baru Murah Di Indonesia

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