Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar

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Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar – When you buy your first guitar, all you want to do is play the songs of your favorite band.

If you are a musician, you know what grunge is and which band pioneered this beautiful genre.

Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar

Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar

Today I’m going to show you the 8 easiest Nirvana songs to play on guitar so you can impress everyone at parties.

Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

Although some of them are tuned lower than usual, in most cases you could play them in standard E tuning.

This is ideal for beginners as these types of chords are quite easy and comfortable to play.

In this article you have a list of tricks that you can quickly learn after a few days of playing.

Plus, every technique used in every song is described, and even better, you have links to guitar lessons and charts.

A.i. Creates New Nirvana Song ‘drowned In The Sun’

This song from the famous Nevermind album is a great piece for those just starting out with the guitar.

It is a simple song as it consists of a slow tempo and is played with an acoustic guitar.

Even if the piece is dropped on the sixth string and tuned a half lower, you can practice it in standard tuning, but lowering the E to low D will sound fine.

Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar

The verse and chorus of the song have the same notes and so it’s simple.

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What you have to do is play the strings and play the two chords along with the whole song except for one part where there is a simple arpeggio.

You can use a pick or just your bare hand and since it doesn’t have a solo you won’t need any other technique.

We have another track from Nevermind, but now let’s talk about the 8th track on the album, Drain You.

The interesting thing about this piece is that there is a distorted effect in some parts and it also occurs in the solo, which is a fairly simple line played on a single string using the slide technique.

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It’s in standard D tuning, so you’ll need to tune all the strings a whole step lower, but again, you can try it in standard tuning.

The intro and verses are the same, the chorus is repeated twice and is the same both times, the only part that changes is the interlude, which is a G# chord (if the tuning of standard D) or an F# chord (using standard tuning). ) played repeatedly in the continued solo.

Lithium is a dark and upbeat track, one of Nirvana’s most famous songs and the perfect excuse to take your guitar to the campfire or the beach.

Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar

Like many Nirvana songs, Lithium is a whole step out of tune, it is tuned in the standard key of D, but you can play it in the standard key of E. This piece consists of five parts; the intro, verse, prechorus, chorus and ending are pretty similar to each other except for the chorus.

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The intro and verses are the same, the arpeggio in the first part and then the power chords.

The prechorus contains exactly the same notes, but instead of the arpeggio at the beginning, the entire section is played with fifth chords.

The rhythm of the song is not difficult at all and there is no solo section, so it would be a very easy song to learn.

I recommend using a pick to play this part, but if you prefer a finger style, you can use that too.

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Continuing with songs from Nevermind, we have another great piece to play with friends gathered around the fire.

This song only has two different parts, or three if you count the interlude, but it’s like a variation on the main line.

The verses are always the same four chords, while the choruses consist of three chords from the verses and a new one.

Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar

Then we have the interlude, which is the performed part that plays the basic chords of the verses.

Drop D Songs To Play On Guitar

It doesn’t require a lot of heavy or bar chords, just power chords and a strum part that isn’t heavy at all.

But I tell you it’s a simple song because the chords are the same during the verse and the chorus.

In the verse you’ll find four arpeggiated chords, while in the chorus you’ll have those four chords again, but played as fifths.

Another thing to note is that this song is tuned in standard Db tuning, so you’ll need to tune all the strings a semitone lower.

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Although Cobain played Rape Me on electric guitar, the contrast between the power chords and arpeggios really suits the acoustic guitar.

This is one of Nirvana’s most popular songs, everyone will instantly recognize it when the intro starts.

The beginning and the end of the song are exactly the same, and there are no big differences between the intro and the chorus, although they are not the same.

Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar

The whole song uses power chords with simple strumming patterns, slides in some segments and some ghosting in the chord changes.

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The most difficult part can be the solo, which is only played with two adjacent strings, involves various bends, slides and vibrato, but after a few tries you get it.

We are coming to the end so we have the last two songs and they are the “hardest” of the easiest.

The first important thing is how this song is tuned, it uses drop C#, which means every string should be lowered a half step, except for the low E, which should be C#.

Heart-Shaped Box is a bit similar to Rape Me in that it has this dark tone that provides the arpeggio, but then goes into the fifth chords at the end of the chorus.

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The intro and verse of this song are almost the same, the chorus consists of power chords combined with bows and small arpeggios, and it has a simple bend-dominated solo.

Last but not least, we have the song that marked the 90s, the band’s most famous song, a piece that every beginner wants to learn.

Smells Like Teen Spirit has a fast tempo in the first part and during the chorus, but the rest is very calm and easy to play.

Easiest Nirvana Song To Learn On Guitar

The intro is a crunching sequence of four power chords with ghosts creating a scratch between each chord.

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