How To Learn Italian Quickly

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How To Learn Italian Quickly – Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with native Italian language coach, Stefano, founder of Fluent Simple. I want to try his basic course to see how quickly I can learn Italian for beginners. In this post I will discuss my experience using Fluent Simple’s Online Italian course Impara Con Me (Learn with Me). This course covers Ripeti Con Me! (Repeat with me) and Leggi Con Me!, (read with me).

Originally I planned to write a separate post about learning Italian quickly. However, I decided to combine the two topics because I think Impara Con Me offers a good platform to do so. Pair With Me! not necessarily the best Italian course out there.

How To Learn Italian Quickly

How To Learn Italian Quickly

However, it’s great value for money, especially considering the amount of Italian content you get and the user-friendly interface. I think this is an excellent primary resource to use to take your Italian from beginner level to upper intermediate level.

How To Learn Italian Fast. The Easy Way. What To Avoid To Speed Progress

The site has many useful Italian language resources, all compiled by Stefano. It includes short Italian stories, News in Slow Italian, Italian conversations and Italian grammar lessons.

Stefano’s signature Italian course, Impara Con Me! (Learn with Me) is structured based on his own method of learning the Italian language, by repeating and imitating useful words and phrases in Italian.

With this method of learning the language, you will not only learn Italian, but also understand Italian. And that, when striving for fluency, is important!

I read some reviews online that claim that Impara Con Me is an imitation of Glossika, which uses smart technology, adaptive learning algorithms and structured content to learn a foreign language. I have yet to try Glossika, so I can’t argue against it. However, what I can say is that Stefano provides a human element, which is often missing in popular language learning apps.

Want To Learn Italian Fast? Follow These Simple Tips To Get Started

That is why Impara Con Me (Learn with Me) consists of two main courses. One focuses on speaking (Ripeti Con Me) and the other on reading (Legge Con Me).

Ripeti Con Me’s slogan is even ‘Stop reading, start talking!’ – something I think we can all agree is better when it comes to learning a foreign language. However, learning Italian is of course necessary to understand the complexity.

Another course, Leggi Con Me, (Read with me) will help you develop these important reading skills. This is a great way to improve your Italian vocabulary and start building a vocabulary list.

How To Learn Italian Quickly

Making a list of important vocabulary is an important part of the language learning process. I know this from personal experience, though not through Italian.

Learn Italian In Italy

The faster you can read Italian, the faster your Italian vocabulary will improve and the faster you will learn.

Ripeti Con Me combines some of these features and allows you to go through the course, almost like a digital Italian book with audio – (yet interactive) – at your own pace.

One thing I liked when I tried Stefano’s online Italian course Ripeti Con Me was that I could do it for free.

During the free 15 lessons, Stefano provides a lot of free Italian content. Of course, this is best suited for beginners.

Learn Italian For Beginners: The Easiest Way To Learn Italian Fast And Increase Your Vocabulary. Quick Learning With Common Situations And Short Stories: Riva, Paul: 9781097148899: Books

The course includes a healthy, effective mix of basic Italian grammar exercises and useful Italian words for tourists.

First, there is an element of learning how to speak basic Italian. For example, you have learned how to say and understand ‘Do you speak English?’ and how to count in Italian from 0-10. You will also learn how to say ‘I want’ in Italian, among other starter phrases, However, it is important to mention here that the vocabulary and grammar presented in this course are much more than that.

This section of the course also teaches you a little about key Italian verb conjugations, useful verbs like ester (to be) and avere (to have), and masculine and feminine rules.

How To Learn Italian Quickly

As someone who doesn’t speak Italian fluently, I can say that all of this has been achieved without being overwhelming.

Italian Language Immersion In Italy: Choose Florence And Learn Quickly

Can this learn how to fast in Italian? When it comes to the pace at which you learn a language, I believe the term ‘fast’ is subjective. The time you invest, the way you learn best and your experience with other languages ​​will determine whether you can learn Italian ‘fast’ or not.

In any case, Ripeti Con Me offers a solid foundation to improve your Italian language skills and learn Italian as quickly as possible.

When I finish my free trial, I want to take my Italian to the next level (I’m still a beginner). I want to use the vocabulary I learned, the grammar I practiced and the reading skills I gained in Impara Con Me to improve.

So, I signed up for the Subscription plan. This opens up many exclusive features and gives me full access to all content of all courses. It contains more than 300 lessons!

Learn Italian With Free Pdf Resources

Of course, at this point I was familiar with the Fluent Simple dashboard and features, but the subscription enabled me to navigate through all the additional features.

Unsurprisingly, I found FluentSimple’s courses and their dashboard to be very well set up for learning Italian on your own. Each lesson consists of 3 audio files, the Italian transcript and the English translation.

The first login takes you through the portal (part of your browser, so no plugin or third-party technology is needed) and shows you how each lesson works.

How To Learn Italian Quickly

In addition to this, you can adjust the speed if the audio is too fast. You can even show or hide the Italian transcript depending on how comfortable you are listening to Italian.

Buy Italian: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners Who Want To Learn The Italian Language, Including Italian Grammar, Italian Short Stories, And Over 1000 Italian Phrases Paperback

It made it clear to me that the course was designed by a language learning expert, not an AI generated machine and swanky branding!

When you complete the lesson, you mark it as complete and move on. You can also bookmark it if you want to come back. It is quite simple.

Another aspect of the portal that I think is useful is the possibility of the user to leave comments to ask and answer questions in Italian (or English).

Stefano even answers questions or corrects you if you make a mistake. Therefore, he acts as your Italian teacher throughout the process. This is an added advantage that many competitor courses do not have, and another feature that will help you learn Italian quickly.

Italian Lessons In Shanghai For Home Tuition

I hope this Fluent Simple review has been helpful, providing some necessary information on your path to learning Italian. As mentioned before, I plan to write a separate post about the main ways to learn Italian quickly.

In fact, the speed at which you learn any language depends on many factors. Speed ​​is also subjective. A technique for one student may not work for another. In any case, I believe that Stefano’s Fluent Simple courses provide a platform to learn Italian quickly.

However, you may disagree. You may find other sources in Italy that work better for you. Whichever source you choose to learn Italian, I’ve listed below some tips on how to do it quickly.

How To Learn Italian Quickly

Like any new skill, learning a language requires some level of familiarity, especially if you are new. Italian is no different! Set aside at least 30 minutes to study every day. If you​​​​​​​​ do this, turn off your phone and try to stay away from social media. Also, make sure to switch your phone’s language to Italian and install an Italian keyboard. By doing this, you will immerse yourself more in the language.

Italian Quickly!: The Ultimate Italian Learning Book For Beginners: Master, Language: 9781790470877: Books

You CAN learn Italian quickly, but learning any language takes patience. Very few achievements are made overnight, and even the greatest linguists understand that there is a process that must be followed. By showing patience, you will find yourself improving in Italian faster than you expected.

Language teachers and trainers dedicate their lives to languages ​​because they know the rewards that come after hard work. Knowing how to speak Italian means exploring Italy’s rich, diverse and historic culture. As mentioned in the ‘Pros’ section at the top of this article, many of these cultural elements are included in Ripeti Con Me! This is a great feature.

Not all language learning methods work for everyone. A free trial is a great way to test whether an online language course is right for you. This is why I am so much in favor of FluentSimple Italian courses and Stefano’s teaching style. Try it to see if you notice an improvement. If you do, great! If you can not, You can try another course, and you will not spend a penny! We have compiled a list of Italian language resources to help you make the right decision.

Ok, so I left out the ‘writing’ – but you get the idea. Language learning is about repetition. The more you listen, speak or read Italian, the faster you learn it. This is an important part of Fluent by Stefano

How Joining A Book Club Will Help You Learn Italian Fast

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