Country Calling Codes For Usa

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Country Calling Codes For Usa – Area codes 201 and 551 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan for the state of New Jersey, USA. Area code 201 is the area code assigned to Thiel New Jersey in 1947 when the North American area code system was established. After splitting in 1958, 1991, and 1997, it covered the far northeastern part of the state, including much of Hudson and Burger counties that border the Hudson River and New York City. Major cities within the numbering plan area include Bayonne, Jersey City, Hobbock, Kazakh, Secaucus and Glenwood. Area code 551 is an overlapping code for the same area of ​​the numbering plan installed in 2001.

Area code 201 was the first assigned Numbering Plan Area (NPA) area code for the original NPA when AT&T developed the North American Numbering Plan in 1947. It was also the first area code to have direct long-distance dialing (DDD) service, which in 1951 became the first direct-dial long-distance call from Glenwood, New Jersey to Alameda, California.

Country Calling Codes For Usa

Country Calling Codes For Usa

Despite the state’s dse population. Much of New Jersey’s population is concentrated in the Northeast’s metropolitan New York suburbs and the Southwest’s Philadelphia suburbs. Numbered plan areas are created based on the estimated number of central offices required for each area, with a single plan area capable of accommodating more than 500 central offices.

All Us Area Codes By State

In 1958, 201 was limited to northern New Jersey, while areas south of the state capital Telton, including the South Jersey Shore and the New Jersey side of the lower Delaware Valley, were given the area code 609.

For the next 33 years, area code 201 served Burger, Hudson, Ocean, Essex, Union, Morris, Passaic, Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth, Sussex, and Vaal counties, an area that mostly coexists with the New Jersey side of New Jersey. New York City metropolitan area. .

As central New Jersey grew in the 1980s, the northeastern part of the state lost a significant portion of its population to the decline of large cities including Newark, Paterson, Clifton, and Elizabeth. On June 8, 1991, area code 908 was separated from 201; primarily serving the north-central region of the country.

Within four years, 201 was again close to exhaustion due to the proliferation of cell phones, pagers and fax machines. The supply of numbers is further limited because the tires in the northern half of the state are a LATA, meaning numbers in 908 cannot be used. On June 1, 1997, Essex and Passaic counties (home to Newark and Paterson, the state’s largest and third largest cities, respectively) and Morris and Sussex counties were separated is the 973 area code.

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That leaves Hudson and Berg counties as the only two counties in the 201 Plan Area, the most densely populated counties in the state and the closest to New York City.

The 1997 split was intended as a long-term solution. However, demand for the new numbers continued in Hudson and Berg counties, the only areas that required another area code. Verizon, New Jersey’s dominant phone company, has lobbied for an overlap, not a split. Overrides were a new concept at the time and were controversial because they required implementing t-digit dialing. However, Verizon wants to relieve its customers of the burden of changing phone numbers.

Area code 551 was created in 2001 to cover 201, and area codes 862 and 848 cover area codes 973 and 732, respectively.

Country Calling Codes For Usa

With the introduction of overlapping area codes on December 1, 2001, t-digit dialing was mandated in Northern New Jersey. Today, it is very easy to make calls to the United States. However, did you know that there are more than 300 area codes in states, and California alone has 34 different area codes¹?

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Knowing the area code as well as other details plays an important role when calling someone in the US.

The US has its own international area code, just like every other country. When you dial it, you are calling from abroad to the US.

Did you know that international phone numbers don’t start with “+”, but you can also use “00”?

In the US, phone numbers are set up as a 3-digit area code followed by a 7-digit local number.

Area Code 855: Here’s What It Really Means

To call a US phone number, it looks like this if you are calling from the US:

If you are calling from abroad, this is a different procedure. For example, if you call the British Embassy in Washington, the local phone number is (202) 588-6500³. To call the embassy from the UK you should call:

Every city in the United States has one or more area codes for all numbers in that area. View a list of all US area codes by state.

Country Calling Codes For Usa

The US doesn’t need to remember additional codes when trying to make an international call or make an international call from the US. Just remember to add your country’s international code (00 or +) and press 1 before making the call. If you are calling another number in your area from within the US, you do not need to dial 1 before the call.

The American Flag

It may be more common for people to make calls through online platforms like WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or Viber. The US is full of reliable Wi-Fi, so using one of these options to connect with someone might be just as convenient, if not more convenient.

Whether it’s a landline or cell phone, many people in the United States have a phone number that connects to voicemail. Voicemail is still used due to the popularity of text and other means of communication.

But today voicemail is most commonly used to check messages after you miss a call from an unknown number⁵. Keep this in mind when contacting someone in the US who may not have your number stored on their phone.

When you’re calling a US phone number, or better yet, when you’re about to travel to the US, you need to make sure your money is wise. One way is to use , which can help you save money on exchanges. No more hidden fees and surcharges – it allows you to exchange currencies at the actual exchange rate you see on Google.

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You also have access to a multi-currency account, so you can send and receive money in over 50 currencies, including USD.

Making foreign calls can sometimes be a hassle, but in the United States, you can reach your friends, family, and business associates in a number of ways. Revisit this guide for a quick overview of how to make calls to the US.

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Country Calling Codes For Usa

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These area codes and time zones are for your reference. To dial an international number from any country, you must first dial the IDD (International Direct Dialling) code listed for the country you are dialing, then dial the international country code for the country you are dialing, and if necessary, enter City code, then a number. Obviously if the country you are calling from has the same international code as the country you are calling from

Country Calling Codes For Usa

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